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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thrusday Thrills - 02/21/2013

What's up and hiyadoin?
It's time for the Thursday Thrills where authors like myself post a snippet between 100 - 1000 words.
And I have nice segment for you.
Darla and Tyler decided to get away from Portland for a little bit. They brought along Jiro and Stacy, and thought a couples get-together would be a good idea, until Darla spotted something unusual.
Darla and Tyler decided to go out in the country with Jiro and Stacy and eat at a nice inn where they serve the best pot-roast in all of Oregon. It was nice, once a while, to get away from the city life of Portland, and go somewhere that was cozy, quaint, and romantic.
Tyler was the first to finish his plate. He leaned back and smacked his lips as he sighed, “Ah, that was the best damn pot-roast dinner ever.”
“You could say that again,” Jiro responded with his mouth full.
“And their desserts are awesome,” Stacy added as she nodded with approval.
“It even comes with the good entertainment,” Darla commented.
Tyler wondered what Darla was talking about. He had the pot roast dinner; Darla, the London Broil; Jiro, the meatloaf, and Stacy had same as Jiro, except she had the dessert to go along with it, but entertainment? What was Tyler missing out on?
“What entertainment?” Tyler leaned in whispering to Darla.
“Yeah Darla,” Stacy added. “What kind of entertainment.”
Darla subtly pointed to a table at the far end with her steak knife, grinning. “Over there.”
All three turned their heads to the direction Darla was pointing out to – a middle-aged man with a young blonde sitting at a booth on the far corner of the restaurant. The middle-aged man appeared to be leaned back with a look of joy as he ran his finger through the blonde’s hair. The young blonde was didn’t seemed bothered about the scenery, but the gestures appeared she was giving him a hand-job.
“What the?” Jiro said.
Darla lifted the slice of steak and said, “Unless, that man is really full. I think she’s about to whip up dessert. The little floozy didn’t finish her plate yet.”

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  1. Quite a good piece of entertainment while eating a good dinner. Funny how Darla was the only one to notice. Good job.

  2. Loved it, Ray - as usual. Great twist on the picture.

  3. Fantastic! More please!

  4. Love it Ray now just to find a restaurant that serves THAT kind of dessert