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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thursday Thrills - 03/21/2013: Remembering Summer

Yes, it's time for another segment of Thursday Thrills -  a place where authors express their creativity between 100 -1000 words, based of the picture provided by the event.
In this segment, I am considering working on a short story for Erotic Countdown, and this is a rough draft of what I have in store. Here is my Thursday Thrill.
Shannon, Marcus, and Desiree spent the entire afternoon away from the city of Des Moines to a place called Sycamore Access, a place the three went to when they were children. All three of them grew up together, and the memories they’d shared as children never left them. But the times have changed, and all three of them were now grown up. They were all in their late 20’s and now together. Much has changed between them, and the three were finally rejoined together, after the death of another friend – Byron.
Byron was such a fun person for them to hang around. They even grew up with him. He was always the life of the party, and the man who’d take off his shirt to give to another man. It was sad what happened to him; he was killed by a drunk-driver in Des Moines, and now they were with out him – gone!
Shannon tossed a small stone in the river when she laughed, “You know what I really missed about Byron, how he used to go skinny-dipping in the river, while all of us kept our clothes on.”
Both Marcus and Desiree laughed, taking nostalgia of what Shannon said.
“Yeah, how he’d always come after me or teased Marcus for not jumping in butt-naked...” Desiree chuckled, sipping on a can of soda. She then turned to Marcus, asking, “Why didn’t you jump in the river, going skinny-dipping?”
Marcus shrugged, “I just didn’t feel comfortable jumping in naked.”
“Oh come on, it’s really fun,” Shannon nudged him on his shoulder. “Besides, I had great time skinny-dipping in the water alone with Byron.”
“Really?” Desiree widened her eyes with surprise. She was curious what else had happened. Then she asked the million-dollar question, “Did you two do it together?”
Shannon rested her hands behind herself, leaning her head back to admire the sunset view. “Remember the time I called you when I lost my virginity?”
Desiree gave a look of disbelief; Marcus was equally shocked. “No way, you lost it with Byron?”
“It’s a very long story,” Shannon gave a smirk. “Besides, it was one of most memorable moments about Byron, I’d never forget.”
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  1. Nostalgia is appropriate in your Thrill. Marcus appears to be more inhibited than the other two. Does Shannon share what exactly she did with Byron? This reads for a good introduction for your story.

  2. Oh, this hits home in a way. Beautifully sad, sweet, and nostalgic in it's perfection. You need a "reaction Box" for "Perfection."

  3. Odd how we both used a death in our stories. There's nothing particularly sad about the picture. The second half of your segment I found much stronger than the opening. Good luck with the whole piece!