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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thursday Thrills - 05/30/2013

Hi, it's time for another weekly segment of Thursday Thrills, where authors post a thrilling snippet between 100 - 1000 off a picture provided from the event.

Here's what I have in store for you.

Darla and Tyler escape the city to a vineyard for wine-tasting, but Darla discovers something more than just wine-tasting.

Darla and Tyler decided to get out of Portland, and ride through the countryside of Washington to a cottage vineyard, where they were hosting a wine tasting event. When they arrived, they’ve mingled with every visitor in the event, and got to sample on the cheese, that was freshly cut on the cheeseboard, and several glasses of wine, ranging from Cabernet to Chardonnay – the most common wines in the vineyard.

“This was a good idea from you, taking me to a wine tasting event.” Darla grinned as she finished the last of the Cabernet Sauvignon. Free sample of food and wine.”

“I knew you would love it,” Tyler twirled his glass as he got a whiff of the Merlot which infused his senses. “I just got to be careful. I don’t want to get tipsed, driving on the way back home.”

“Yeah, I know.” She set her glass down on the table, and gives him a kiss. “I’ll be right back, I have to pee.”

Darla stepped inside the cottage, bypassing the strangers that socialized with each other. She walked down the hall and found the bathroom, which probably seemed like an endeavor to get to the bathroom; Darla really needed to go. Just as she entered the bathroom, she was taken by surprise when she saw a young, good-looking couple sitting on the toilet together. It was obvious they were having sex. The young man had his pants down to his ankles, and the woman had her skirt hiked up, sitting in a reverse-cowgirl position.

The two froze. Darla quickly noticed what she walked into; her face nearly turning red as she stepped away closing the door in front of her when she said, “My bad, I noticed the door was unlocked.”

That's all for now.... tune in for next week's Thursday Thrills.

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