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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers - 01/29/2013

Hi. Sorry that I was late in posting my Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers. I had some earlier obligations, and I'm now free to post up my piece of up 200 words; no more, no less.

In this segment. I'm doing a piece from a WIP, but this one was just off the top of my head.
It is a ménage romance. I'm unsure if I want to make it a series, or a novel. But this WIP does have non-stop sex scenes, which I'm trying to work on my first 5-flame story.

“I had such a hard day from work,” Melissa frowned. “I had a member at my gym screaming at me for no apparent reason.” She leaned her head against the soaking chest of her boyfriend Jacob. “I so needed this.”

“It’s okay. I’m here.” Jacob ran his fingers through her now soaking wet hair, kissing her on her forehead. “Today sucked; tomorrow’s better.”

“I know. I just…” she sniffed.

Jacob placed his finger on her lips kissing her again on her forehead. “Don’t dwell on it. We’re alone in the shower. Just let the water run through and wash away your bad days.”

She looked up and grinned. “You have a way to make me feel so much better. I’m so glad to have you.”

“Me too,” Jacob caressed her cheek with his finger, kissing her very softly. “And we should be thankful to have Sylvia in our lives now.”

“Me too,” she gave a soft grin. “Too bad she at work, and shower with us.”

“We could do it again, when she comes home tonight?”

“Mmmm… I love the way her body looks during shower,” she purred.


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  1. Your words are always so real Ray.. Beautifully descriptive...xx

  2. Oddly, I enjoyed it more pre-Sylvia. I think I might have liked Sylvia if she'd been in the tease, but she feels additive instead of central. It's like this couple are having a moment and then we go, oh, and she's part of our pair.

  3. You fooled me at the end. This scene you wrote is created with words that are real and down to life. Great Tease.

  4. Terrific tease! I practically felt like a peeping Tom-ette! LOL! Wonderful work!

  5. Very sexy teaser. Mmm, three in a shower. Now there's an erotic thought ...

  6. Love a shower scene, and love a menage. Basically, what's not to love? Good work, Ray. At your teasing best.