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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

New Release from No Boundaries Press April 23rd, 2013

Welcome, Brother by Erica Pike


When arts student Kyler Morris applies for membership to The Nova Britannia Brotherhood, he's immediately floored by their intimidating leader, Hunter Kingsley. Fellow arts student Hunter, however, isn't the bad-ass he's made out to be and takes Kyler under his wing.
While Kyler struggles to keep his crush under control and his sexuality hidden from the Brothers, Hunter battles daemons of his own in the form of two Brothers who aren’t playing by the rules.

Available At:

No Boundaries Press

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When It's Least Expected by Heather Van Fleet


Contemporary MATURE young adult romance

Recommended for 17+ due to some language, underage drinking, and slight sexual content

Moving on after a tragedy can be impossible, especially when
you’ve been dealing those tragedies for over two years. But it’s her senior
year, and Harley Anderson is more than ready to do just that, even though the
skeletons in her closet can’t exactly be hidden.

Enter Mason Daniel, the egotistical, sexy, surfer boy from
California. A boy with his own hidden demons, and an even bigger secret agenda.
Mason isn’t right for Harley. He knows this better than anyone.
He’s the epitome of a runner, a guy who takes what he can get,
only to split a short while later. But he can’t deny the emotions that
Harley brings out of him, so he’s going to break his rules for once.

He should have known what it would lead to…

Two kindred souls, both lost and then found. Will they fail in their search for contentment and happiness, or will they finally find true love when it’s least expected?

Available At:

No Boundaries Press

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Friday, April 19, 2013

New Releases on No Boundaries Press for April 2013.

Wives Awakened by Tom Covenant

Released on April 2nd, 2013


Life begins at forty and fifty is the new forty! This collection of six erotic short stories looks behind the closed curtains of suburban middle England, uncovering a red hot world of passion and desire. ‘Wives Awakened’ blows away forever the myth that middle age and middle income means the end of the female libido. Husbands beware, inside that elegant demure exterior, a cougar may be lurking; if she escapes, your life may never be the same again!

Amateur Porn Wife

When their son’s work colleagues come to call, they find Frank and Carol prepared for a Friday night of passion. After watching a TV channel dedicated to amateur porn their visitors convince them that they could do better. Soon it’s lights, camera – and action!

A Greek Orgy

It was the first time he had seen her go topless on the beach. He never imagined it would be like this!

Walking in the Woods

To escape the boredom of a Bank Holiday a couple decide to take a walk in the woods. Another couple may have had the same intention, but their walk turns out to be far, far more interesting.

A Husband’s Tale

His wife didn’t know what dogging was, but she does now!

A MILF Exposed!

She went along to support a project, only to find she was the project.

Coming Out

A fetish shared is a fetish doubled.


Blood Witch by Ellie Potts

Released on April 9th, 2013

Welcome to the Opposite Side where monsters really do roam the night, but The Supervisors make sure that the monsters don’t get noticed by the normal humans. Meet Leslie, a Supervisor and a blood witch, one of four in California. Blood witches are said to have powers that rival gods, that’s why they were almost hunted to extinction. Leslie came into her power late, and fell in with the wrong crowd before she became a Supervisor. Nathan is king of the local werebear clan, and he has plans for the future of his pack, the other local shapeshifters, but also has his eyes set on Leslie. She is not your ordinary Blood Witch, and together they can stir up power that the world has never seen. But nothing is as it seems in the Opposite Side, and Leslie’s already different world is going to be shaken as a new case starts a chain of events that can lead to a feud war.
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Tales Of Lust by M. Daniel Myles



Anthony has lived a life of lustful adventure. In these Tales of Lust he relives with the reader his first sexual encounter with the sultry and lusty Natasha, the sexy and hypnotic little green-eyed Jahnine and her totally devoted slave Valerie, and the seemingly oh so prim and proper Evelyn. Then, after inviting all of them to dinner at his place, the ladies begin, in lurid detail, to recount each of their first sexual encounters. Well, everyone becomes more and more aroused as each tale is told until, by the end, no one can contain their lustful passions. And so the novel concludes with an explosive orgy of sensual delights to satiate any reader’s craving for a truly erotic literary adventure.

Available At:

No Boundaries Press



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Wonder of Ness by James Jeffery Paul


To some, Loch Ness is a joke. To some, it is the most important thing in the world.

A major new expedition is being mounted to find the creature of Loch Ness. It seems as if everyone in the world is coming to join it, and for every conceivable reason. For each of them, it will be a journey into wonder--and a terrifying plunge into terror, mystery, and his own personal heart of darkness.
A grand symbolic adventure in the tradition of Moby Dick and The Hunting of the Snark.

Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy

Genre: Quest Novel

Available At:

No Boundaries Press



Barnes & Noble

Saturday AfterDark Moments - 04/20/2013

Hiyadoin, what's up? It's time for another segment of Saturday's AfterDark Moments where authors post their most erotic snippet, along with a picture between 100 - 500 words of pure pleasure.

Here is what I have in store for you...

Cyrus watched Kim pull down her panties as he held on his harden shaft, anticipating what she’d look like once her panties fell to the floor. He couldn’t wait for her to reveal her interesting sex.
He slowly stroked his member and then smiled when he saw her clean-shaven pussy, but with a nice landing strip that stretched symmetrically in the middle. It was rather interesting and sexy. Cyrus admired her shapely figure; so mahogany, so luscious, so curved and delicious-looking. He couldn’t wait for her to approach him. His cocked ached out of the thought for pleasure.
Kim then took a step closer, placing her index finger in her mouth, with a such a wanton pose for him, seductively telling him. “I am so wet for you Cyrus.”
He grinned wickedly, asking in a breathy tone, “How wet?”
“Mmmm…. you wanna feel?” She placed her fingers under herself, caressing her slick folds. She stopped inches in front of him. “Let me show you how wet.” Cyrus attempted to place his fingers under her folds, but his hand was moved away by Kim’s. She shook her head. “No Cyrus, I want your dick to feel how wet I am; just lie back and let me show you.”
He leaned back on his chair and watched Kim straddled herself over him. He felt his tip be in the hands of her fingernails, while getting a whiff of her sensual odor; the smell was very tantalizing. Then, within an instant, he felt his cock get swallowed by the wetness of Kim’s pussy. She was very wet… and tight. His cock fitted inside Kim’s pussy nice and snug. She was so wet, he actually felt her juices drip down to his balls. It caused a hot sound that made both of them moan in pleasure.
When he placed his hands on her backside, his palms fitted perfectly around her round, brown ass. The way she moved up and down on his cock had him aching with sweet pleasure. His balls were tightened, but he was able to control any sudden release that may have came into his mind. Cyrus will never forget the first time he had sex with Kim. She was filled with the sweetest pleasure that will stay in his mind.

Thank you and be sure you check out my peoples below...


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thursday Thrills - 04/18/2013

Welcome to another segment of Thursday Thrills where authors like myself provide a snippet, based on the picture provided for the event, between 100 - 1000 words.
This one is going to be a short one, but the picture provided from Thursday Thrills intrigued me to write a short scene here.

Trevor never thought he’d experience such a tranquil place of rest and relaxation; a place where he had a wonderful piece of mine, alone, in the white sandy beaches of St. Petersburg, Florida. He rested his head back on the lounge chair, folding his arms behind his back as he watched the sun set, turning the sky into amber, watching the tranquil waves of the Gulf was ashore, from a short distance.


The air was purely calm; the seagulls danced around the beach, and Trevor could sleep there for the night. He’d rented a nice room at a hotel, not far from the beach. In fact, he’d rented a suite – the one with a big Jacuzzi hot tub. It’s funny, how he had to not wait for a woman to come into his life to go on vacation. Yet, it was lonely for him, he didn’t want to vacation without finding the right companion, but life was too short for him to wait, and he needed to get away from the hustle and bustle of New York City.


He placed one piece of his headset to his ear as he tuned into the trip-hop sounds coming from his mp3 player. And then just when he wasn’t looking, he noticed a blonde wearing a bikini-top, with a light shirt wrapped around her waist.


She smiled and asked, “Excuse me, is this seat taken?”

Thank you for reading and tune in for next week. Please be sure to check out my peoples below:

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Saturday AfterDark Moments - 04/13/2013

Hi, what's up? It's time, once again, to host my favorite weekly event - Saturday's AfterDark Moment, where we define our AfterDark Moment anywhere up to 500 words, but no less than 100 words.
Here's what I have in store for you.


Darla knew Tyler would be home any moment from work, and she was ready to surprise him when he got home. She just got out of the bathroom, fixing her hair, and putting on the most delicious smelling perfume – the kind she knew would make her man melt in desire when he kissed her neck, inhaling the aphrodisiac her body could offer.


She walked out of the bathroom, naked, her body couldn’t wait to slip into something sexy for Tyler. Even the thought of him made her wet with desire. She went into the dresser and pulled out a pair of thongs and a sexy, lacy black thong, a pair of black crotchless panties, and a pair of stockings with elastic lace tops, and threw them to the bed. 


She started putting on her undergarments; one by one, but anticipated the moment when Tyler come home to take them off piece by piece. She first hooked on her sexy, lacy black bra, and then put on her black thong, followed by a pair of crotchless panties.  Next, she sat on the bed to put on her black stockings, while at the same she hooked on the elastic tops to her crotchless panties. She took admiration of how her body felt; she felt sexy. She needed to look at herself in the mirror to see how sexy she really looked. But before she made the attempt to see herself in the mirror, she needed to put on heels; the kind that would make her look sexy, while not make her feet hurt.


She went into the closet and pulled out a beige shoebox, and there it was – her favorite heels – the kind that Tyler would fuck her in. She opened the shoebox and pulled out a nice pair of stiletto shoes to complete her appearance. She sat back down to put on her shoes and her cell phone beeped on the dresser. It was a text message for Darla.


She stood back up and walked toward the dresser to see who the message was by. She looked and realized it was Tyler. She looked at the message, it read:


Are you up for sushi?


Darla’s mouth watered for something she hasn’t had in a while – sushi. She’ll never forget her most memorable date with Tyler, when the two dined and fucked in a private room. She recalled it as the best dining experience ever. Too bad that restaurant closed down a few years ago; she wanted to re-live the experience again.


She replied on her text: Sure, let’s pick a place.


She went into the closet to decide what to wear. After all, she wouldn’t mind having a hot date, and a night pure, unadulterated sex. She picked out a purple nylon dress that would really display her wonderful figure, and entice Tyler even more.


She heard another beep coming from her phone, and she went over to pick it up for his response.


It’s not me picking the place. Your parents flew into town, and their picking out the place to eat.
"Oh god," Darla gave an uncomfortable look, knowing her night would might as well be delayed. She wasn't expecting her parents to make surprise visit to Portland from Halifax. They never called, which was more upsetting, telling her that they were coming over for a visit. They must've stopped at her job - Estella's, assuming she was working, but this wasn't a night she planned to have.
Thank you and tune in for next week's AfterDark Moments.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Blood Witch Blog Tour

Blood Witch Blog Tour: (The free copy to give away will be sent off as soon as I get it. You can give it away any way you want. J)



Welcome to the Opposite Side where monsters really do roam the night, but The Supervisors make sure that the monsters don’t get noticed by the normal humans. Meet Leslie, a Supervisor and a blood witch, one of four in California. Blood witches are said to have powers that rival gods, that’s why they were almost hunted to extinction. Leslie came into her power late, and fell in with the wrong crowd before she became a Supervisor. Nathan is king of the local werebear clan, and he has plans for the future of his pack, the other local shapeshifters, but also has his eyes set on Leslie. She is not your ordinary Blood Witch, and together they can stir up power that the world has never seen. But nothing is as it seems in the Opposite Side, and Leslie’s already different world is going to be shaken as a new case starts a chain of events that can lead to a feud war.



“I’m glad you and Nathan are getting along. I know he wasn’t very happy about me working or living with a blood witch. You guys are the equivalent to the bogeyman to the werechildren.” He swiveled towards her in the chair. They sat on two old wheeled stools. Bored, they were twisting and turning on them, waiting for the new vampire to rise. Sometimes they didn’t at all; if the other vampire had been weak the body would just die.

                “Sheesh, thanks for sharing. I already feel bad about what I am, but I get reminded daily on what a monster I am. So maybe I get a bit wild once in a while, it’s not like I go all furry once a month and crave fresh meat.” She sat in her own swivel chair, arms crossed, pouting. Earlier they had raced around the room. Now they were just bored, after getting caught making gloved balloon animals.

“Les, you know I don’t mean anything by it. I was just telling you.”

“Sure,” she said making a paper airplane with a discarded piece of paper she had found on the counter. She finished and let it glide. It dropped near the door, crumpling on the floor. The mortuary assistant walked in followed by two men who looked at each other, startled. Leslie felt her chest lurch as her eyes fell upon the shortest of the men.

“I’m sorry, I must have gotten the rooms mixed up,” the assistant said to the two men.

“Leslie,” Rich said, trying not to sound as surprised as his brown eyes were letting on. She noticed his dark brown hair not only had some grey, but was also thinning. He pushed his glasses up on his nose, a sign of nervousness, his weakness in the wereworld. Jonathan hated when Richard showed his nervousness around the wolves. You can find him scolding the witch every so often about it like he was a naughty child.

She said nothing as the assistant led them away. The door closed. “Well, that was awkward,” Patrick said as Leslie got to her feet and went to the body.

“Patrick, why hasn’t the vampire risen yet?” She grabbed the sheet covering the body and pulled it off. “I’m sure it would have already.”

Patrick came to stand beside her and they looked over the body. “It’s rather old to be vampire bait don’t you think?”

“Where is the vampire bites?” She moved the head looking at the neck. She then pulled the sheet fully off the body. Her eyes looked lower for a bite, scanning every inch of the body.

                Their eyes went to the door when a scream erupted in the hall.



Author Bio:

Somebody told Ellie Potts you had to be rich to be eccentric otherwise you were just crazy. She set out to prove them wrong doing things she was told she couldn't do like dressing like a pirate, get her books published, playing video games, planning to survive a zombie apocalypse, and other antics most women stay away from. Her love of books motivate her and movies captivate her. She loves almost everything from Disney to George Romero. She lives in California's Central Valley where most of her stories and books take place. Her and her husband are owned by their attack Bugg (Boston Terrier/Pug), and her two red eared slider turtle minions who live in the backyard.


Saturday, April 6, 2013

Saturday AfterDark Moments - 04/06/2013

Hey, what's up? Hiyadoin'? It's time for a moment of Saturday's AfterDark Moments, and we're back after a two week absence from the scene.
Here's what I have in store for you...
Right now, I woke up late, so I missed out on everything. I'm going to post something that pertains to my most favorite characters -- Darla & Tyler. This story is now being reworked on, and I'm going to reveal the official moment how Darla & Tyler first met.
Here's the scenerio: Tyler got off work and rode the light rail home when he met a woman that blew him off a few months ago, and now she wants to show interest in him. Why don't you read this segment piece, it'll explain it all.
Note: It's in rough format.

“Look, why don’t we get off the next stop. I know a place where could talk about it,” she placed her hand on his lap.

Tyler felt the air of sensuality coming from this gorgeous mysterious woman. Her blue eyes pierced with enticement, but this was all too good for him.

“You want me to get off with you on the next stop?” he asked apprehensively.

She assured, “Just trust me. I won’t hurt you.” She smiled. “I promise.”

He was midway to the next stop. It’s time to think fast. He tried to get to know her three months ago, and she blew him off. Now she wanted to get to know him by having him off the next stop? He should say no, but...

“Okay, let’s go.”

The light rail approached the stop, and Tyler knew this was his only chance to get to know her, but could he trust her?

“I didn’t get your –”

She placed her index finger over his lip, quickly shaking her head. “No names, at least not for now. Let’s go.”

He never protested when she led him out of the light rail, but his heart raced with both trust and fear. Where was she taking him? They’d just exited from the light rail station to a very quiet area. There were no stores; no place for them to go to. Was she trying to set him up? He could’ve back away, but the way her fingers entwined into his left him in a spellbound he couldn’t break away from.

They continued down the street, until he noticed the park. He looked around, wondering Oh God, where the hell is she taking me? Then they stopped in front of a two story house – a beige Victorian home that shone from the light, across the street from the local park.

“Wait,” he protested. “Where are you taking me?”

“Relax,” she assured. “I promise that I’m not going to hurt you.” She stepped closer, closing her eyes as she kissed him. “Okay.”

Tyler, in wanton, nodded, then kissed her. The taste of her lip gloss was a strawberry-flavor that he could feast off of. The kiss grew more passionate when he felt her tongue slip inside of his. The way she moved her tongue inside his mouth had him growing hard under his pants. Was he there to make out or something more? For whatever it’s worth, his bad day will soon erased into a good night.

 That's all for now.
Thank you and tune for next week.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Thursday Thrills - 04/04/2013

Okay, here is what I have going on. Last week, we've had some delays and this week we're continuing on. I have a tempting Thursday peice for you, and it takes place here in the Edmonton Mall.

It's a piece in 475 words... enjoy.

Dan walked around the mall in search for his girlfriend – Heidi. He walked around the Edmonton Mall, and wondered where’d she disappeared to. His first stop was the eatery; she wasn’t around, after carefully looking for her. He then walked around the amusement park area, and spent countless time looking for her through all the parents and children. He was on the verge to give up. She disappeared on him.


He was pretty upset with her, disappearing on him while he was in the electronic store looking into the latest iPhone on the market. Where could she have gone? Just when he was ready to give up looking for her, he received a text message from her.


I’m at the Urban Women Store.


He texted back, The Urban Women Store, what are you doing there?


He headed for the nearest escalator and rode upstairs to the top floor. While he was on his way up he received a text message from Heidi. I have something to show you.


Dan made his way to the top floor and found the urban woman store. When he stepped in, he looked around the store and noticed the urban chic clothing; the kind he would see of his girlfriend’s magazines. He pulled out his phone and texted back. I’m here, but where are you?


He stood around and waited for her text, when his phone buzzed a notification.


I’m in the fitting room.


He walked further to the back of the store, where there was a row of fitting rooms available. He stood there and waited. He knew better to go inside; it was a women’s clothing store. Instead of walking inside the fitting room area, he called out, “Heidi, I’m out here.”

“Come inside,” she said behind closed doors.


“Are you kidding me?” he replied. He didn’t want to get caught walking in. “This is a women’s department store.”


“Oh come on in, I have something to show you. They’re not going to care if you walk inside; don’t be such a wuss!”


He looked around to see if anyone would notice him walking in the fitting room. He then checked inside and looked at the bottom of the fitting stalls; no one else, other than his girlfriend was inside the fitting room. He stepped in.


“Okay, I’m here.”


The door unlocked and there was a long-haired brunette with sparkling blue eyes and such tempting features, that reminded Dan why he liked her so much, stepping out of the fitting booth, wearing a red bra and a red-and-black crotchless panties. It was obvious that she wasn’t wearing anything down below, where he’d seen the landing strip on her pussy. Holy shit, this woman was hot and oh my god!


“So how do I look?” Heidi asked with her most wicked grin. She knew where he was looking.

Thank you everyone. Please tune into next week's Thursday Thrills.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Official Blog Tour - Her Angela & Protection Series: April 4 - 29th, 2013

Happy Tuesday everyone. Today, I'm announcing my tour in promotion of my book - Her Angela & Protection, and I also plan on making it a sereis in the future.

Here are the dates for the blog tour:

April 4th - Simply Sexy Stories with Nichelle Gregory

April 9th - Makayla's Book Reviews

April 14th - ValloryV / Romance Author

April 18th - Pablo Michaels Man To Man Romantic Fiction

April 22nd - Grinelda Markowitz Erotic Writing

April 25th - Ellie Dunn

April 29th -

Monday, April 1, 2013

It's been a while since I've posted n my blog.

Hey what's up? I know it's been a while since I've posted on my blog. I've had a busy March, not to forget St. Patrick's Day and March Mandness. Wow! What a week! Although, I've had some good successes.

1. My book - "Her Angela & Protection" was just published, and I'm thinking of doing a sequal.
2. I've managed to complete another manuscript for an Erotic Countdown, and I can't wait to unvel the f/f story.
3. I'm also networking with Erotic Countdown, and happy to work with networking with No Boundaries Press, while I'm also updating links for AfterDark Online. But much more needs to be done.