Love Out Of Lust Series

Friday, May 17, 2013

Love Out Of Lust - Part One

This is a short story series that I came out with. In this short story, two best best friends, Daryl and Marisol, in a moment of weakness risk their friendship to have sex with each other.

Edited by: Stacy A.
Copywritten by Ray Sostre 2013.

Marisol entered the two bedroom apartment, and slammed the door hard. She stormed passed Daryl, who was sitting in the living room watching TV. It startled him. She didn’t want to face Daryl, in fact, halfway past her bedroom, he overheard her sobbing.


“Mari, what’s wrong?” Daryl asked.

“Just leave me alone! I don’t feel like talking!” Marisol cried, just before she slammed the door of her bedroom.


Daryl was concerned for her, but he respected her wishes. He knew she’d been through a lot. She had a terrible year. Her brother was killed in a car accident in the beginning of the year, and her mother died just a few days before Christmas of a massive heart attack. She stayed with Daryl, since she couldn’t afford an apartment on her own. She was fortunate to have a friend like Daryl, but he wished she would tell him what her problem was. She’s sobbing, and the only the he could think was she had issues with her boyfriend.


Daryl didn’t like her boyfriend. He was a typical piece of shit, always criticizing her for what she wore and what she did; always telling her who she could hang out with, and if she didn’t act right in front of him. She’d get belittled. You’d think a little sensitivity would be great since she lost her brother and mother in the same year?


Daryl got up from the sofa and walked down the hall to knock on her door and talk to her. He was concerned, and willing to listen to whatever she ranted about. He leaned by her door, and thought about knocking, but he figured it was best to leave her alone, so she could cool off.


But just before he returned to the living room, he overheard her scream behind her bedroom door. “I fucking hate men!”





A couple of hours have passed, and Daryl was in the living room, drinking a glass of Crown and Water. It was his favorite moment when he started off his weekend from work, doing nothing but having some drinks and staying home. He was a mature man in his mid twenties; twenty-six. He was a tall, dark and handsome, yet a single man that should be out there looking for women, but he wasn’t interested in meeting them. He was recently divorced, and he wasn’t looking for a relationship with another woman. He, in fact, was happy with being alone. He tried hard not to think about it – being lonely, but he liked it so far.


He remained on the sofa, flicking through channels for something interesting to watch, while sipping his large cup of Crown and Water. The buzz was beginning to hit him well, and the show he was watching was a simple drama that had him glued to the set.


He heard Marisol’s door open and then footsteps. He was so busy, and into the TV Show, he didn’t pay attention to what that she was wearing, a dark blue robe. And the only thing that held her robe was the strap that wrapped around her curves. She sat next to him, but at the other end of the couch. She had a sad look. Daryl knew what happened to her. It was probably her boyfriend who embarrassed her in front of her friends; it wasn’t the first time. Daryl had met her boyfriend before and the two didn’t like each other. Perhaps, because Marisol would rather live with Daryl than to live with her boyfriend; it was too complicated to explain the reasons.


She reached over the wooden coffee table and grabbed his bottle of Crown Royal. She opened the bottle and took a sip, in fact a big sip, and set it back down on the coffee table. Daryl looked at her in disbelief. When did she start drinking?


She gave a harsh look in reaction to taking a swig from the bottle, but the flavor somehow evened out, and Marisol looked back at Daryl.


Okay, so she needed a drink. It’s obvious something was wrong. Now, I just need to hear her story; so spill it.


“You know, other than you, I really hate fucking men.” Marisol vented with her most bitter tone. “I finally broke up with my boyfriend. He was nothing more than a fucking loser.”


“I’m sorry to hear that.” Was all he could say; He knew what the problem was, but continued to listen to her vent.


“Jose and I were at McDonald’s along with some friends, and he belittled me, saying that I was an ugly-ass bitch.” She rose up her finger. “First of all, I don’t like being called that; second, he had the nerve to embarrass me in front of my friends, just because we were joking around with him.”


“He was bad news from the start.”


“I should’ve never taken him back.” She almost sobbed. “He had the nerve to say that when he first got with me I wasn’t pretty at all. I was someone who’d he wanted to give a chance, because he felt bad for me.”


What a fucking asshole! Daryl shook his head.


“I just threw the finger at him and walked away.” She took a long deep breath. “I knew if I’d stayed at McDonald’s a little longer. I probably would have thrown my soda at him, but at least I told him about his size being smaller than his ego.”


Daryl snickered. At least Marisol got her last licks in. “There are better men than him. Fuck him, you don’t need him.”


“You know what, I don’t.” She giggled, “And I’m beginning to like this drink. The Crown Royal is beginning to sit well with me. I like the buzz.”


“I thought you didn’t like it?” Daryl glared at her with the third degree look.


“I don’t give a fuck. I needed something strong.” She reached over and grabbed the bottle off the wooden coffee table, twisting open the cap, and taking another swig of it. “Can I ask you a question?”




“Do you think you think I’m pretty?”


Was this a trick question? It seemed what Jose said at McDonald’s has affected her. Marisol was, of course, pretty, but even more she had a beautiful body. She was no goddess, like a model fresh off the cover of the magazine, but of course she was pretty. She had long dark hair, with brown eyes, and a nice olive skin complexion. And now that he’d noticed it, she had nice perky breasts and an amazing ass. He’d grown up with her and her brother, but she was at least four year younger than him. And when they met, she was in the elementary school, while he was in high school with her older brother who had passed away.


Daryl never looked at her that way; she was more like family. He had no brothers or sisters; he was the only child, but their relationship was somewhat like a brother and sister, even though Marisol had an older brother she’d looked up to. He’d never noticed her until now.


“You’re a very beautiful woman.” Daryl responded with a look, realizing her beauty. He noticed a nice cleavage underneath her robe, and emphasized the fact by looking over. “And you’re a sexy momma.” He chuckled, after noticing her smile. “Look, there is nothing wrong with you Mari. Don’t let that asshole get to you. He’s only being that way because he’s ugly inside.”


“You’re right. You know, my mom was right about you. You’re a great listener and a great guy. Look, you’ve been divorced for almost a year, why aren’t you out there meeting women and shit at the clubs?”


He shrugged, and then joked. “I don’t know. I guess I don’t want to meet another ex-wife in the future.”


“You didn’t deserve what that bitch did to you. At least, I wouldn’t do that to you...” She realized what she said sounded awkward, she rephrased. “Well, that’s if I had a man just like you... You know what I’m saying?”


He chuckled, knowing what she meant, but nodded. “Yeah, I know what you meant.”


Daryl was married to his high school sweetheart until he divorced her almost a year ago. He was coming home from work early, when he caught her in bed, with another man he knew – his boss. Daryl came through paying the bills, always listened to her nag and complained over the slightest things. His ex-wife even bitched at him for staying out late with Hector, drinking. But to catch his wife sleeping around with his boss was a pure contradiction. He didn’t need her anymore; he divorced her and then quit his job. Although, he didn’t need to be reminded of that, but he understood what Marisol meant.


“I don’t want to be in a relationship anymore; not for a long time at least.”


He raised his glass. “Ditto.”


“You know what, I actually like Crown Royal.” She grabbed the bottle again and took another swig. This time she gave a harsh look from the taste of the liquor. “I see why you like it with water.”


“It’ll get you fucked up if you drink it straight.”


“I don’t care. I kind of want to get over it.” She sipped the bottle, this time lightly, so she could get used to the harshness of Canadian Whisky. “You know, I just wish to be in a relationship where I don’t have to have any feelings hurt. Forget this bullshit about commitment. I don’t want to be committed to a relationship. I just want to have someone to talk to and fuck every now and then.”


“Like a sexual relationship?”


“Yeah, but it’s too bad, because there’s just feelings involved after that.” She set the bottle on the table. “I mean I just want someone that’s available for a booty call, and that’s all.”


“Now you’re starting to sound like a guy.” He raised his eyebrow.


“I may, but don’t tell me you never thought of it.”


“I had, but I haven’t found someone who’d thought of it like you.”


“Come on. When was the last time you’ve had sex?”


Daryl paused. He knew it’s been a while since he had sex. He was suddenly growing hard under his sweatpants. It was a feeling he couldn’t control, just thinking about it. Then again, he hadn’t had sex with his ex-wife for quite a long time; more than a year. Every time he’d wanted to have sex, his wife would turn him down, telling him she didn’t feel well or she had a migraine. If he’d known her excuses were the result of having an affair, he’d started fucking around behind her back a long time ago. But he looked at Marisol, and remembered that he had to answer her question.


“A very long time,” he exhaled a sigh and then looked at her with admittance. “I’ve masturbated more than I’ve gotten some.” He pointed her out. “You’ve probably had more than I had.”


She shook her head, admitting the most shocking truth. “No, I’ve only had sex twice with one guy. He was my first.”


He gave a look of shock. “Really?”


She shook her head. “Yeppers! I was with some guys after high school, but I never had sex with them. You know, I wanted it to be serious, maybe save myself for the right guy, and get married. But I realized that life’s too short, I just want to fuck first.”


Daryl couldn’t believe what he was hearing. There was something about Marisol, he becoming attracted to – her openness about her sexuality, but was she for real?


“Can I be honest with you?” Marisol asked.


“What’s that?”


“I too have masturbated more than I’ve had sex. So don’t feel bad.”


He sighed with a slight frown go ahead rub it in, but wondered what’d she looked like if she masturbated? He’s heard her a few times, and now here they were sharing their most intimate moments about themselves. He was turned on, and he wondered if she felt turned on about it too. To add to it, what was she really wearing underneath her robe?


However, he played it off. “I’d never thought you’d masturbate.”


“I have ever since I was twelve; I experience my first orgasm at that time. I even keep my toys in my bedroom.”


“So that explained the strange sounds coming from the other room,” he joked.


Marisol reached over and tapped his leg, laughing. “Shut up. You act like you’ve been quiet, when I can hear you play porn in your bedroom.”


“Oh, but you’re louder.”


“No I’m not... am I?”


“I’ve heard you moan, but never bugged you about it.”


“Am I really that loud?” She asked with a sense of insecurity.



“Yes, you’re that loud.” He emphasized the meaning. “Here’s how. Just a week ago, I heard you moaning out of pleasure. At first, I thought you had someone in your bedroom, but realized it was just you alone. I heard something buzzing from your bedroom, and that sucker was really loud. Then I heard your screams. You suck at muffling them, especially when I’m trying to sleep.”


Her face reddened. She somehow remembered that night. “Oh my god, I didn’t know I was that loud.”


“You were. I heard you masturbate all through the night, I...” he paused, wondering if he should admit what he did.


“You what? Tell me,” she pushed.


“Nah, nothing.”


Her eyes widened in reaction. “Wait a minute, you masturbated to me masturbating?’


He gave an uncomfortable expression, but his looks were a dead giveaway to Marisol. He looked at her reaction, and wondered if it was a good thing or bad thing. Daryl did masturbate thinking about her; he blushed in front of her as he finally admitted to it. “I’m sorry.”


“No, don’t be. I’ve masturbated thinking about you too. In fact, twice, once recently.”


Daryl couldn’t think of what else to say, except he was flattered she had lustful thoughts of him. When he masturbated to her, he was listening to her erotic sounds behind closed doors, but what was on her mind when she was masturbating to him?


“Can I make a confession? The first time I masturbated to you was when I was young. I saw you naked, taking a shower, when me and a few girls snuck in the men’s locker room to watch you guys shower, and there you were I saw you. For some reason, I wanted to watch you shower all day long, but it was too bad one of the guys caught us.”


He couldn’t respond, but her confessions were turning him on. His hardness was beginning to bulge out from his sweatpants. He was stiffer than ever, hearing her lustful thoughts.


She noticed his expression and laughed. “Don’t be so shy. I mean say something!”


He gave her his most wanton look. “I honestly don’t know whether I should feel turned on or change the subject.”


“To be honest with you, I’m really turned on just thinking about it.”


“You only had sex with one guy?” he asked.


“Yeah,” she nodded. Then she shook her head. “We’ve been friends for so long, and I can’t believe I’m confessing my sexual fantasies to you.” Her heart beat with an adrenaline like never before. She began to lick her lips and a lustful thought began to loom about him. “I’m sorry, but I’ve wanted to kiss you. It’s been something that I need to get off my mind.”


Daryl could feel his cock ache and throb with torment. He knew what’d happened if they kissed. He could feel his heart punch through the walls of his chest. The more he looked, the more he was suddenly attracted to her. He’d never looked at her that way... until now.

It was just years ago, when he first met her, she was this tomboy, flat-chest ten year-old that was just developing into a woman. Now, here she was, a beautiful twenty two year-old that had bloomed into a voluptuous figure, and by god she had such goods under the sexy robe she wore.


“Me too.” he responded.


He stood up and waited for Marisol to get up and kiss him. Despite the anticipation, he couldn’t help his cock from sticking out of his sweatpants. He was quite big and impressive. Marisol had a smile of approval.


She kissed him. It was a nice small peck he felt from her lips. Her lips felt soft and luscious. His hard-on remained painfully stiff. Then, without warning, he felt her hand on his cock. “You feel really nice...” She caressed his shaft and responded with amazement. “And big,” She looked up. “May I see?”


Daryl wanted her to see; so badly. He anticipated her touch on his throbbing dark member. He felt his sweatpants pull open, and when she got a glimpse of his hardness. She moaned in approval. “Mmmmm.... you’re big. Want to see mine?”


“Sure.” Now that she brought it up. Daryl had this curiosity of knowing what she looked like underneath her robe. He’d only seen her in the sexiest outfits, her delicious body could slip in, but he never knew what she’d looked like without any clothes on.


“I haven’t shaved yet, but I’m not jungle or anything.”


She undid the knot to her robe and then opened up her robe to reveal her most delicious tidbits. Marisol had the most amazing figure under the robe; her body was ripe and delicious. Her breasts were perky, filled with areolas that were just a shade darker, but filled with absolute lust. To add to her lustrous appearance, her nipples were hardened and filled with pure desire, causing his mouth to water.


His look was a wanton of pure lust. “Wow, Marisol, you have really grown.”


“I know.” She nodded, equally giving him her most wanton look. She stepped forward and kissed him again.


The kiss prolonged to something more erotic. Daryl slipped his tongue inside her mouth and felt the movements of her tongue. It was sensual, erotic, and flavorful. He inhaled the pheromones of her desire – delicious! Their kiss turned deep, they gripped on to each other, encircling their arms around their bodies. Daryl, without realizing, moved his hand down her back, the way to the flesh of her ass. Marisol’s ass felt smooth, cool, and round. She’d always had a nice booty, from the sexy clothes she wore going out with friends, but for the first time he was paying attention to her assets – her ass.


Marisol broke away and whispered in his ear. “Oh my god, you should feel how wet I am. Just put your hands down in my pussy and feel it. My thong’s soaking wet right now.” She whimpered, “Oh, I want you now!”


He slipped his hand down to her pussy, and slipped further more. Marisol wasn’t kidding; she was wet. Her thong was purely soaked from the scent of her desire.


He growled under his breath. “Let me taste you.”


She would love that feeling, but protested. “No, not yet.” She gave an embarrassing grin. “I really need to shower. I was at the gym earlier.” She kissed a peck on his neck. “Just take off your pants and we’ll fuck on the couch.”


“I don’t have any condoms. Do you?”


“No, but I’ve been taking birth control since I was teenager.”


Oh my gosh, she’s on the pill! For all the things he could truly think of doing to her.


He looked in her eyes and asked for her assurance. “So, you’re safe?”


She replied ‘as a matter of fact’, “Oh yes, I’m definitely safe.”


The two locked lips one more time. Daryl’s cock ached like it never had before. He felt her pussy; Marisol wanted him as much as he wanted her.  The two were lost in their passion; they took off each other’s bottoms.


“Oh Daryl, I just want to fuck right now.” She started to suck on his neck.


For a woman who stood at five foot seven, she knew how to get him turned on by sucking on his neck, while pulling down his pants. Daryl, on the other hand was five foot ten, just a few inches taller than her, and he struggled to get her thong down past her ass.

When they backed away, Daryl was naked from the waist down, his member standing at attention. Meanwhile, he took a nice glance at Marisol’s body. She was fully naked under her robe. He watched her sit on the couch, and spread her legs wide open enough to see her slit. She wasn’t hairy like she said, just a shade, but overall, this was the first time he’d seen her fully naked.


He mounted over her on the couch, and held his cock before sliding inside her pussy. He watched her anxious expression, and Marisol couldn’t wait for that initial moment.


He slid inside her, with no resistance at all. The two let out a gasp. It was erotic. Marisol’s especially. She was so wet, her juices lapped on to the hilt of his cock. Marisol wasn’t only just wet, but tight as well. His cock twitched from the sweet velvety walls of her pussy. He needed to take it slow, but he felt a sweet aching feeling swelling under his balls. It was tightening, but managed to avoid cumming too quick.


He crammed her legs up more, and buried his cock deep in her pussy. They shared a passionate kiss, where he felt her rocking herself to his thrusts. Their mouths ravaged each other like never before. Just a couple of hours ago, Marisol had the worst night of her life, and right now, they’re fucking for the first time.


“Oh my god, you feel so fucking good!” She moaned. “Oh, keep fucking me!”


Daryl rocked himself on top of her. The sweet aching to cum finally passed, but loomed to happen. He started rocking her, pushing his cock in and out of her pussy, while she watched his shaft glistened from her juices.


He watched her expression. It was the most interesting expression from Marisol’s face. He could go on all night and watch her lustful expression. She was licking her lips, keeping them wet while he pumped her on the sofa. Her legs were spread wide open, each time he pounded her, their bodies made a sound, which was familiar, but unusual to them – the result of their bodies crashing together during sex.


His pace started to pick up, and Daryl was beginning to sweat. Marisol, was screaming out of pleasure. By now, he was pounding her hard. The two shared hot, passionate kiss and Daryl was feeling that familiar ache under his balls. This time he couldn’t control it any longer.

He howled, “Oh god, I’m cumming.”


“Oh, cum in me,” She placed her hands on the sides of his back. “I want to feel it.”


Daryl pumped her with all his might, before he straightened his cock, shooting his load deep inside her walls. He buried his cock as deep as he could. His cock twitched uncontrollably. Then he could feel Marisol climax as she let out with a loud moan. Once he was spent, he almost collapsed on her, but she muffled the rest of her orgasm with her hot kisses. Daryl could feel the coolness of her tongue, while ravaging his lips with her kisses. He was moving his tongue along with hers’, and then suddenly, the kissing stopped. What happened?


There was a weird look on Marisol’s face – the look of guilt. She stopped kissing him, but never uttered a word of what was wrong with her. It was like she was ready to burst out into tears.


“Something wrong?” he asked. After all, he did care.


“No, but I think I need to go to bed.” Marisol responded. Her voice changed.


Daryl knew something was wrong with her; her expression showed a sign of regret, and it was concerning for him. Did he ruin a friendship between him and Marisol? He’d known her since she was little, and in the heat of the moment they may have really change their feelings in the end.


He got off her, giving off a sigh of regret. What have I done? He knew this was going to change things between them.


He watched her get up and close her robe, as she was tying a knot in the front of her robe.


“I’m sorry.” She sniffed.


Daryl couldn’t think of anything to say. He knew there was nothing to be sorry about. But he couldn’t find the right words to sooth Marisol’s guilt trip. He bent down to put on his sweatpants, but watched her walk away, not sobbing, but rattled from what happened moments ago.


He attempted to stop her. “Marisol, wait.”


“No,” she shook her head, waving him off. “You didn’t do anything wrong. I just need to go to bed.”


“Couldn’t we just talk about it?”


“Not now. I just…” she sighed “need to be alone for now.”


Daryl watched Marisol walk away down the hallway. He wanted to persuade her to stay and talk about it, but maybe it was best to let it go. She did say he didn’t do anything wrong, but why did he feel so guilty?


Daryl sat back down on the couch and bowed his head with regret. Oh god, I can’t believe what I’ve done



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