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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Thursday Thrills - 03/14/2013

Welcome to another segment of Thursday Thirlls, where authors express their creativity off the picture provided in the event between 100 - 1000 words.
Here's what I have in store for you.
In this segment, I have reached the maximum limit of 1000 words.
I could've gone more and expanded it, I wanted to add more in between the scenes, but I was limited to how far could I go, so I had to get a little creative.
Well I did.
He rode the famously known subway in London; otherwise known as the tube and took noticed of this gorgeously redhead, dressed in a beige business attire. She was the most attractive woman in the subway car, and couldn’t help noticing her beauty as the train approached the next stop.
He was a well-dressed man visiting London from the New York, and so far he’d liked the city. It has reminded him so much of his hometown, but far away from home. The train conductor called out Piccadilly Circus Station, and as the train arrived at the station and made its complete stop, the crowd flooded on to the station and hurried to the nearest exits. While he made his way out, he bumped in the gorgeous redhead. She smiled and winked, when she told him in her most breathy, sultry accent, complimenting him of how cute he was and then told him where she lived – on Regent Street.
Her voice was hypnotizing. He’d only been there for two days and his vacation was getting better. He watched her voluptuous figure walk up the steps of the subway, and realized that he’d better follow her or miss out on an opportunity.
He followed her up the steps and ended up in the busy street. Where did she go? The street was crowded with a lot of people, and in this rush hour scene she was like a needle in the haystack, until he noticed the redhead beauty walking down the street, of what appeared to be Regent. He crossed the street, avoiding to be hit by the cars that passed by, and followed her down past the exquisite shops on Regent Street. Then he watched her enter a building just a couple of blocks down from Piccadilly Circus, following her inside the building, located next to a fashion boutique shop.
The redhead looked behind him and smiled, the man continued to followed up the steps to her place, where she opened the door and allowed him in.
At the second, the door closed behind them, the man pinned her against the wall and kissed her with such might and force. She laughed maniacally, but indicated how she enjoyed him being so rough. He ripped open her dress and exposed her beautiful breasts to him, She wore a pastel-pink lacy bra. Her cups were a delight to make his mouth watered. He suddenly felt her hands unloosening his belt, and then his pants being undone.
He looked down and watched her gone down on him. He was hard and ready for the girl. She took him into her mouth, bobbing her head against his curved shaft, popping it in and out of her mouth. The man leaned his head back and groaned in pleasure; he’d imagined where else his dick would feel that mush pleasure. Her wet saliva stimulated his desire to be inside of her so bad, he could taste her.
He pulled her up and lifted her dress. His hand caressed the smoothness of her thigh, and then his finger found its way to her thong, pulling it aside to slip his fingers inside her clean shaven pussy. She was gasping out of pleasure. Oh, he could feel her excitement; he needed her now, but needed to taste her.
He placed his hand on her chest, clenching on to her blouse. The redhead nodded to him, and he pulled off her dress, exposing her beautiful breasts. They were round, firm, and appetizing. He kissed her hungrily, squeezing her breasts with such grip. His mouth then found its way to one of her nipples and sucked on them hard, leaving soft bites on her nipples, appreciating the very excitement she bellowed out.
There was more to taste of her. He’d gone down on his knees and raised up her skirt. He pulled aside her thong and started to lap at her juices, tasting something so succulent it excited him more than it excited her. He felt her fingers grip against his hair, encouraging him to give her more… more! He could remain down on her all long, but his cock couldn’t take it anymore and he was in a dire need to release.
He stood up and held his cock, pushing it inside her with no resistance. If it wasn’t from him going down on her, it would’ve been difficult. She let off a gasp, and dug her fingers into his ass. He managed to lift her up and pound her with hard, furious strokes. By now, the redhead was screaming out of pleasure. He pumped her hard and fast, until he felt the sweet sudden ache rising under her. His cock was stiffer then the moment he met her.
He kissed into her and the two howled into the kisses once he came inside her. Even if he was spent, the man continued to pump her, while the two ravaged each other’s mouths with their kisses. It was intense; passionate to the point. He even felt the redhead climax in his mouth, which made it much hotter.
The two remained pinned on the wall and continued to kiss. Then he set her down, and the redhead gave her naughtiest grin, laughing in approval.
“That was magnificent,” she said, pulling a wisp of her hair. “I’ve never role-played before.”
“Me neither,” said the man with the New York accent. “We should do it more often.”
“I’m so glad you came to London to be with me,” the redhead twinkled, giving him a kiss. “So what now?”
“We shower and go for another round of rendezvous,” he gave a grin, placing his hand on her chin.
“When we do, let’s go shopping. I’ll need a new dress. You tore my favorite one love..” The redhead placed her hand on his face.
The two closed their eyes and gave one last kiss. They started out as pen pals, and now they were lovers that shared the same passion and desire to be together.

That is all... I hope you enjoyed!
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  1. Wow! A very sexy-hot story! Love the roleplay aspect!

  2. Exciting ride in the Tube ending up at her flat. Loved the ending- started out as pen pals and ended up as lovers.

  3. That's one way to welcome someone!