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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Thursday Thrills - 05/02/2013

Hi, it's time for another segment of Thursday Thrills, where I'm taking it today to my original hometown - New York, and since I'm taking it to my territory, I'm going to post my two favorite characters - Darla & Tyler, and you're going to learn something in this segment, because I won't give certain spoiler alerts to this piece. But I encourage you to read closely on this, in this segment, you'll understand the story "About The Night Ride Home" and long before Darla met Charlie. It explains certain pieces of her past.

Darla would’ve never thought she’d be back in New York, especially for her ex’s wedding. Charlie was getting married, and here she was in New York, in Times Square, the very place where the two spent their time kissing and making out in the middle of the traffic, on the night of October 29th, 2002 – her twenty-eighth birthday


It was there where she and Charlie stood between the avenues that made up Times Square, between Broadway & Seventh Avenue on 45th Street; the very heart of Times Square. Too bad the place doesn’t exist anymore. What was once a merging avenue of pure traffic was now a one lane avenue that made up the Times Square; only two portions of Broadway was now sealed off for pedestrian traffic.


She’ll never forget the time when Charlie and Darla posed for a picture kissing at the Toys R’ Us in Times Square; it was their last night together and they caused quite a scene in the toy store, where they were asked to leave by security. It was there where the two decided to create some mayhem, even though Charlie had just got out of court a month earlier. It was then, where they decided to paint the town red; one last time, before they left to Portland, Oregon.


Long before she met Tyler in 2004, Darla was celebrating her divorce, even though she signed an annulment that she would never get half of her ex-husband’s fortunes. She was free; happy to be away from the boredom and the controlling environment her ex-husband put her through, and was madly in love with a caterer that showed her more to life than just living the lavish life. What a transformation for Darla, going from a teenager that fell in love with an heir from Long Island to being in love with a caterer from Queens. Then again, if it wasn’t from Charlie, Darla would’ve never became her own person. It was too bad, their relationship lasted for only two years. Darla, at that time, was learning how to live responsibly, while Charlie lived recklessly.


Nine years later, Darla was at the very same location – Times Square, but this time holding hands with Tyler. She was grown now, in her late thirties, but happy to be with someone who made her life completely whole. Everywhere she looked in Times Square triggered her memories; both pleasurable and painful.


It was a beautiful cloudy day in New York. They walked down the north pedestrian section of Times Square facing south, where the new New York Times building rose above the old Newsday Building, filled with massive billboards. My, this place has changed. She gave a long sigh, which made it obvious for Tyler to detect that something was bothering her, but she fought hard to fight it.


He turned to her and asked, “What’s wrong?”


“Nothing,” She cradled her arms around Tyler’s, leaning her head against his shoulder.  She didn’t want to tell him what happened. Even though it was in the past, she was getting flashbacks in her mind about how she fell in love with someone who set her free. And now here she was, making her way to her ex’s wedding, which was located downtown, but they made a pit-stop, since Tyler never been to Times Square.

“Are you sure?” he asked again, knowing something was really wrong with her.


“I’m fine.” She wanted to tell him, but hesitated by being cryptic. “It’s just that this place brought me a lot of memories; a lot of fond and painful memories.”


“Did you and your ex-husband come out here a lot?”


“Oh god, no!” she scoffed. “My ex-husband hated coming through the city, unless he went to work. It was my other ex.”


“Oh,” Tyler quickly grabbed on. Then again, he remembered when first met Charlie, it wasn’t a pleasant time for him. It’s what broke their relationship up in the first place; Darla lying to him that she wasn’t seeing anyone at that time. What’s amazing is that the three got over their issues, and Charlie invited both of them over for her wedding in Lower Manhattan, and he was now friends with her on Facebook.

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  1. A very melancholy piece. I hope Tyler replaces some of those memories with new ones. ;)

  2. This excerpt reveal much of Darla's past. I know how she feels returning to a specific area in a city that is engraved in blood with memories. I'm sure Tyler will accommodate her with a fresh new look at Times Square and their relationship.