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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Saturday AfterDark Moments - 06/15/2013

It's time for another segment of Saturday AfterDark Moments, where authors write a saucy snippet
anywhere between 100 - 500 words, with your choice of a pic.

Here's what I have in store for you.

I could write an actual short story off this piece, but damn, I can only post up to 500 words.


It was a dinner cocktail party that was nothing more than a bore for Michelle. She tried to mingle with the most distinguished guest, only to realize that she didn’t belong there. She was a regular woman from a small blue-collar town that didn’t host these kind of parties; she hardly knew anyone at the party except for her boyfriend Richard.

Richard came from a wealthy background and city-boy roots. When Michelle got with him, he was more than just some rich kid; he was a sweet young man that made her feel wanted – at least that what she thought. Then he received his inheritance, and disregarded her as if she never existed. He cared more about being in the social limelight than to be with her, always craving for attention from the wealthy young women, who threw themselves at her, and then giving Michelle the snares when they saw her.

Michelle tried to get Richard’s attention, but Richard brushed her off as if she was just being jealous and insecure. It got to the point where Michelle attend these elite social gatherings just be ridiculed from him and his peers.

Michelle was about to walk away from the living room, contemplating of leaving him once and for all. She had enough of Richard pushing her aside, and it was time to move on without him. She walked down the hall to get her coat, until she recognized a man she remembered from her hometown – Roger.

Roger was a charming man with fun outgoing personality. She hadn’t seen him since he went off to college. He wasn’t wealthy, but what was he doing in a party full of elite snobs?

She greeted and spoke to him. Soon, they were alone in the balcony section of the penthouse, catching up on lost times. She learned he was at the cocktail party, on behalf of his client, but that didn’t stop them from catching up on lost times. They talked all through the evening, until it was close to midnight. Then, the two talked about their first kiss together. She was his first kisser when they in high school, and she remembered how he moved his tongue inside her mouth, that made her feel warm and yummy inside.

Michelle looked cautiously, where her boyfriend Richard was. He was so busy swarming himself around other young women at the party, he didn’t care to notice when she turned back to Roger and kissed him on the lips. The kiss soon turned passionate, like they were meant for each other, but they had to be mindful where they were. A party full of elite snobs are also filled with gossipers.

She suggested Roger to go somewhere – somewhere private – a place where they wouldn’t pay any attention where she and Roger would go.

She stepped inside from the balcony and entered a small powder room, just away from the party; Roger followed her inside. Right there, they knew they could naughty without Richard knowing anything.

That's all for now... tune in next week for another segment of Saturday AfterDark Moments.


  1. Probably time for a change. Hopefully this will be for the better.

  2. A very innocent meeting for Michelle with Roger. I hope she wakes up to him and him to her and leave those dreadful people behind, especially Richard. His money has gone to his head.