Love Out Of Lust Series

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Saturday AfterDark Moments - 04/13/2013

Hi, what's up? It's time, once again, to host my favorite weekly event - Saturday's AfterDark Moment, where we define our AfterDark Moment anywhere up to 500 words, but no less than 100 words.
Here's what I have in store for you.


Darla knew Tyler would be home any moment from work, and she was ready to surprise him when he got home. She just got out of the bathroom, fixing her hair, and putting on the most delicious smelling perfume – the kind she knew would make her man melt in desire when he kissed her neck, inhaling the aphrodisiac her body could offer.


She walked out of the bathroom, naked, her body couldn’t wait to slip into something sexy for Tyler. Even the thought of him made her wet with desire. She went into the dresser and pulled out a pair of thongs and a sexy, lacy black thong, a pair of black crotchless panties, and a pair of stockings with elastic lace tops, and threw them to the bed. 


She started putting on her undergarments; one by one, but anticipated the moment when Tyler come home to take them off piece by piece. She first hooked on her sexy, lacy black bra, and then put on her black thong, followed by a pair of crotchless panties.  Next, she sat on the bed to put on her black stockings, while at the same she hooked on the elastic tops to her crotchless panties. She took admiration of how her body felt; she felt sexy. She needed to look at herself in the mirror to see how sexy she really looked. But before she made the attempt to see herself in the mirror, she needed to put on heels; the kind that would make her look sexy, while not make her feet hurt.


She went into the closet and pulled out a beige shoebox, and there it was – her favorite heels – the kind that Tyler would fuck her in. She opened the shoebox and pulled out a nice pair of stiletto shoes to complete her appearance. She sat back down to put on her shoes and her cell phone beeped on the dresser. It was a text message for Darla.


She stood back up and walked toward the dresser to see who the message was by. She looked and realized it was Tyler. She looked at the message, it read:


Are you up for sushi?


Darla’s mouth watered for something she hasn’t had in a while – sushi. She’ll never forget her most memorable date with Tyler, when the two dined and fucked in a private room. She recalled it as the best dining experience ever. Too bad that restaurant closed down a few years ago; she wanted to re-live the experience again.


She replied on her text: Sure, let’s pick a place.


She went into the closet to decide what to wear. After all, she wouldn’t mind having a hot date, and a night pure, unadulterated sex. She picked out a purple nylon dress that would really display her wonderful figure, and entice Tyler even more.


She heard another beep coming from her phone, and she went over to pick it up for his response.


It’s not me picking the place. Your parents flew into town, and their picking out the place to eat.
"Oh god," Darla gave an uncomfortable look, knowing her night would might as well be delayed. She wasn't expecting her parents to make surprise visit to Portland from Halifax. They never called, which was more upsetting, telling her that they were coming over for a visit. They must've stopped at her job - Estella's, assuming she was working, but this wasn't a night she planned to have.
Thank you and tune in for next week's AfterDark Moments.


  1. Poor Darla. She certainly must have been disappointed, especially with her parents coming into the scene, destroying her sexual fantasies for the night probably.