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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Saturday's AfterDark Moments - 02/16/2013

Hey what's up I just woke and I'm posting my Saturday's AfterDark Moments up; up to 500 words. So, here we go...

“How much time do you have to get back to class?” Nabi spoke with a soft, breathy Mid-Eastern accent that would probably get Paula all wet.


“About half-hour left. I have a class to teach,” Paula entwined her fingers against Nabi.


She was so excited to meet someone in such a strange land in Europe. She met Nabi, a local, when she was sitting alone at a café when he offered to give her some company. She’d never thought she’d find some kind of adventure with this man. She was so intrigued of his romantic ways; the way he spoke, how he did spontaneous things to make her smile, and how he brightened her day as he showed her around town, sharing the common interests.


Now here they are walking in an alley during daylight, where the two agreed to have a lunch-break quickie. But Paula was quite concerned who might pass through here, not to mention that the residents might see the two do it right there.


“Maybe we shouldn’t do it here.” Paula looked around as she was led to a corner.


“You are so beautiful.” Nabi turned and faced her, running his fingers through her hair. “Just trust me. I promise nothing won’t happened to you.”


Paula sighed; the ache in her center began to grow. “Nabi, what if the neighbors here.”


Nabi grinned, “You worry too much.” He kissed her gently on the lips and demanded in a softer tone, “Take off you panties; let me feel you.”


She blew a breath of air and parted her legs, where she pulled down her panties. She was quite nervous as it was her first time to have sex in a public place. She took off her panties, but she wasn’t letting them drop to the floor. In fact, she kept her underwear hang around her left thigh, but she wasn’t convinced that it was safe. To ease her nerves, she had to look from the corner to see if anyone was coming around; to her peace of mind, no one was walking through the alleyway. At the same time she felt Nabi’s calloused hands on her well-rounded ass, along his lips moistening her ass cheek, which made her wet with desire.


Then she looked back to him and whispered, “Mmm… we better make this quick. I have a class to teach.”


“I’ll do my best.” He rose up and pulled her close to kiss her.

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  1. Yum. A bit exhibitionism and oral sex....can't beat that...especially if it's mixed with a touch or two romance. Great flash this week.


  2. yummy, nothing better than outdoor fun!!!! love it~!

  3. Love that picture! And you interpreted it so well, sexy post!

  4. For her first time in a public place during daylight hours, I bet she felt a rush of excitement when they consummated their quickie. i liked the International flavor of your Moment.

  5. Great piece Ray the build up was paced perfectly and her trepidation was described spot on