Love Out Of Lust Series

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Saturday's AfterDark Moments - 01/19/2013

Greetings, Hiyadoin?
It's time for that AfterDark Moment, where authors such as myself
write a snippet up to 500 words, along with a picture provided with the snippet.
In this snippet, this is based off my two most favorite characters - Darla and Tyler.
In this segment, the two are out on a dinner date, and a late night rendevous in the streets of Portland, Oregon, US.
The scene practically writes itself. See for yourself.
“I haven’t felt this sexy with you in such a long time.” Darla grinned, inching closer to kiss Tyler.
“You’ve always looked sexy Darla,” speaking into her kisses, running his fingers alongside her curves. “It’s too bad, we work too much.” He looked down at Darla’s body; she was appetizing, wearing a black evening dress with a train. “I love the way you look.”
Darla backed him closer to the street lamp, placing her footing on the ledge of the street lamp, exposing her beautiful legs for Tyler as he caressed them with his warm hand.
“I love you Tyler. Happy Birthday.” Darla kissed him hungrily.
“I love you too Darla.” He spoke against her kisses.
Darla felt this delicious ache in her center that made her wish she could tear off his clothes, regardless where they are, and fuck him right on the spot.
Tyler, I have a surprise for you by the way.”
“What’s that?”
She pulled away and grinned wickedly. “I’m not wearing any underwear. What do you say we go somewhere and reconnect our first night together?”
Tyler rolled his eyes away; memories of how he met her rang a bell. “Darla, our first night together was sex in my apartment.”
“And you forgot about that Sushi restaurant?”
“That was our first date together.”
She exhaled with a soft smile, “Mmmmm… I remember that was the best dining experience of my life.”
“There’s always—”
Darla placed her finger on his lip, silencing him. “Na-ah… let’s do it… right here.”
“Here?” Tyler gave a look of disbelief. He looked around his surroundings and noticed there was night time traffic, and people still walking here. “Darla, there’s people passing by; it’s not even eleven yet.”
“It’s never stopped you before.” She gave her most hungry-like expression. “I’ve been wanting you in me all day long.”
Tyler looked around nervously, but the expression of Darla was too hard for him to say no. He spoke softly, “I couldn’t say no.”
“I wouldn’t take no for answer.” Darla opened her mouth and kissed him. Her tongue met with his and swirled inside his mouth. Her center ached for more. At the same time, she felt his hardness pressed against her body. The feeling of Tyler’s hardness had her dripping inside. She wasn’t all concerned about her surroundings; she needed him inside her… now!


  1. Love it Ray... I have done that so many times and the wearing no underwear.. well what can I say? Works every time...xx