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Saturday, June 29, 2013

In The VIP Room

Here is a short story that I want share for the end of June. It's a short story about Giles taking his bisexual girlfriend and her girlfriend Linda to a VIP room in the night club for some naughty action.

Giles stepped out of the cab with two beautiful women, his girlfriend Kyra and her friend Linda, in front of trendy club on the west side of Manhattan. They managed to get through security, once they mentioned they were on the guest list. They stepped inside this trendy bar, and Giles could feel the excitement coming from the dance floor. It was a hopping scene. The music was pulsating with beats causing the crowd to sway to the beat.

The club was packed; wall-to-wall with well-dressed people at the bars waiting to be served for their drinks, while there were people dancing together on the dance floor. Giles and the lovely women he brought along didn’t have to worry about waiting for their drinks. They established a spot in the VIP Room, leaving them away from the crowd and never having to wait a long time for their drinks.

It was Friday night, and the group intended to celebrate in their most way. They walked up the steps and enter a hallway, where they could still hear the pulsating noise in the background, but their able to hear themselves talk. There was a door. Giles opened it and let the women enter a lounge that was both exotic and exciting – the VIP Room. The room was an ultra-violet setting, filled with a couple of settees, a large white porcelain  table in the center, and a large bucket of filled with champagne bottles and glasses set on the table. Nothing could ever get this perfect.

Giles poured the drinks and toasted with the lovely women. There were giggles and laughter, and then a make out session with Kyra. Giles was being affectionate to a beautiful blonde dressed in a blue and white cocktail dress that showed her wonderful feminine figure. His hand was on her lap when he slipped his tongue inside her mouth. He pulled away and told Kyra to give Linda a kiss; she was waiting.

While Kyra was spunky and beautiful, Linda was gorgeous. She had long dark hair and warm, deep-set eyes. She wore a pink twist-front dress that had Giles looking at her, ever since she stepped in the cab. He watched his girlfriend make out with Linda on the settee; they were really into it. Kyra placed her hand on Linda’s dress, slipping it inside her dress. Wherever Kyra’s hand was Linda didn’t seem to mind; she was enjoying it. By now, the two were lip-locking each other and there were moans coming from Linda.

Giles could sit here and watch his girlfriend make out with her friend. He poured another glass of champagne and the girls stopped, turning to him when the suggested they wanted to dance. Linda was nodding her head to the thumping beat in the background, and even though the music was distant it sounded exciting.

He gulped down his glass of champagne and led them over to the dance floor where there was an orgy of people swaying. Giles was sandwiched between them, placing his arms around their bodies as they moved to the beat. The DJ in the background continued to blend another beat, this time picking it up a notch but maintaining sensuality with the mix. The heat from other people on the dance floor, had the girls fanning themselves. Giles suggested going back to the VIP Room and cooling off.

They returned to the VIP Room, and took pleasure to the air-conditioned room. The feeling was so relaxing they sat down and fanned themselves with their hands. Giles was so hot, he unbuttoned his shirt, revealing his muscular chest. Once they were able to cool off, they drank another glass of champagne.

This time they remained there for rest of the night. Giles was sipping on his glass of champagne when he watched Kyra leaning over on Linda making out. The women were really into each other on the settee. Her hand slipped under Linda’s dress, when her fingers found Linda’s pussy Giles heard her moaning in pleasure.

The alcohol had set in his body, and Giles was growing hard from what he’d seen. Kyra was fingering Linda, while sharing a ravenous kiss with her. He intended to have a night like this. It was why he reserved a VIP Room, so they could get as naughty as they wanted without being seen in public. He remembered to lock the door, and didn’t seem to care if there were noises coming out of the room. The people were too busy partying on the dance floor. What fun!

He watched Kyra kneel in front of Linda, and pulled out her thong from under Linda’s dress as she parted her legs open for her. Linda hiked up her dress just above her waist, and Kyra was already lapping at her pussy, giving Linda the most pleasurable feeling.

Giles sat there and watched. It far more than just sensual, the expressions on Linda’s face was very erotic. She licked her lips and started to caress her body. Linda slipped down one shoulder sleeve, followed by her other shoulder sleeve, exposing her delicious breasts for Giles to stare into.

Kyra’s hand ran across Linda’s sexy thigh, while Giles noticed something very enticing – Kyra’s fingers reaching for her own pussy to play with. She pulled aside her thong and starting to finger herself. The room was filled with the sound of beautiful feminine noises. Who cares if anyone heard them; they were having fun.

He reached in his pocket and pulled out a condom. He took off his shoes and then his pants, and tore open the condom before covering over his dick. Once he applied the condom on his cock, he stroked it as he walked over to the girls on the other settee. He got behind Kyra and pushed aside her thong with one hand, while guiding his cock inside her pussy with his other hand. His cock slipped inside her until he was all the way to the hilt.

Kyra quickly moaned in pleasure, pulling her concentration away from Linda’s pussy. She arched her back and met along his forceful thrusts. Giles then pumped her with a steady rhythm, looking down at his cock going in and out of her pussy, and into Linda’s eyes who exchanged a wanton expression.

It was obvious of why she had that expression, but the look she gave had Giles fucking Kyra harder and this time faster. He held on to Kyra’s hips and pounded her, giving away the sound of her ass smacking against his body. Kyra, in the meantime, continued to rub herself over the throbbing pleasure.

He pummeled her until he almost felt himself cumming. He didn’t want to cum, so he stopped and pulled his cock out, motioning for Linda to lie down on the settee and Kyra to sit on her face.

Once they switched positions on the settee, Giles knelt in front of Linda and held her legs up. He pushed his cock inside Linda’s pussy, and there was a bellow of pleasure. He watched Kyra hike up her night dress and sat on Linda’s face as she grinded her pussy over her. By then, Linda was deeply concentrated on Kyra’s pussy, while Giles fucked her.

Giles got a chance to taste Linda’s flavor off Kyra’s mouth when they kissed. The flavor acted like a pheromone he couldn’t help get over. They exchanged tongue, until Kyra pulled away with an obvious expression that was about to come – she was ready to cum. Kyra quickly tilted her head and placed her hand on her chest, her hips bucked against Linda’s face when she screamed out of pleasure. Her moans were so erotic, it filled the room with ecstasy.

She got off the couch when her orgasm passed, and walked over to kiss him. Giles continued to fuck Linda, this time hard, slamming her body against his until she came. Linda’s orgasm was so loud, Kyra had to muffle her screams with her hot kisses, tasting off her own flavor from Linda’s tongue.

Giles was glistened with sweat. The scene between the two girls turned him on so much, he felt a sudden ache in his balls where he couldn’t go on any longer; he needed to release. He howled out of pleasure, warning them that he was going to cum. He pulled his cock out and ripped away his condom. He stroked his cock rapidly until the first spurt of cum leapt from his cock and landed on Linda tummy and tits. The cum out of his cock poured like a fountain until he was spent. Once spent, Giles leaned against the settee, limped as he watched Kyra play with the cum that soaked Linda’s body.

He came so much, Linda’s navel was completely pooled from his load, and the girls started playing with the cum puddle while sampling his flavor.

The group managed to get themselves cleaned up and dressed. They could’ve stayed in the VIP Room longer, but Giles had other plans. He wanted to take them back to his condo and do a weekend thing with them; perhaps in the hot-tub.

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