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Friday, May 31, 2013

Flash Fiction Friday - 05/31/2013

And yes, it's time for another segment of Flash Fiction Friday, where authors post a snippet in 100 words, from a chosen pic from the event.

Here we go...

“Wow, what an erotic picture!” Tyler commented. He looked around the display of erotic images in the art gallery in Portland, and he was among friends; Stacy, Lisa, Jiro and Darla.

“That would’ve been a dead cat if that was me,” Jiro added with a short snicker.

“Oh come on. You’d enjoy getting that kind of pussy too.” Stacy tapped Jiro on his chest with her hand.

“Stacy,” Lisa blushed, yet she couldn’t help but laugh. She noticed Darla looking into the photo. “Darla?”

Darla looked at the photo and then commented, “I’m getting turned on looking at this painting.”

And that's all for now. I wished I could expand it more, but tune in for next week's Flash. Be sure you check out my people below:

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  1. Ooh, she is, is she? A bit of a masochist? ;)

  2. I can't tell if the cat is stretching or clawing. Darla's reaction might be a three way with the cat.

  3. Hmmm this could go far and wide and ummm deep, and with more than just the typical 2 person parties. :) Great flash!!