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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers - 05/28/2013

Hey, what's up? Hiyadoin?
Here it is, another segment of Tantalizing Tuesdays, where authors post snippets of 200 words, from their most tantalizing pic.

Sandy was being rocked by two men on the beach. She felt both their rods fulfill her body as she balanced herself between them. The man she was on top of was a cute young man with short blond hair. His thrusts were so rapid, she uttered out the most feminine noises ever. Her pleasure was even intensified by a middle-aged man that his cock buried in her ass, leaving Sandy totally lost in her passions.

Thankfully, she was having sex with two men in the isolated part of the beach, but her isolation didn’t last long. She heard strange noises from a distance, but the sound grew louder and annoying. Sandy didn’t want to be interrupted, she wanted to get fucked by these two men until she felt their cum. But despite the noise, the men kept pumping her with their cocks.  But she realized it was just a dream, when she awoke the beeping sound of her alarm clock. She looked to her right and noticed the time showing seven thirty a.m.

Sandy groaned and reached over to turn off the alarm clock. She was really disappointed, being interrupted from her dream. It’s too bad she has to go to work.

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  1. Red Hot Ray it is always a shame to wake from dreams such as this, and I love the pic

  2. That was a pretty intense dream. I wouldn't want to be woken either.

  3. I would call in sick if I was her, go to the beach and finish the dream.

  4. Oh, excellent tease. What a dream to have!

  5. We've all been there - woken from bliss to the grimmer reality of work. Good tease, Ray. Nice to be reading your stuff again.