Love Out Of Lust Series

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Thursday Thrills - 04/04/2013

Okay, here is what I have going on. Last week, we've had some delays and this week we're continuing on. I have a tempting Thursday peice for you, and it takes place here in the Edmonton Mall.

It's a piece in 475 words... enjoy.

Dan walked around the mall in search for his girlfriend – Heidi. He walked around the Edmonton Mall, and wondered where’d she disappeared to. His first stop was the eatery; she wasn’t around, after carefully looking for her. He then walked around the amusement park area, and spent countless time looking for her through all the parents and children. He was on the verge to give up. She disappeared on him.


He was pretty upset with her, disappearing on him while he was in the electronic store looking into the latest iPhone on the market. Where could she have gone? Just when he was ready to give up looking for her, he received a text message from her.


I’m at the Urban Women Store.


He texted back, The Urban Women Store, what are you doing there?


He headed for the nearest escalator and rode upstairs to the top floor. While he was on his way up he received a text message from Heidi. I have something to show you.


Dan made his way to the top floor and found the urban woman store. When he stepped in, he looked around the store and noticed the urban chic clothing; the kind he would see of his girlfriend’s magazines. He pulled out his phone and texted back. I’m here, but where are you?


He stood around and waited for her text, when his phone buzzed a notification.


I’m in the fitting room.


He walked further to the back of the store, where there was a row of fitting rooms available. He stood there and waited. He knew better to go inside; it was a women’s clothing store. Instead of walking inside the fitting room area, he called out, “Heidi, I’m out here.”

“Come inside,” she said behind closed doors.


“Are you kidding me?” he replied. He didn’t want to get caught walking in. “This is a women’s department store.”


“Oh come on in, I have something to show you. They’re not going to care if you walk inside; don’t be such a wuss!”


He looked around to see if anyone would notice him walking in the fitting room. He then checked inside and looked at the bottom of the fitting stalls; no one else, other than his girlfriend was inside the fitting room. He stepped in.


“Okay, I’m here.”


The door unlocked and there was a long-haired brunette with sparkling blue eyes and such tempting features, that reminded Dan why he liked her so much, stepping out of the fitting booth, wearing a red bra and a red-and-black crotchless panties. It was obvious that she wasn’t wearing anything down below, where he’d seen the landing strip on her pussy. Holy shit, this woman was hot and oh my god!


“So how do I look?” Heidi asked with her most wicked grin. She knew where he was looking.

Thank you everyone. Please tune into next week's Thursday Thrills.


  1. Love the story of them texting each other throughout the mall. Very spicy withe crotchless panties. I hope another woman does not step into the changing room. Did they go into her fitting room?

  2. Love it! The words every woman knows will work: "Don't be such a wuss!" Haha! Excellent teaser!