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Friday, February 8, 2013

Saturday's AfterDark Moments - 02/09/2013

Welcome to once again Saturday's AfterDark Moments -- a place where author such as myself define ourselves an AfterDark Moment for our readers

In this segment I revised a particular chapter of my upcoming series Darla <3's Tyler Series. This book was originally written and completed in 2011, and I want to schedule it for a later release. This story is currently being re-written, and I want to share a revised love scene from Chapter Two of "About The Night Ride Home"
This story explains how they ended up being together.
It's still a WIP; despite its completion.
This scene will definitely match the photo above.

Darla realized how relaxed Tyler’s was. She placed one hand on his face, while her other hand was on his waist, realizing what a thin, but muscular build he had. When she pulled him closer with her kisses, she felt his hardness pressing against her center, which a caused a nice, delicious ache to grow in her center. She was lost a her bliss, but she also heard the heavy downpour of the rain in the background. It was so tantalizing! Darla wanted him; she needed him now! But she had to get him out of his clothes first.

“Take off your clothes,” she whispered into his ear.

Tyler wanted to, but there were things he needed to organize. “I will, but I need to lay out the futon first.”

She let go of him, allowing him to convert the futon sofa into a bed. She watched him picked up a set of folded blankets underneath the futon bed, and set them on the bed as he unfolded them, placing the blankets over the futon.

She looked out into the rainstorm; it was torrential. The downpour hit the streets so hard, she heard thumping noises on the roof awning that sheltered them from the storm. She watched the sky lit up a few times from the lightning, along with several booms of thunder throughout the streets. Tyler was already finished setting up the bed, but this time she noticed him without his shirt. He had taken off his shirt, while she watched the storm.

He stepped closer. “It’s raining pretty hard.”

She looked at him and nodded. “Uh-huh.”

She placed her hand around his neck and pulled him toward her to kiss him. One small kiss led to a soft, yet, ravenous kiss. She placed her hand on his chest, and felt the hardness of his body. Tyler was very thin-build, but he had enough abs to show his muscular side.

She felt his hands move along her curves, and his tongue slip in further to his mouth, once again, causing that delicious ache in her center, that made her drip wet in her lacy panties. She couldn’t help but moan against his kisses – she really wanted him. She could feel her nipples harden under her bra, and even more his warm hands caress her backside, from her well-curved ass to the back of her bra strap.


  1. Nice picture and nice scene. I think it's not only wet outside.

  2. I love that picture and you spun a fine tale to go with it!

  3. Nice delay while she's scorching with him setting up the futon during the storm. Very well done but I want more.

  4. A wonderful set up, Ray. Love the lead up.

  5. As always Ray.. excellent piece that captures the image perfectly..x

  6. Red hot piece Ray, perfectly paced and really well written