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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Saturday AfterDark Moments - 04/06/2013

Hey, what's up? Hiyadoin'? It's time for a moment of Saturday's AfterDark Moments, and we're back after a two week absence from the scene.
Here's what I have in store for you...
Right now, I woke up late, so I missed out on everything. I'm going to post something that pertains to my most favorite characters -- Darla & Tyler. This story is now being reworked on, and I'm going to reveal the official moment how Darla & Tyler first met.
Here's the scenerio: Tyler got off work and rode the light rail home when he met a woman that blew him off a few months ago, and now she wants to show interest in him. Why don't you read this segment piece, it'll explain it all.
Note: It's in rough format.

“Look, why don’t we get off the next stop. I know a place where could talk about it,” she placed her hand on his lap.

Tyler felt the air of sensuality coming from this gorgeous mysterious woman. Her blue eyes pierced with enticement, but this was all too good for him.

“You want me to get off with you on the next stop?” he asked apprehensively.

She assured, “Just trust me. I won’t hurt you.” She smiled. “I promise.”

He was midway to the next stop. It’s time to think fast. He tried to get to know her three months ago, and she blew him off. Now she wanted to get to know him by having him off the next stop? He should say no, but...

“Okay, let’s go.”

The light rail approached the stop, and Tyler knew this was his only chance to get to know her, but could he trust her?

“I didn’t get your –”

She placed her index finger over his lip, quickly shaking her head. “No names, at least not for now. Let’s go.”

He never protested when she led him out of the light rail, but his heart raced with both trust and fear. Where was she taking him? They’d just exited from the light rail station to a very quiet area. There were no stores; no place for them to go to. Was she trying to set him up? He could’ve back away, but the way her fingers entwined into his left him in a spellbound he couldn’t break away from.

They continued down the street, until he noticed the park. He looked around, wondering Oh God, where the hell is she taking me? Then they stopped in front of a two story house – a beige Victorian home that shone from the light, across the street from the local park.

“Wait,” he protested. “Where are you taking me?”

“Relax,” she assured. “I promise that I’m not going to hurt you.” She stepped closer, closing her eyes as she kissed him. “Okay.”

Tyler, in wanton, nodded, then kissed her. The taste of her lip gloss was a strawberry-flavor that he could feast off of. The kiss grew more passionate when he felt her tongue slip inside of his. The way she moved her tongue inside his mouth had him growing hard under his pants. Was he there to make out or something more? For whatever it’s worth, his bad day will soon erased into a good night.

 That's all for now.
Thank you and tune for next week.


  1. I want to know how she brushed Tyler off three months prior, what exactly happened to him, making that day bad, and how she made that night memorable and rewarding. Does she take him into the house? You have a great beginning.

  2. Great set up. I'm really interested to know what will happen next.