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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers - 03/05/2013

Hey what's up and hiyadoin?
It's time for another segment of Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers
where authors post a tantalizing snippet in 200 words.
Here's what I have in store for you.
Today is the release day of my book - "Her Angela & Protection: In The Beginning". It's a f/f erotic romance about two best friends that move in together and something special happens.
I want to provide you a tantalizing event, where maybe you should read more about it.
Angela followed Vivienne to the packed dance floor. She watched Vivienne’s body move to the thumping street beats, while she balanced her drink. The way she moved gave Angela the confidence to dance with her. She swayed her hips, inching closer to Vivienne, testing the waters. Vivienne had been giving her mixed signals all weekend long. For Vivienne to ask her what it was like to kiss a woman and to express her curiosity just made Angela want her more. All she needed was the right opportunity to give Vivienne a kiss.
Vivienne didn’t protest Angela moving closer. Their bodies were just inches apart; now she just hoped for an opportunity. But every time she got close, Vivienne backed off – such a tease! Maybe Vivienne wasn’t comfortable, or she just didn’t go that way. Angela wouldn’t force her. She was patient.
As the DJ blended in another song, the crowd began raising their hands, and the tempo picked up a notch. Angela watched Vivienne raise one hand while taking a big gulp from her drink. Vivienne seemed to hurrying toward drunk.
Angela continued to move, but thought about trying again. She was a woman, but her lustful thoughts about Vivienne made her no different than any man trying to make a first move.
That is all for now; just a little taste about my book.
My book is available at No Boundaries Press Store


  1. Very tantalizing. I can only imagine she manages to make that move soon.

  2. Very nice! Happy Release day! :-)

  3. Very erotic, tantalizing tease! Perfection! Big congrats on your release!