Love Out Of Lust Series

Friday, March 1, 2013

Flash Fiction Friday - 03/01/2013

Hi, it's welcome to another segment of Flash Fiction Friday, where authors write a snippet of up to 100 words, based on the picture provided.
Here is mine, and here we go.

There she was – Valerie – the featured guest for the dinner party for the Baroness to play with. Valerie was bound and tied in chains; all wrapped up and properly trained to do whatever the Baroness said. The Baroness really enjoyed a well-trained submissive, especially when one is pretty in a night dress. She was also a sharing person, only and after she has had her fill. If Valerie was really a well-trained submissive, she would have a place for the Baroness, showering her with delightful privileges, just as long as she stayed loyal to the Baroness.


  1. I hope she is an obedient sub. Great flash

  2. She looks like she might be a little trouble and that could be fun! Nice post!

  3. I see mischief in Valerie's eyes, I wonder if she has something plotted during the dinner and will the Baroness approve of such behavior? One can only tell and I am def curious. ;-) Awesome post.

  4. Oh, yes, this flash could go so many different directions. I'm so curious where you would take it, Ray. Fabulous setup for a fun read.