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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Kharisma Rhayne Guest Blogs on The AfterDark World - 02/05/2013

Thanks so much for allowing me to snag a spot on your blog for a little overtaking with some Highlander yumminess.

Anyone ever wonder why our main characters struggle for love? Even when, most times, it’s obvious they belong together and the author will have them madly in love.

I get the working for love thing. If we tossed them together from the beginning, we’d have to draw all sorts of other outer conflict. (Which, may times, we do anyway.) Besides, it allows us a chance to build up the characters and the backgrounds on each. It also allows us to really decide what characteristics we want our characters to have and how we want them to grow and change as they do become closer. Characters do change when they find love…my struggle is often determining what initial characteristics I’m willing to alter slightly. How much will one bend for another?

Anyone willing to try to guess how much Auralee and/or Breandan will bend?

I hope you’ll join me…along with Breandan, Auralee and their friends on their journey.

Season 1 - Episode 3

Auralee and Breandan are brought together in this episode of the serial. How did she get there? What does Breandan think? Was Argus right?

Be sure to check HERE and visit all the blogs on this tour for neat details.

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  1. The story of the struggle is why we read...

  2. I think so too. Although, I have read a book or two that have more struggle than I prefer. While there has to be some, I don't really want it to be constant. :)

  3. Hi just trying to catch up on all the tour stops; sorry I missed them on the correct day!
    The series sounds to be very good read!
    Thank you for the contest!
    bluebirdsub24 at gmail dot com