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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser - 02/26/2013

Hey What's up? It's now time for another segment of Tantalizing Tuesday,
where authors post a tantalizing snippet 200 words.
Here's what's going on?

Tristan asked with small grin, “Are you ready?”


Cindy never replied, but nodded her head. She gave her most wanton look as she felt his body heat closing in front of her. She tried to remain in eye contact, but couldn’t help to look down at his size. Tristan was hard and ready, and Cindy’s body was craving for what he had to offer. She’d long wanted to get to know him since the awards ceremony last week. Now that she was face to face with him, the only thing she could think of was to say… fuck me!


Cindy was attracted to the boyish looks and charming personality. She saw a mature man that also liked being around her. Yes, they were porn stars, but Cindy was older than him by eight years. She knew she couldn’t compete with the rising starlets in the porn industry; they were all over him and some had worked with him, bragging how well he’d fucked them.


But now here she was… in the pool, being lifted by his wonderful, youthful strength against the cold stone ledge, where she held herself, trying to work out a balance for him to push his cock inside her pussy. Cindy was so wet with desire, she felt Tristan slide in without any resistance. She was fulfilled – finally! Now if only the director yelled action.


  1. Yummy. These two are going to have fun making the film. Great tease

  2. mmmmmmmmm,,,, I want more please!!!!

  3. Sorry I'm so late! Steamy, sexy-hot!

  4. Love that ending.. great flash thanks :)

  5. Great tease Ray. The way you described her fears of younger stars in the industry was perfect.

  6. Love your ending. He must be quite a stud. I would like to watch them star in a porno movie together.

  7. Hot story as always Ray! Liked the poignant touch too!

  8. Loved the surprise - a perfect finishing touch to the raunchy passion. Loving how your work develops, my friend.