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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thursday Thrills - 05/16/2013

Hey what's up? Hiyadoin? It's time for another segment of Thursday Thrills, where authors post a snippet, based from the provided pic, anywhere between 100 -1000 words.
On this Thursday Thrill, I'm showing a little bit more about my characters, but a brief history about Darla. It's short; 262 words, but you'll learn a little more about her.
Darla watched the young, slender-looking blonde strut her stuff on the catwalk, showing off the designer’s latest designer for the crowd to be amazed. She watched photographers take photo shots of the model.
As Darla watched the girl show her dress to the audience, she then thought to herself what if she didn’t met her ex-husband and pursued her dream of being a model. It was what she longed dreamed of before she left Halifax, Nova Scotia to marry the wealthy Long Islander when she graduated high school in 1993. It was something she longed to be, long before she met Charlie nine years later, but she would’ve probably sacrificed the only person that was important to her – Tyler.
She knew the butterfly effect if she chose to live a different path, and in the end she would’ve asked if she would’ve been happy, even if it meant never to met Tyler and fall in love with him. Would there be another guy just like Tyler?
Some things were never meant to be discovered, and she wouldn’t want to know. In fact, she was happy to have him with her, taking a business trip to San Francisco Fashion Week, where she gets to see all the models display the designers’ latest fashion trends. And even though she had missed the boat, she was happy to work in fashion. From the time she worked for Olivia Grey, to a beauty store, and then Estella’s, where she reunited with Tyler, and enjoy working around fashion. Well, selling the latest designs at a department store.
Thank you for tuning in. Be sure you check out next week's segment.



  1. So, when are we going to get a compiled story for Darla and Tyler? ;) Enjoyed the Thrill, though it was very... expositiony isn't a word... informative. :D

  2. I learned more about Darla and the dreams she wished before meeting Tyler. She had very high goals.

  3. Thanks. I've been falling behind so badly, I needed this wonderfully detailed story!

    @Angelica: Expositiony? Haha! I've got to find someplace to use that! :o)