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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thursday Thrills - 02/14/2013

Hey what's up? It's time for a Thursday Thrills, where authors post a snippet based on a picture provided betwen 100 - 1k words. Oh yeah, it's February 14th, and Happy Valentine's Day.
Here in this segment. I'm going to post a scene based off my two favorite characters - Darla & Tyler.
Tyler turned to his side and saw Darla entering the apartment, carrying some bags from the local shops in the area. He got up and offered to help her, but Sully and Jiro were in his way where he couldn’t get around. Not to forget to mention, there were boxes of pizzas on the coffee counter.
“Hey sweetie,” Darla looked around at the mess. “What’s with all the boxes of pizza.”
“The guys and I were hungry; they brought over pizza.”
“I thought we were going to have a movie night alone.”
Tyler could only give a look of guilt; he was silent when he forgot about the movie night with Darla. Sully and Jiro made a surprise visit, when they brought pizza over to the apartment.
“They brought pizza.” Tyler spoke hesitantly.
“Oh, well it’s too bad. I was going to show you what I bought.” She looked on the TV screen, and noticed a man on the floor, with what appears to be chocolate or cigars in his mouth. Whatever it was, it drew her close to the set.  “What are you watching, CSI?”
“No, it’s a movie we just put on.” Tyler responded.
“Shh!” Jiro responded. “Quiet, I’m trying to hear.”
Tyler looked into the movie. On the screen, he noticed a detective entering the apartment with his gun drawn, not realizing that Darla stepped away with the shopping bags. Then the guys were amazed at the character in the movie – something shocking. And then the movie faded to black, where the credits began to roll.
“Oh man, I’d never thought it would’ve been her.” Sully commented.
“Yeah, that sucks. So what now?” Tyler asked.
“Do you want us to leave? Your woman is home.” Jiro asked.
“No, you’re fine. We have this other movie to watch. I’ve never seen it.”
“Well, put it on then.” Sully opened the box of pizza and pulled out two more slices. “Hey would you mind if I used your microwave?”

“You don’t have to ask; just go ahead.” Tyler waved it off.
Sully rose from the sofa and carried two slices over to the kitchen, but he never expected Darla to enter the living room, wearing something shocking, but wow!
Tyler turned to Darla and saw her wearing an attractive lingerie that not only made Tyler surprised, but both Jiro and Sully drooling at her sexy outfit.
“Um… Tyler, you sure you don’t want us to leave?”
Thank you for reading and tune in for next week. Be sure you check out my people's Thursday Thrills...


  1. Really well written Thrill Ray. Love the way Darla convinces her man it may be better to get rid of his friends

  2. Heh, lookie what I bought. I've done that, but never with the neighbours/friends. LOL

  3. Great writing from the photo. I hope Tyler woke up to his senses and kicked his friends out.

  4. Bravo! I"ve got to know what happened next! Way to tease, Ray!