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Friday, March 8, 2013

Saturday's AfterDark Moments - 03/09/2013

Hey what's up & hiyadoin'?
It's time for another segment of Saturday's AfterDark Moments, where authors, such as myself post a sensual or erotic snippet anywhere between 100 - 500 words.
Okay, it's now time to brace yourself. I'm working on a short threesome scene (FFM), and I have no idea, where to get it published, but I intend on it.
So here it goes. I'm working on a hot scene here.
Please understand I couldn't find an appropriate scene for this steamy foreplay, so I'm putting up the pic that started my muse.
The three were so lost in their passion, they didn’t pay attention to a raunchy fuck scene played on television. Brandon, watched Erica unzip his pants and reach her hand inside to pull out his stiffen member. The way she held his cock in her hand left him in anticipation of her lips being over them. He turned his attention to Sarah and kissed her. Brandon felt her kisses; strong, passionate, and ravenous. Sarah was definitely hungry for him. She couldn’t stop swirling her tongue inside his mouth. Brandon was in ecstasy. He felt Erica lips all over his cock, while he continued to tongue Sarah and finger her pussy. She was wet with full desire. Each time his fingers thrusts inside her folds, she moaned into his kisses.
Then Brandon did something that would probably turn her on even more. Sample the taste of Sarah. He pulled his fingers away from her snatch and inserted them in his mouth, sampling the sweet, tangy taste of Sarah – her nectar was delicious. He watched Sarah give her most wanton look when he did that.
“Would you like a taste?” he offered; his voice in a tone of seduction.
“Uh-huh,” Sarah nodded. “I want to taste.”
He placed his two fingers inside her mouth and felt Sarah swirl her tongue around his index and middle fingers. Meanwhile, he tried to not think about what Erica was doing; the way she sucked on his cock was hard for him to concentrate. She took him inside her mouth all the way, causing a soft ache in his balls. He hoped like hell he wouldn’t release. Erica’s mouth was feeling really good, but he needed to pull her away.
Then Erica stopped. She pulled away from his cock, but held firm on his shaft. She placed her finger over his tiny slit, dabbing up some of his pre-cum. Although, it was mixed with her hot saliva, Brandon watched Erica manage to take a sample on her fingertip.
“Oh my god, I just want to milk you.” Erica spoke in ecstasy.
“Mmmm... can I get a taste?” Sarah asked, pulling her mouth away from his fingers.
“Mmmmmmm... you have to taste him; he’s delicious.” She reached over to Sarah and placed her index finger over her tongue. As Sarah sampled the taste off her finger, Erica felt her index finger get sucked off by Sara. “Oh god, you’re turning me on.”
Brandon watched Sarah signal Erica to come closer. And to his disbelief, but in admiration, he watched Sarah and Erica make out in front of him. The two were lip-locked – that was a bigger turn-on for him. Erica still held on to shaft, but she stroked him with her most softest grip ever.
Sarah spoke against Erica’s kisses. “Let’s get naked babe; all of us.”
That's all for now. I'm looking forward to finish when I return home from work. Hey, be sure you check out my peoples below:



  1. I understand now how difficulty it is top write a menage. You did a fantastic job. The dialogue and descriptions were right on cue. This is a delectible scene.

    1. I love writing menage scenes, but most important thing is to keep the POV. Anyways, thanks.

  2. Red hot piece Ray. The words and picture complimented each other perfectly and I would love to read even more

  3. Well it's all kicking off round there! Hot as hell as always Ray.

  4. What a great sexy scene. I hope you are able to finish it.

  5. I didn't want it to stop!!! HOT HOT HOT!!!! more please..