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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thursday Thrills - 02/28/2013

Hi welcome to Thursday Thrills where authors like myself post a snippet, based off the picture between 100 words, up to 1000 words.
Here's what I have in store for you.
Brace Yourself!
In this snippet, I came out with a scene based on this picture, and I'm getting hooked on writing m/f/f scenes. I honestly find them attractive.
There's something explorative about two females discovering themselves, while bringing a guy for the ride. Get ready, because this one is 973 words; just 27 words shy of 1000, but I had to keep it limited - damn!
Anyways, enjoy!

Virgil’s invitation to Jacqueline Hennessey’s estate left him very nervous. He was a street kid from the neighborhood of Brownsville – a roughened section in Brooklyn, New York. He moved out of the city to go to school to become an architect, while taking a part-time job to work as a caddyman at the golf course, owned by Jacqueline.


Jacqueline invited him over to her estate to do some extra work around her house, since her husband wasn’t around; George was always on a business trip or playing golf with his buddies; never paying attention to this fine, wonderful woman who was probably old enough to be his mother.


Virgil drove his old Grand Am to her estate. Obviously, he was no rich guy, and he didn’t fit in well with the community – a community established by wealth and power – the true American dreams. However, it’d never hurt for him to indulge with the lavish atmosphere. There was something intriguing about Mrs. Hennessey’s estate.


He greeted Jacqueline with a formal handshake, but Mrs. Hennessey was dressed unusual. She normally dressed in a white pants, along with a bright-colored blouse and sexy shoes that complimented her walk. She looked magnificent in a bathing suit –a black swimwear with neon outlines, along with a neon gold-and-black Nautical jacket to cover her decency at the front door.


She instructed him to cross through the lavish living den, and wait by the pool, while she went into the kitchen. When he entered the pool, he was amazed of the size and atmosphere – heaven at night. The pool was illuminated in electric-blue, along with a hot-tub island that was tantalizing. He looked further down and saw a lounge and wet-bar area, with a small fire place at the very far end. This was definitely a place to flaunt the wealth and accomplishments. Virgil knew Jacqueline didn’t invite him over to do an odd-job, there was nothing wrong with area. What did she bring him for.


Virgil walked to a lounge chair by the pool and sat down. Even though, he had the swagger of a New Yorker, he had manners. When Jacqueline returned, she had a bottle of wine and three glass. To add to that, why was she wearing a white robe? The temperature was in the seventies.


She set the bottle of wine at a nearby table, and then the glasses. “I want to thank you for coming over. You’re one of the best employees and I thought you should be rewarded for your effort.”


“Me?” he asked. “Thanks, but do you mind asking me why are bringing over three glasses?”


“You remembered Samantha, my assistant.” She introduced as Samantha, the by-far gorgeous, voluptuous redhead, that Virgil had drooled over. Virgil remembered the first time Samantha met him, she blew him off and his first impression of her was she was snobbish and way out of his league. He knew she was with a man that was an heir to a real-estate firm, and a very jealous one. What the hell was going on?


“Hello Virgil,” she spoke, this time with a smile.


She smiled at me? This was definitely unusual of to smile or even say a word, unless it was business Virgil wanted to ask what fuck was going on, but he didn’t – his voice froze.


“Jacqueline, if you don’t mind me asking what’s going on?”


“I brought Samantha over to help celebrate your rewarded success.” She took off her robe and exposed her beautiful naked body. Jacqueline was probably old enough to be his mother, but her body was the sight of a goddess. She had the most beautiful tits for a woman her age, let alone her shape, and her pussy shown such a view that made him hard under his shorts; Virgil didn’t need to ask any further.


Virgil then saw Samantha followed suit. She was naked under the robe she took off. Samantha was older than Virgil by a couple years, but her body was equally mouth-watering like Jacqueline. The glass of wine wasn’t even opened. As a matter of fact, Virgil was invited to a buffet of sexual pleasure by them. He’d never been in a threesome before, where two women ended up sleeping with him, and since this was his first rodeo show how should he act?


His heart raced with excitement Be cool, don’t fuck this up!


Jacqueline signaled Samantha to come closer, she wrapped her hands around Samantha’s neck and kissed her with a hunger of passion. The two were in each other’s arms, naked, making out in front of him. Virgil was entertained by the wonderful view. He anticipated what would happened next, but he almost second-guessed that it was wrong to be in bed with two committed women from a different class. Then again, two committed women; one married, the other engaged.


Virgil watched Jacqueline and Samantha lip lock, until Jacqueline broke free and said. “Virgil, you’ll have to promise to keep this between us. No one knows you’re being rewarded for your hard work.”


No one,” Samantha emphasized the phrase. “You promise?”


“I promise,” he nodded.


“Take off your clothes and come here,” Jacqueline demanded with a soft smile.


Virgil rose from the lounge chair and pulled off his shirt. He displayed his perfectly, well-cut body frame to the women displayed a look of impression.  His pecs and abs had Samantha moaning in wanton. Jacqueline’s expression was about the same, but she ran her fingers across his chest.


“Wow,” Jacqueline nodded in approval to Samantha. “Isn’t he mouth-watering.”


“Yes,” she nodded in her most wanton look. “It’s too bad I’m only doing this for business.” She sighed, “At least I’ll get to see the rest of him.”

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  1. Your detailed descriptions of the pool, Samantha, Jacqueline and Virgil were perfect. I could not stop reading your story and wanted more at the end. Excellent Thrill.

  2. I do believe the man is being well rewarded. Loved the descriptive detail in this piece.

  3. I didn't get drawn into this story. I think it felt a bit too much like stepping stones and not enough like walking in his shoes. I didn't feel enticed by the older woman. She didn't strike me as someone to empathize.

    Sorry I didn't have a better response. The scenario is intriguing and I'm a sucker for anything ménage. Thanks for sharing your work with us, Ray. For a first flash it is good!

    1. I didn't mean your first flash! I meant a draft, rough cut, flash piece.

  4. Hey! I'm peoples too! LOL! Great story! I want to know about the intimacy that took place and exactly how rewarded he was! But that's just my perv imagination! :P ~K~