Love Out Of Lust Series

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thursday Thrills - 06/13/2013

Hi, it's time for another segment of Thursday Thrills, where authors like myself post a snippet anywhere between 100 - 1000 words.

Tyler sat on the sofa impatiently, wondering when the hell the movie was going to end.
He’d sat there for over two hours, and his stomach was beginning to growl. He could do something better than just sit there and watch this boring movie that Darla longed to see, but he also remembered that Darla sat by watching movies she didn’t like.

This was a movie that had Tyler squirm and watch frustratingly, as he tried to pay attention to the movie, but he had to admit to himself that it was really boring. He could’ve dozed off, or done something else.

He looked at the remote and contemplated on turning off movie, but then he noticed a tear shedding from Darla’s eye. He wasn’t into the sappy movies, but he knew how much it affected her; it was a powerful movie for her.

He looked on the screen, and noticed a couple kissing under the umbrella in the rainstorm in Paris. This was the kind of movie that brought joy and happiness to someone who loved the romance. Then he felt Darla’s hand on his lap, and then she leaned her head on his shoulder. Surely, the movie wasn’t his taste, but he also remembered the rewards of watching the movie with her. 


  1. Way to go Tyler to recognize the romance Darla sees in this movie. He'd be screwed if he didn't.