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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thursday Thrills - 02/28/2013

Hi welcome to Thursday Thrills where authors like myself post a snippet, based off the picture between 100 words, up to 1000 words.
Here's what I have in store for you.
Brace Yourself!
In this snippet, I came out with a scene based on this picture, and I'm getting hooked on writing m/f/f scenes. I honestly find them attractive.
There's something explorative about two females discovering themselves, while bringing a guy for the ride. Get ready, because this one is 973 words; just 27 words shy of 1000, but I had to keep it limited - damn!
Anyways, enjoy!

Virgil’s invitation to Jacqueline Hennessey’s estate left him very nervous. He was a street kid from the neighborhood of Brownsville – a roughened section in Brooklyn, New York. He moved out of the city to go to school to become an architect, while taking a part-time job to work as a caddyman at the golf course, owned by Jacqueline.


Jacqueline invited him over to her estate to do some extra work around her house, since her husband wasn’t around; George was always on a business trip or playing golf with his buddies; never paying attention to this fine, wonderful woman who was probably old enough to be his mother.


Virgil drove his old Grand Am to her estate. Obviously, he was no rich guy, and he didn’t fit in well with the community – a community established by wealth and power – the true American dreams. However, it’d never hurt for him to indulge with the lavish atmosphere. There was something intriguing about Mrs. Hennessey’s estate.


He greeted Jacqueline with a formal handshake, but Mrs. Hennessey was dressed unusual. She normally dressed in a white pants, along with a bright-colored blouse and sexy shoes that complimented her walk. She looked magnificent in a bathing suit –a black swimwear with neon outlines, along with a neon gold-and-black Nautical jacket to cover her decency at the front door.


She instructed him to cross through the lavish living den, and wait by the pool, while she went into the kitchen. When he entered the pool, he was amazed of the size and atmosphere – heaven at night. The pool was illuminated in electric-blue, along with a hot-tub island that was tantalizing. He looked further down and saw a lounge and wet-bar area, with a small fire place at the very far end. This was definitely a place to flaunt the wealth and accomplishments. Virgil knew Jacqueline didn’t invite him over to do an odd-job, there was nothing wrong with area. What did she bring him for.


Virgil walked to a lounge chair by the pool and sat down. Even though, he had the swagger of a New Yorker, he had manners. When Jacqueline returned, she had a bottle of wine and three glass. To add to that, why was she wearing a white robe? The temperature was in the seventies.


She set the bottle of wine at a nearby table, and then the glasses. “I want to thank you for coming over. You’re one of the best employees and I thought you should be rewarded for your effort.”


“Me?” he asked. “Thanks, but do you mind asking me why are bringing over three glasses?”


“You remembered Samantha, my assistant.” She introduced as Samantha, the by-far gorgeous, voluptuous redhead, that Virgil had drooled over. Virgil remembered the first time Samantha met him, she blew him off and his first impression of her was she was snobbish and way out of his league. He knew she was with a man that was an heir to a real-estate firm, and a very jealous one. What the hell was going on?


“Hello Virgil,” she spoke, this time with a smile.


She smiled at me? This was definitely unusual of to smile or even say a word, unless it was business Virgil wanted to ask what fuck was going on, but he didn’t – his voice froze.


“Jacqueline, if you don’t mind me asking what’s going on?”


“I brought Samantha over to help celebrate your rewarded success.” She took off her robe and exposed her beautiful naked body. Jacqueline was probably old enough to be his mother, but her body was the sight of a goddess. She had the most beautiful tits for a woman her age, let alone her shape, and her pussy shown such a view that made him hard under his shorts; Virgil didn’t need to ask any further.


Virgil then saw Samantha followed suit. She was naked under the robe she took off. Samantha was older than Virgil by a couple years, but her body was equally mouth-watering like Jacqueline. The glass of wine wasn’t even opened. As a matter of fact, Virgil was invited to a buffet of sexual pleasure by them. He’d never been in a threesome before, where two women ended up sleeping with him, and since this was his first rodeo show how should he act?


His heart raced with excitement Be cool, don’t fuck this up!


Jacqueline signaled Samantha to come closer, she wrapped her hands around Samantha’s neck and kissed her with a hunger of passion. The two were in each other’s arms, naked, making out in front of him. Virgil was entertained by the wonderful view. He anticipated what would happened next, but he almost second-guessed that it was wrong to be in bed with two committed women from a different class. Then again, two committed women; one married, the other engaged.


Virgil watched Jacqueline and Samantha lip lock, until Jacqueline broke free and said. “Virgil, you’ll have to promise to keep this between us. No one knows you’re being rewarded for your hard work.”


No one,” Samantha emphasized the phrase. “You promise?”


“I promise,” he nodded.


“Take off your clothes and come here,” Jacqueline demanded with a soft smile.


Virgil rose from the lounge chair and pulled off his shirt. He displayed his perfectly, well-cut body frame to the women displayed a look of impression.  His pecs and abs had Samantha moaning in wanton. Jacqueline’s expression was about the same, but she ran her fingers across his chest.


“Wow,” Jacqueline nodded in approval to Samantha. “Isn’t he mouth-watering.”


“Yes,” she nodded in her most wanton look. “It’s too bad I’m only doing this for business.” She sighed, “At least I’ll get to see the rest of him.”

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser - 02/26/2013

Hey What's up? It's now time for another segment of Tantalizing Tuesday,
where authors post a tantalizing snippet 200 words.
Here's what's going on?

Tristan asked with small grin, “Are you ready?”


Cindy never replied, but nodded her head. She gave her most wanton look as she felt his body heat closing in front of her. She tried to remain in eye contact, but couldn’t help to look down at his size. Tristan was hard and ready, and Cindy’s body was craving for what he had to offer. She’d long wanted to get to know him since the awards ceremony last week. Now that she was face to face with him, the only thing she could think of was to say… fuck me!


Cindy was attracted to the boyish looks and charming personality. She saw a mature man that also liked being around her. Yes, they were porn stars, but Cindy was older than him by eight years. She knew she couldn’t compete with the rising starlets in the porn industry; they were all over him and some had worked with him, bragging how well he’d fucked them.


But now here she was… in the pool, being lifted by his wonderful, youthful strength against the cold stone ledge, where she held herself, trying to work out a balance for him to push his cock inside her pussy. Cindy was so wet with desire, she felt Tristan slide in without any resistance. She was fulfilled – finally! Now if only the director yelled action.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Saturday's AfterDark Moments - 02/23/2013

Welcome to another segment of Saturday's AfterDark Moments. A place where creative writers could come up together with a snippet of their choice, up to 500 words, but no less than 100 words.

Let's just get straight to the point... 

Tara was in sheer pleasure by the way Brent moved his tongue around her hot center. She couldn’t help caress her breast, starting from her nipples, all around her areola, and then upward to her own cleavage area. Brent was a man that enjoyed being down on her. She never thought he meant it well. They spoke on the phone about what they’d enjoyed most; Tara enjoyed having her pussy eaten, and even if she came she didn’t want any man to stop until she said so.
She also liked a man to continue his stamina after cumming from sex. Tara may appeared to be a prude in public, but she was freak in private. Once she starts fucking, there was no way for her to stop afterwards. She liked going for another round until the man couldn’t cum as much as he did first time.
She couldn’t help the feeling of ecstasy – first he eats her out. She liked dominating a man in bed, but she also liked being dominated as well. She wanted the man to please her until she cums enough to crave his cock inside her. Then once his cock was inside her, she pleaded to be dominated. However, once the man came, she wanted to feel not just his hot juices, but the pulsation of his member inside her. She liked the reaction after a while. His body crashing deep inside her as she heard him howl out of pleasure, and then the initial twitching feeling of his just a split second before his cum hit the very walls of her pussy.
But once he was spent, Tara would then demand that he’d fuck her again until he came, and if that man can maintain his hard-on inside, she would treat him for something more – her ass. She was truly into anal, but that pleasure had to earned; she wasn’t willing to let it happen right away. She liked the initial feeling of pain and pleasure, and then something thick and hard being squeezed in her tight little star, and then the same feeling of a man cumming in her asshole, like he cums in her pussy.
And yes, she wants it deep and strong, but right now she believes that pleasure has to be earned. Tara was willing to give everything of herself to Brent, but no so easily.
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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thrusday Thrills - 02/21/2013

What's up and hiyadoin?
It's time for the Thursday Thrills where authors like myself post a snippet between 100 - 1000 words.
And I have nice segment for you.
Darla and Tyler decided to get away from Portland for a little bit. They brought along Jiro and Stacy, and thought a couples get-together would be a good idea, until Darla spotted something unusual.
Darla and Tyler decided to go out in the country with Jiro and Stacy and eat at a nice inn where they serve the best pot-roast in all of Oregon. It was nice, once a while, to get away from the city life of Portland, and go somewhere that was cozy, quaint, and romantic.
Tyler was the first to finish his plate. He leaned back and smacked his lips as he sighed, “Ah, that was the best damn pot-roast dinner ever.”
“You could say that again,” Jiro responded with his mouth full.
“And their desserts are awesome,” Stacy added as she nodded with approval.
“It even comes with the good entertainment,” Darla commented.
Tyler wondered what Darla was talking about. He had the pot roast dinner; Darla, the London Broil; Jiro, the meatloaf, and Stacy had same as Jiro, except she had the dessert to go along with it, but entertainment? What was Tyler missing out on?
“What entertainment?” Tyler leaned in whispering to Darla.
“Yeah Darla,” Stacy added. “What kind of entertainment.”
Darla subtly pointed to a table at the far end with her steak knife, grinning. “Over there.”
All three turned their heads to the direction Darla was pointing out to – a middle-aged man with a young blonde sitting at a booth on the far corner of the restaurant. The middle-aged man appeared to be leaned back with a look of joy as he ran his finger through the blonde’s hair. The young blonde was didn’t seemed bothered about the scenery, but the gestures appeared she was giving him a hand-job.
“What the?” Jiro said.
Darla lifted the slice of steak and said, “Unless, that man is really full. I think she’s about to whip up dessert. The little floozy didn’t finish her plate yet.”

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Today, I'm on Elodie Parkes Blog.

Happy Hump Day Everyone!
Today, I'm Elodie Parke's Blog, and I get to share all with you about myself and my future works.
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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers - 02/19/2013

Hi what's up, and welcome to another segment of Tantalizing Tuesday, where authors post a tantalizing piece up to 200 words; no more, no less.
Here we go.
Okay, in this segment, this piece is based off a WIP called "The Weekend" My second attempt of a menage scene (FFM), and my first attempt on making a five-flame story.

 Sylvia laid in bed as she kept her eyes closed, masturbating, imagining herself being on top of Jacob's cock. She writhed her body helplessly as she uttered a soft moan under her breath. She thought about how bad she wanted Jacob, and at the same time noticed the attraction he'd given her. She knew he belonged to her best friend Melissa, and tried to not think about it. But after hearing them and witnessing them having sex in places, she couldn't help thinking how physically attractive this man was. Her center ached for the last two days, and this weekend getaway becoming painful; her, now without a boyfriend, and Melissa with one -- Jacob.
She imagined herself on top of Jacob, riding him hard until she felt him cum. Oh yes, the way he came. She remembered how he was on top of Melissa on the living room sofa, fucking when he suddenly laid eye contact. Of course, it wasn't her proudest moments -- her masturbating to the scene. It didn't seem to bother him; he really enjoyed her watching him and kept her discretion. It had only been Friday, and she finally admitted to herself that she wanted him.
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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Saturday's AfterDark Moments - 02/16/2013

Hey what's up I just woke and I'm posting my Saturday's AfterDark Moments up; up to 500 words. So, here we go...

“How much time do you have to get back to class?” Nabi spoke with a soft, breathy Mid-Eastern accent that would probably get Paula all wet.


“About half-hour left. I have a class to teach,” Paula entwined her fingers against Nabi.


She was so excited to meet someone in such a strange land in Europe. She met Nabi, a local, when she was sitting alone at a café when he offered to give her some company. She’d never thought she’d find some kind of adventure with this man. She was so intrigued of his romantic ways; the way he spoke, how he did spontaneous things to make her smile, and how he brightened her day as he showed her around town, sharing the common interests.


Now here they are walking in an alley during daylight, where the two agreed to have a lunch-break quickie. But Paula was quite concerned who might pass through here, not to mention that the residents might see the two do it right there.


“Maybe we shouldn’t do it here.” Paula looked around as she was led to a corner.


“You are so beautiful.” Nabi turned and faced her, running his fingers through her hair. “Just trust me. I promise nothing won’t happened to you.”


Paula sighed; the ache in her center began to grow. “Nabi, what if the neighbors here.”


Nabi grinned, “You worry too much.” He kissed her gently on the lips and demanded in a softer tone, “Take off you panties; let me feel you.”


She blew a breath of air and parted her legs, where she pulled down her panties. She was quite nervous as it was her first time to have sex in a public place. She took off her panties, but she wasn’t letting them drop to the floor. In fact, she kept her underwear hang around her left thigh, but she wasn’t convinced that it was safe. To ease her nerves, she had to look from the corner to see if anyone was coming around; to her peace of mind, no one was walking through the alleyway. At the same time she felt Nabi’s calloused hands on her well-rounded ass, along his lips moistening her ass cheek, which made her wet with desire.


Then she looked back to him and whispered, “Mmm… we better make this quick. I have a class to teach.”


“I’ll do my best.” He rose up and pulled her close to kiss her.

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Friday, February 15, 2013

Flash Fiction Friday - 02/15/2013

Hiyadoin? It's been a while since I've done Flash Fiction Friday, but I want to come out with something worth putting in 100 words, based off the picture provided from the event... Here we go.
“Danielle, I’m going to miss you.” Riley gave an impish grin, “Promise that you’ll call me when you get to Montreal?”
“I will,” Riley wrapped her arms around Danielle, giving her a soft kiss. Then she gave a naughty grin with a whisper, “I’m wearing your underwear.”
Danielle was taken aback a bit, but knew Riley was saying it to her with a thoughtful meaning she’ll come home. “Well, you better come back to me; underwear or no underwear, I want you back home by my side.”
“Mmmm… I’ll have to return home without any underwear,” Riley pulled back a wisp of Danielle’s hair. “Kiss me.”
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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thursday Thrills - 02/14/2013

Hey what's up? It's time for a Thursday Thrills, where authors post a snippet based on a picture provided betwen 100 - 1k words. Oh yeah, it's February 14th, and Happy Valentine's Day.
Here in this segment. I'm going to post a scene based off my two favorite characters - Darla & Tyler.
Tyler turned to his side and saw Darla entering the apartment, carrying some bags from the local shops in the area. He got up and offered to help her, but Sully and Jiro were in his way where he couldn’t get around. Not to forget to mention, there were boxes of pizzas on the coffee counter.
“Hey sweetie,” Darla looked around at the mess. “What’s with all the boxes of pizza.”
“The guys and I were hungry; they brought over pizza.”
“I thought we were going to have a movie night alone.”
Tyler could only give a look of guilt; he was silent when he forgot about the movie night with Darla. Sully and Jiro made a surprise visit, when they brought pizza over to the apartment.
“They brought pizza.” Tyler spoke hesitantly.
“Oh, well it’s too bad. I was going to show you what I bought.” She looked on the TV screen, and noticed a man on the floor, with what appears to be chocolate or cigars in his mouth. Whatever it was, it drew her close to the set.  “What are you watching, CSI?”
“No, it’s a movie we just put on.” Tyler responded.
“Shh!” Jiro responded. “Quiet, I’m trying to hear.”
Tyler looked into the movie. On the screen, he noticed a detective entering the apartment with his gun drawn, not realizing that Darla stepped away with the shopping bags. Then the guys were amazed at the character in the movie – something shocking. And then the movie faded to black, where the credits began to roll.
“Oh man, I’d never thought it would’ve been her.” Sully commented.
“Yeah, that sucks. So what now?” Tyler asked.
“Do you want us to leave? Your woman is home.” Jiro asked.
“No, you’re fine. We have this other movie to watch. I’ve never seen it.”
“Well, put it on then.” Sully opened the box of pizza and pulled out two more slices. “Hey would you mind if I used your microwave?”

“You don’t have to ask; just go ahead.” Tyler waved it off.
Sully rose from the sofa and carried two slices over to the kitchen, but he never expected Darla to enter the living room, wearing something shocking, but wow!
Tyler turned to Darla and saw her wearing an attractive lingerie that not only made Tyler surprised, but both Jiro and Sully drooling at her sexy outfit.
“Um… Tyler, you sure you don’t want us to leave?”
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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers - 02/12/2013

Hey what's up?
It's been two weeks since I've done my Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers, but I'm back
with something that will get you tantalized in 200 words.
Here we go...
Claudia was dripping wet over the feeling of Marco’s calloused hands on her shoulder as he pulled down her bra strap. She inhaled his scent as she shared strong, passionate kiss, which caused her center to ache for him. It was too bad her conscious was bothering her; she felt it was justifiable to cheat on her fiancé of three years. She caught him in bed with another woman, and her fiancé had been pleading for her forgiveness. She was pretty hurt – very hurt.
Now she is giving herself away to Marco for one night – a night she called revenge – sweet revenge. The main thing in her mind was could she live with it afterwards? She could easily stop Marco right there and get dress to walk out the door, and go back to Gino’s arms. But it was too late for that, she’s been eyeing at Marco for so long, maybe it was best to let this one night fling happen. She wanted to teach her fiancé Gino a lesson, but she had always been attracted to Marco for a long time.  She wondered what it’d be like to be in his arms for one night? Claudia was dying to know.
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Friday, February 8, 2013

Saturday's AfterDark Moments - 02/09/2013

Welcome to once again Saturday's AfterDark Moments -- a place where author such as myself define ourselves an AfterDark Moment for our readers

In this segment I revised a particular chapter of my upcoming series Darla <3's Tyler Series. This book was originally written and completed in 2011, and I want to schedule it for a later release. This story is currently being re-written, and I want to share a revised love scene from Chapter Two of "About The Night Ride Home"
This story explains how they ended up being together.
It's still a WIP; despite its completion.
This scene will definitely match the photo above.

Darla realized how relaxed Tyler’s was. She placed one hand on his face, while her other hand was on his waist, realizing what a thin, but muscular build he had. When she pulled him closer with her kisses, she felt his hardness pressing against her center, which a caused a nice, delicious ache to grow in her center. She was lost a her bliss, but she also heard the heavy downpour of the rain in the background. It was so tantalizing! Darla wanted him; she needed him now! But she had to get him out of his clothes first.

“Take off your clothes,” she whispered into his ear.

Tyler wanted to, but there were things he needed to organize. “I will, but I need to lay out the futon first.”

She let go of him, allowing him to convert the futon sofa into a bed. She watched him picked up a set of folded blankets underneath the futon bed, and set them on the bed as he unfolded them, placing the blankets over the futon.

She looked out into the rainstorm; it was torrential. The downpour hit the streets so hard, she heard thumping noises on the roof awning that sheltered them from the storm. She watched the sky lit up a few times from the lightning, along with several booms of thunder throughout the streets. Tyler was already finished setting up the bed, but this time she noticed him without his shirt. He had taken off his shirt, while she watched the storm.

He stepped closer. “It’s raining pretty hard.”

She looked at him and nodded. “Uh-huh.”

She placed her hand around his neck and pulled him toward her to kiss him. One small kiss led to a soft, yet, ravenous kiss. She placed her hand on his chest, and felt the hardness of his body. Tyler was very thin-build, but he had enough abs to show his muscular side.

She felt his hands move along her curves, and his tongue slip in further to his mouth, once again, causing that delicious ache in her center, that made her drip wet in her lacy panties. She couldn’t help but moan against his kisses – she really wanted him. She could feel her nipples harden under her bra, and even more his warm hands caress her backside, from her well-curved ass to the back of her bra strap.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thursday Thrills - 02/07/2013

Hey, hiyadoin? It's time for Thursday's Thrills, and in this moment I'm going to make something totally chilling for you, but with a twist of comedy among my two favorite characters --
Darla & Tyler.

Tyler just entered the hotel suite, carrying a bag of groceries as he set it on the counter of the breakfast bar. He somehow noticed the door opened to an adjoining room. It was Lisa’s – what was going on, and where’s Darla?


“Darla?” Tyler called out, unloosening his tie.


Tyler!” Darla called out from another room, frantically. “Come quick! There’s something wrong with Lisa!”


Lisa? His eyes widened in concern and went inside Lisa’s suite. Darla’s frantic call left him worried what happened to Lisa. The three work together at Estella’s, and both Tyler and Darla decided to bring Lisa along to vacation in Seattle, just to help her forget about Lisa’s terrible break-up. She was engaged, and she caught her fiancé in bed with someone else – another man. It was heartbreaking for Lisa, and Tyler could somewhat identify the experience of being cheated on before; long before he got with Darla. But most of all, he hoped Lisa didn’t do anything stupid – what did she do?


He crossed through Lisa’s suite. It was equally lavished like theirs, and Tyler made his way to meet Darla in the bathroom. There, he noticed Lisa leaned on the Jacuzzi tub, her hair soaking wet, her eyes blood-shot red, and her mascara running badly. What the hell happened?


“Lisa?” Tyler called out.


Lisa appeared to be alive; she was breathing in and out. She sniffed and shivered. Darla leaned beside her and placed her hand on shoulder to comfort her. Tyler stood motionless wondering what was wrong, but couldn’t help to ask a stupid question. “Lisa, are you okay?”


Lisa never responded. Darla placed her hand through her hair. “Lisa, come on we’re your friends; talk to us.”


Lisa sniffed and then there was eye movement. She breathed in and said. “I just had some amazing sex with some guy I met in the elevator.”


Tyler looked at Darla with disbelief; Darla was equally perplexed. All the while, they thought Lisa was becoming suicidal and they never thought she’d be crying over something very satisfying.
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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Kharisma Rhayne Guest Blogs on The AfterDark World - 02/05/2013

Thanks so much for allowing me to snag a spot on your blog for a little overtaking with some Highlander yumminess.

Anyone ever wonder why our main characters struggle for love? Even when, most times, it’s obvious they belong together and the author will have them madly in love.

I get the working for love thing. If we tossed them together from the beginning, we’d have to draw all sorts of other outer conflict. (Which, may times, we do anyway.) Besides, it allows us a chance to build up the characters and the backgrounds on each. It also allows us to really decide what characteristics we want our characters to have and how we want them to grow and change as they do become closer. Characters do change when they find love…my struggle is often determining what initial characteristics I’m willing to alter slightly. How much will one bend for another?

Anyone willing to try to guess how much Auralee and/or Breandan will bend?

I hope you’ll join me…along with Breandan, Auralee and their friends on their journey.

Season 1 - Episode 3

Auralee and Breandan are brought together in this episode of the serial. How did she get there? What does Breandan think? Was Argus right?

Be sure to check HERE and visit all the blogs on this tour for neat details.

Also, be sure to stop by my site (HERE) for a change to win the complete Season 1 of Highlander Mine.

Pick up episode 3 at AReAmazonBarnes & Noble

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Saturday's AfterDark Moment - 02/02/2013

Welcome to another segment of Saturday's AfterDark Moments, where authors of erotica define their AfterDark Moments in words up to 500 words.

Here's what I have in store for you...

This is a sketch of my upcoming WIP, and a sequal to my series "Her Angela & Protection" I'm coming up with Volume 2 to the series and I feel this should be out as a preview of what I have in store.

Keep in Mind... it's a rough copy.

“Oh my god Vivi,” Angela followed Vivienne to the living room. “That was the best dinner I’ve had in a long time.”

She smiled, entering the kitchen. “Well, I’m glad you’d enjoyed eating there. I told you Pete’s Steak and Chops is the best in town.” She opened the refrigerator door and held out a bottle of wine, which was already opened. “I could really use a relaxing drink.”

“It’s too bad, we were too full for dessert,” Angela leaned against the wall.

“It’s okay.” She went for a glass in the cupboard, and poured the wine in the glass. “We could make dessert together at home.”

“What could we make?” Angela asked.

Vivienne took a sip and walked toward Angela to give her a kiss in the lips. “I could make something that’ll satisfy your sweet tooth, or...” 

Angela watched her walk around her and walked into the living room. What did Vivienne have in mind? 

“Or?” She asked, folding her arms in front of her chest.

Vivienne bent down to set her glass of wine on the coffee table. She then turned to Angela as she reached under her night skirt and pulled down her panties, letting it fall down her legs. As she raised one foot and the other over her panties, she picked up her glass of wine and gave Angela her most naughty-looking grin. “Or I could go back in the kitchen to make some dessert.”

Angela didn’t need another clue to figure out what Vivienne meant. She knew what kind of dessert she was offering; something that will always be satisfying. 

“Mmmmm….” Angela moaned as she walked over, watching Vivienne sit down on the couch and spread her legs open. 

She bent down and ran her hands all over Vivienne’s thighs, sliding them further into her dress. She looked up at Vivienne and noticed an inviting look that appealed to her – her look of pure desire. Angela placed her lips against Vivienne’s and their mouths open with full trust of where to go next. 

Their kisses grew passionate as Angela got a taste off Vivienne’s kisses – a tasty flavor of Cabernet Sauvignon that could get her drunk off passion. Where to lead next?

She moved her kisses down Vivienne’s neck, and then down her cleavage. Her fingers caressed Vivienne’s thighs, it wasn’t long until she felt her center – her warm, soft center, causing Vivienne to gasp out of pleasure.

“Mmmm…. let me taste you Viv.” Angela moaned.

“Mmmmm….” She sulked, her look now in wanton.

No further words were said. Angela raised Vivienne’s skirt up and there she saw Vivienne’s clean-shaven pussy. It was more satisfying than an actual dessert; a treat that Angela always enjoyed. She parted Vivienne’s legs and moved in to taste her nub. By now, Angela would be drunken with lust as she feasted off of Vivienne’s desire.

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