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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thursday Thrills - 02/07/2013

Hey, hiyadoin? It's time for Thursday's Thrills, and in this moment I'm going to make something totally chilling for you, but with a twist of comedy among my two favorite characters --
Darla & Tyler.

Tyler just entered the hotel suite, carrying a bag of groceries as he set it on the counter of the breakfast bar. He somehow noticed the door opened to an adjoining room. It was Lisa’s – what was going on, and where’s Darla?


“Darla?” Tyler called out, unloosening his tie.


Tyler!” Darla called out from another room, frantically. “Come quick! There’s something wrong with Lisa!”


Lisa? His eyes widened in concern and went inside Lisa’s suite. Darla’s frantic call left him worried what happened to Lisa. The three work together at Estella’s, and both Tyler and Darla decided to bring Lisa along to vacation in Seattle, just to help her forget about Lisa’s terrible break-up. She was engaged, and she caught her fianc√© in bed with someone else – another man. It was heartbreaking for Lisa, and Tyler could somewhat identify the experience of being cheated on before; long before he got with Darla. But most of all, he hoped Lisa didn’t do anything stupid – what did she do?


He crossed through Lisa’s suite. It was equally lavished like theirs, and Tyler made his way to meet Darla in the bathroom. There, he noticed Lisa leaned on the Jacuzzi tub, her hair soaking wet, her eyes blood-shot red, and her mascara running badly. What the hell happened?


“Lisa?” Tyler called out.


Lisa appeared to be alive; she was breathing in and out. She sniffed and shivered. Darla leaned beside her and placed her hand on shoulder to comfort her. Tyler stood motionless wondering what was wrong, but couldn’t help to ask a stupid question. “Lisa, are you okay?”


Lisa never responded. Darla placed her hand through her hair. “Lisa, come on we’re your friends; talk to us.”


Lisa sniffed and then there was eye movement. She breathed in and said. “I just had some amazing sex with some guy I met in the elevator.”


Tyler looked at Darla with disbelief; Darla was equally perplexed. All the while, they thought Lisa was becoming suicidal and they never thought she’d be crying over something very satisfying.
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  1. Definitely a twist on the picture. Never would've guessed she'd just had sex in an elevator.

  2. That sure as hell must have been some