Love Out Of Lust Series

Friday, January 25, 2013

Flash Fiction Friday - 01/25/2013

Hello and welcome to my weekly flashing Friday! A shared picture, along with 100 words to express... Enjoy!

“Can you hear the noises coming from the other room?”  Zelda asked in her most sexy whisper, leaning ever-so-sexily. “I could hear sex – plenty of sex in both rooms.”

Danny couldn’t just answer. He stood there and watched Zelda fall amused to the sounds of people next door them fucking, moaning, and screaming out of pleasure. Surely, these wall could definitely talk – they spoke in only one language – the erotic language. 

The sounds were so appealing, he watched Zelda caress her body, unraveling those delicious tidbits under her black negligee.

"Can you feel it now?" Zelda moaned in wanton.

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  1. Really well written flash Ray. Nice build up that could lead to something more

  2. I think I can feel it now too, lol. Hot flash! Love how the sounds turn her on and get her moving. Yes, I wish those walls could talk, they'd have some story to tell. You'll have to tell it, Ray.

  3. Yes l can feel it too! Hot flash Ray!

  4. Oh so hot!! Excellent flasher