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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Saturday's AfterDark Moments - 06/01/2013

And yes, it's time for one of my favorite moments to post -- My Saturday's AfterDark Moments. And I like to keep it raunchy and hot as hell for the naughty readers; anywhere between 100 - 500 words.


“Okay, I’m going to blindfold the both of you and I want you to tell me everything of what you feel” Lani said as she handed them the blindfolds.

Lani was dressed provocatively black lingerie, with garter straps, and nylon stockings. She sat down on a small wooden chair, and took off her thong as she watched her boyfriend, Pete stand face-to-face with her personal assistant Delilah while blindfolding themselves.

“Okay.” She rose from her chair, and walked over to Pete as she helped him lie down on the bed. She ordered Pete, “Just lie still.”

She turned around and glanced at Delilah’s body. She had a fine voluptuous figure that made her want to go wild and suck on her peaks, and then discover the offerings Delilah was willing to give below. But she needed to restrain herself right now – discipline!

She whispered, “Are you ready?”

“Uh-huh!” Delilah nodded her head quickly.

“How much do you want to feel him inside you?” Delilah inched closer, closing her body against hers.

“Badly,” she whimpered.

She enticed, knowing how it’ll make Delilah more vulnerable. “Do you like feeling a man cum inside you?”

Delilah almost fell limp over Lisa’s words, “I can hardly wait!”

Lani kissed her on the lips. “Wait here.”

Lani went around Delilah and picked up a condom packet that was sitting on top of the dresser. She tore the wrapper open and knelt down to apply it on Pete’s cock; it was erected with full anticipation. Lani knew how excited he was; she stroked his shaft to hear his groans of pleasure.

She then rose up and guided Delilah to climb on the bed, whispering in her ear, “Take him, and tell me what do you feel?”

Lani watched Delilah find her way around her boyfriend’s body, until she was able to find balance, without placing her knee on somewhere that would hurt him.

As Delilah straddled on top of Pete, Lani sat down on the wooden chair, parting her legs open to slide her hand down her aching cunt. She couldn’t wait to hear what they had to tell them.

She watched Delilah hold up Pete’s shaft, guiding it inside her. Then there was a gasping sound of pleasure coming from Delilah. Lani felt the juices flowing; her fingers were inside her pussy.

“Tell me what do you feel honey.”

Pete groaned, “Oh, she’s tight; wet and…” He let off a long, breathy sigh, “Oh god… good!”

Lani slowly rubbed her core, and then asked Delilah. “Tell me what do you feel?”

“Oh my god, he is long and hard. I just want to cum all over him.”

Just watching you two, me too!

Thank you for stopping by, and tune in for next week's Saturday's AfterDark Moments.


  1. I have to give Lani credit for allowing Delila full custody of her boyfriend and enjoying to the ultimate hearing their excitement and reactions.

  2. Wowza hot...and that's what I call sharing. Great Saturday AfterDark Moment

  3. What an interesting scenario, sharing her boyfriend like that. Obviously everyone was enjoying themselves immensely!