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Friday, February 22, 2013

Saturday's AfterDark Moments - 02/23/2013

Welcome to another segment of Saturday's AfterDark Moments. A place where creative writers could come up together with a snippet of their choice, up to 500 words, but no less than 100 words.

Let's just get straight to the point... 

Tara was in sheer pleasure by the way Brent moved his tongue around her hot center. She couldn’t help caress her breast, starting from her nipples, all around her areola, and then upward to her own cleavage area. Brent was a man that enjoyed being down on her. She never thought he meant it well. They spoke on the phone about what they’d enjoyed most; Tara enjoyed having her pussy eaten, and even if she came she didn’t want any man to stop until she said so.
She also liked a man to continue his stamina after cumming from sex. Tara may appeared to be a prude in public, but she was freak in private. Once she starts fucking, there was no way for her to stop afterwards. She liked going for another round until the man couldn’t cum as much as he did first time.
She couldn’t help the feeling of ecstasy – first he eats her out. She liked dominating a man in bed, but she also liked being dominated as well. She wanted the man to please her until she cums enough to crave his cock inside her. Then once his cock was inside her, she pleaded to be dominated. However, once the man came, she wanted to feel not just his hot juices, but the pulsation of his member inside her. She liked the reaction after a while. His body crashing deep inside her as she heard him howl out of pleasure, and then the initial twitching feeling of his just a split second before his cum hit the very walls of her pussy.
But once he was spent, Tara would then demand that he’d fuck her again until he came, and if that man can maintain his hard-on inside, she would treat him for something more – her ass. She was truly into anal, but that pleasure had to earned; she wasn’t willing to let it happen right away. She liked the initial feeling of pain and pleasure, and then something thick and hard being squeezed in her tight little star, and then the same feeling of a man cumming in her asshole, like he cums in her pussy.
And yes, she wants it deep and strong, but right now she believes that pleasure has to be earned. Tara was willing to give everything of herself to Brent, but no so easily.
Thank you. I hope you enjoyed! *EWG* Anyways, I was on a roll, and I hope I helped your Saturday AfterDark Moment. Be sure you check out my peoples below:


  1. Very hot. She seems awfully demanding though. I wonder how often she finds someone that meets her expectations. I imagine she is lonely.

  2. Tara expects a lot from Brent or any man for that matter. Did she get what she wanted from him? Very hot.

  3. Very hot! I'm thinking Brent will satisfy her just how she likes....

  4. Hot and horny Ray! She's a woman who needs a whole lot of man!

  5. Holy shit that's hot. Making the poor man work for it. :)

  6. Hot pic and even hotter writing Ray. Truly excellent piece that definitely called for the opening of windows