Love Out Of Lust Series

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser - 01/15/2013

What's up and hiyadoin? It's time, once again, for Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser, where authors such as myself write one of the most suaciest snippets of 200 words.
Here's what I have in store for you.
Lacy was in heaven, spending this moment with both Tim and Jacob on the sofa, have a ménage of a lifetime.
She was laid on the sofa, sucking on Tim’s cock, until she felt her legs being parted by Jacob, instantly feeling his length slide right inside her. It wasn’t long until she felt herself get pummeled by his thrust. Jacob’s heat was energetic; it was what always turned her on the most. Tim was the kind of guy that always took his time with her. She’d always loved the way he fucked her, but it was hard to maintain concentration when she could feel Jacob’s hardness in and out of her. She was almost lost in her moment, but she had to stay focus on pleasing Tim.
She held a firm grip on Tim’s length, while she felt his thumb press insider her opened mouth. She needed something in her mouth, whether it was his cock or his thumb, she needed something to suck on – Jacob was pounding her furiously, and her she could lose her moment any time soon.
Then a sudden thought came in her mind. “I want to feel both of you inside me now.”
And that's all for now. Be sure you check out my peeps below:


  1. *fans self*

    What a place to leave it!! :-)

  2. Yes... We need more... Would like to know where you guys find these pics... Nice one Ray...xx

  3. Great tease, Ray. Way to leave us all hanging. Yep...definitely teased.

  4. Red hot and expertly written Ray Great tease

  5. hope they didn't leave her hanging like you left us hanging! ;)

  6. Great tease at the end. Loved how she asked them both to plunge in at the same time.

  7. I think there is a lot more to cum. Great teaser

  8. Smoking-hot, Ray. Good sense of the history which these three have and some sizzling moves. Ends on a perfect note as well.