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Friday, February 1, 2013

Saturday's AfterDark Moment - 02/02/2013

Welcome to another segment of Saturday's AfterDark Moments, where authors of erotica define their AfterDark Moments in words up to 500 words.

Here's what I have in store for you...

This is a sketch of my upcoming WIP, and a sequal to my series "Her Angela & Protection" I'm coming up with Volume 2 to the series and I feel this should be out as a preview of what I have in store.

Keep in Mind... it's a rough copy.

“Oh my god Vivi,” Angela followed Vivienne to the living room. “That was the best dinner I’ve had in a long time.”

She smiled, entering the kitchen. “Well, I’m glad you’d enjoyed eating there. I told you Pete’s Steak and Chops is the best in town.” She opened the refrigerator door and held out a bottle of wine, which was already opened. “I could really use a relaxing drink.”

“It’s too bad, we were too full for dessert,” Angela leaned against the wall.

“It’s okay.” She went for a glass in the cupboard, and poured the wine in the glass. “We could make dessert together at home.”

“What could we make?” Angela asked.

Vivienne took a sip and walked toward Angela to give her a kiss in the lips. “I could make something that’ll satisfy your sweet tooth, or...” 

Angela watched her walk around her and walked into the living room. What did Vivienne have in mind? 

“Or?” She asked, folding her arms in front of her chest.

Vivienne bent down to set her glass of wine on the coffee table. She then turned to Angela as she reached under her night skirt and pulled down her panties, letting it fall down her legs. As she raised one foot and the other over her panties, she picked up her glass of wine and gave Angela her most naughty-looking grin. “Or I could go back in the kitchen to make some dessert.”

Angela didn’t need another clue to figure out what Vivienne meant. She knew what kind of dessert she was offering; something that will always be satisfying. 

“Mmmmm….” Angela moaned as she walked over, watching Vivienne sit down on the couch and spread her legs open. 

She bent down and ran her hands all over Vivienne’s thighs, sliding them further into her dress. She looked up at Vivienne and noticed an inviting look that appealed to her – her look of pure desire. Angela placed her lips against Vivienne’s and their mouths open with full trust of where to go next. 

Their kisses grew passionate as Angela got a taste off Vivienne’s kisses – a tasty flavor of Cabernet Sauvignon that could get her drunk off passion. Where to lead next?

She moved her kisses down Vivienne’s neck, and then down her cleavage. Her fingers caressed Vivienne’s thighs, it wasn’t long until she felt her center – her warm, soft center, causing Vivienne to gasp out of pleasure.

“Mmmm…. let me taste you Viv.” Angela moaned.

“Mmmmm….” She sulked, her look now in wanton.

No further words were said. Angela raised Vivienne’s skirt up and there she saw Vivienne’s clean-shaven pussy. It was more satisfying than an actual dessert; a treat that Angela always enjoyed. She parted Vivienne’s legs and moved in to taste her nub. By now, Angela would be drunken with lust as she feasted off of Vivienne’s desire.

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  1. Nice Ray! I say both girls got their dessert :D

  2. Red hot Ray and excellently written.

  3. Hot and horny as always Ray! Phew!

  4. Rough draft or not, this is a classic scene between two women. I like the flow of Angela's secret dessert.

  5. Now I like that very much... Well done Ray...xx