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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Saturday's AfterDark Moments - 06/08/2013

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Welcome to another segment of Saturday's AfterDark Moments, where authors provide an excerpt anywhere between 100 - 500 words, along with a pic provided from the author.

Here's what I have in store for you...

Monday, June 10th is the release date of my 2nd f/f story - "To Get With Stephanie", 
written by your's truly; edited and co-written by Annabelle Crawford.

This is a short story, released under my own label - AfterDark Press, and the book will go on sale 
June 10th.

Olivia kissed her hungrily and pressed her backwards onto the sofa. Stephanie leaned back and parted her legs revealing dark skin with a slick pink center.

Olivia kissed her new lover, then slowly moved down her body. She kissed the soft, fruit scented skin, running her hands over her body as she lingered at her breasts. She knelt on her knees in front of Stephanie and finally she tasted the sweet nectar that was offered to her. She looked up at Stephanie’s reaction. But Stephanie grabbed her and pulled her back against her body – lost in pure pleasure.

She circled Stephanie’s clit with her tongue, causing her to moan louder and squirm with desire. Olivia knew she was getting closer to orgasm and she really wanted to please Stephanie in that way. Stephanie’s fingers raked wildly through her hair while Olivia’s hands held her firmly, despite Stephanie’s wriggling.

Olivia slipped one of her fingers into Stephanie, then a second. She reached back towards herself and felt her G-spot. She caressed her fingers rapidly back and forth across that area while she continued to lick and suck on Stephanie’s rather pronounced clit. Stephanie moaned and her breath became desperate whimpers of need. Olivia bit down gently on her nub, pushing Stephanie suddenly into her climax. Stephanie howled with pleasure. Olivia watched as Stephanie’s body convulsed in orgasm, keeping her rhythm steady both inside and outside of her body.

She slid up Stephanie’s body and kissed her, sharing her own flavor with her.

“That was wonderful!” Stephanie gasped between breaths. “I’m so glad you approached me with this; I’ve wanted you since I moved in.”

“Me too.” Olivia kissed her once more as she felt Stephanie’s fingers slide inside her folds. Olivia was very wet with desire – everything she’d done to Stephanie had made her more turned on too. Stephanie rubbed her clit, which felt very nice. But when she pressed her fingers hard against that sensitive skin, she knew she was going to surge right into her orgasm. Stephanie’s fingers pushed her right along, instantly driving her wild. She heard herself utter, “Oh, it feels good.” And indeed, it did.

Olivia tried to keep her balance above Stephanie while she felt her body begin the trembling that meant her release was near. Stephanie rubbed her fingers all the way from Olivia’s clit all the way to deep within her pussy. Stephanie’s fingers moved faster and faster. Her hips bucked with desire, until she suddenly climaxed. Olivia’s moans were louder than Stephanie’s had been. She screamed and nearly collapsed on top of her. When her orgasm subsided, she pressed her lips against Stephanie’s, this time kissing her with all the lust and affection she felt for the other woman.

Are you amazed? Tune in for the release on Monday, June 10th.

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  1. Very evocative and highly erotic scene between Stephanie and Olivia. I'm sure they'll enjoy each other as roommates. Best wishes for the release of this new story!

  2. Very steamy! I'm interested in the rest of the story.

  3. should've put a warning label on this! Very erotic and sexy. Congrats on the new release. Best of luck!

  4. HOT! HOT! HOT! You are so gonna run my electric bill sky high! Fabulous tease!!!