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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Saturday's AfterDark Moments - 01/26/2013

Hi welcome to another week of Saturday's AfterDark Moments.
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Here we go. Something to compliment your weekend.

Joey stood in the swimming pool atrium, behind the tall bushes and overhearing the Jacuzzi pool go on as he watched the view of Chandra, sitting on top of this strange man she met earlier in the nightclub. It bothered him… her… Chandra – the woman he was interested in and now there she was… fucking this unknown stranger he watched her meet in the steakhouse last night.

He never expected the two hit it off so quickly, but it did. Should he get all upset over it? It was after all confusing! Joey’s feelings for her only happened two days ago when they discussed about their break-up with their exes. He thought there was a shot in getting with her, but apparently not. He wanted to give her a piece of his mind, but at the same time there was no reason to get upset over. These feeling he had for her only happened overnight, and they were just feelings of possibilities. The feeling of rejection was painful, but not as painful as it could’ve been.

Joey’s eyes stayed locked in on the two, when he heard the man howl in such pleasure. He then witnessed the man’s cock pump uncontrollably inside Chandra’s pussy – he was cumming inside her. And then a cold reality hit him; very hard. His interest in her suddenly changed. He was about to turn away, until he sensed someone watching with him. Who was it?

He turned to his left and noticed a voluptuous redhead in a hot-pink bathing suit standing next to him. He recognized her – Chandra’s best friend Tara.

Oh god! What do I do now? She’ll probably think I’m a pervert!

Joey was expected Tara to expose his perverted action, standing in the bushes like a ‘Peeping Tom’. But something different came out Tara’s mouth, something totally unexpected.

“I love a man that cums like that…” She exhaled her most erotic phrase. “That so hot!”

Hot? Tara was basically a prude. Was there a side he never knew of her?

“Huh?” he asked nervously, worrying what to say next or what she’ll do to him.

“I love it when my friend fucks. It turns me on. But to see a man come her pussy gets me so hot.”

Joey couldn’t help his growing hard-on. The very words she whispered got him very much turned on. Then he noticed the most awkward gesture Tara was doing – she had her hand down her bikini underwear, giving her most wanton look at what she saw. Joey couldn’t decide whether to watch her or Chandra that was getting off from that man from last night, while the cum dripped out of her pussy.

“Can you cum like that?” Tara asked. “If you can, what do you say we go back to the hotel room and you could do the same? Maybe we could forget about the people over there that rejected us?”

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  1. whew...what a way to make me up on Saturday Ray! Hot!


  2. Loved it Ray, love the voyeurism (always!) and the way he discovered a new 'friend'! Hot and horny!

  3. Red hot Ray. Loved the picture and the way you wrote the scene, from the point of the voyeur, was excellent.

  4. This is so hot it had my heart racing. The idea of viewing and then the seductive quality of Tara was a perfect ending. This made my Saturday.

  5. Oh that's special... Well written Ray and very, very hot.....xx

  6. This was certainly and X rated scene of eroticism. I felt his rejection and embarrassment from the red head, but loved her desire for both of them to to expel their rejections by duplicating what they just witnessed.