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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thursday Thrills - 04/18/2013

Welcome to another segment of Thursday Thrills where authors like myself provide a snippet, based on the picture provided for the event, between 100 - 1000 words.
This one is going to be a short one, but the picture provided from Thursday Thrills intrigued me to write a short scene here.

Trevor never thought he’d experience such a tranquil place of rest and relaxation; a place where he had a wonderful piece of mine, alone, in the white sandy beaches of St. Petersburg, Florida. He rested his head back on the lounge chair, folding his arms behind his back as he watched the sun set, turning the sky into amber, watching the tranquil waves of the Gulf was ashore, from a short distance.


The air was purely calm; the seagulls danced around the beach, and Trevor could sleep there for the night. He’d rented a nice room at a hotel, not far from the beach. In fact, he’d rented a suite – the one with a big Jacuzzi hot tub. It’s funny, how he had to not wait for a woman to come into his life to go on vacation. Yet, it was lonely for him, he didn’t want to vacation without finding the right companion, but life was too short for him to wait, and he needed to get away from the hustle and bustle of New York City.


He placed one piece of his headset to his ear as he tuned into the trip-hop sounds coming from his mp3 player. And then just when he wasn’t looking, he noticed a blonde wearing a bikini-top, with a light shirt wrapped around her waist.


She smiled and asked, “Excuse me, is this seat taken?”

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  1. Heh, never alone, are you, Trevor? Nice scene.

  2. Wonderful tease! The sunsets there can be amazing and, in it's tranquil moments, it's perfect for a scene like this!

  3. Nice escape for Trevor taking a chance to be in solitude but still feeling lonely. You described with perfect details how he felt with the scenery and set the scene for a chance to find romance with a new companion. Well done.