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Friday, June 7, 2013

Flash Fiction Friday - 06/07/2013 - Horrible Music Video

Hiyadoin'? It's now time for another segment of 
Flash Fiction Friday, 
where authors like myself write a short snippet up to 100 word, 
based off the pic provided for the event.

“This has got to be the worst music video they’ve ever produced,” Tyler fussed as pointed the remote the television, trying to change the channel, but the television didn’t correspond to the remote. Out of frustration, he patted on the remote and tried to get it to correspond, when he suddenly managed to change the channel, but accidentally changed the channel back to the shitty music video of a rock song playing in the background, with the young blonde swaying her body back-and-forth. “God dammit!”

“Perhaps, you should change the batteries to the remote control” Darla gave a wry grin.

That is all for now. Tune in for next week,  but in the meantime, be sure you check out my peoples below:

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  1. I'm glad Tyler has Darla around to navigate life and the TV. Excellent viewpoint for the picture.