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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Horny Hump Day - First Hump Day Post 12/26/2012

Happy Hump Day everyone. This here is my first post ever, and it is based on my WIP about an older woman that meets a young man called Finding Possibilities.

Here is a piece of what I wrote in just three short sentences.

Happy Hump Day and see you next year :-)

Darius’ body was a sculpture that made her ache in all the right places.

Darius felt her watching him as he was pulling on his pants and looked up, “What’s wrong?”

Her look was pure wanton lust, “You have a really nice body.”

Tune In Next Week for another Horny Hump Day adventure - Happy New Year's.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

An AfterDark Moment... in 500 words.

Hey, guys... I thought of doing something I've been wanting to do - post more snippets and erotic sex shorts on my blog. This picture below had been on my mind to write something. So I decided to call it:  An AfterDark Moment. I might later expand this story, but undecided at the moment.

But please enjoy this 500 word snippet.

All what James needed was an invitation from Sara for a simple night dip in her backyard swimming pool, and the two were in each other arms, which later led to the bedroom.

James knew this was no ordinary get-together with Sara at eleven p.m.; something was going to happen sooner or later, it was just what will spark the moment. And it all led from a simple kiss in the swimming pool, to a little bit of groping and moaning. Sara led James out of the swimming pool, their bodies drenched wet, but they couldn’t get to the towels fast enough when Sara pressed her lips against James’, slipping her tongue inside his mouth with a forceful maneuver, causing James to grow hard under his shorts.

He pressed his body against hers, and pulled her kisses in more, sucking the very life of that kiss. Right now, the timing was right and he could do it with her right here… right now! But the problem was the lighting in her backyard was bright – too bright for the neighbors to see. So Sara led him inside her home, and up the steps, while kissing and groping along the way.

Once they were in front of her bedroom, in her hallway, Sara did a little tease, taking off her bikini bottom. James gave his most wicked grin as he watched her unravel her most delicious treasure – her clean shaven pussy. He didn’t want to appear in a rush, but he slowly took off his shorts and sandals and followed her inside her bedroom.

Her bedroom was roomy, but dark. Luckily from the hallway light, they were able to find their way to her bed. Sara didn’t bother to take off her bikini top, she was up and arms with James, locking her lips with his. James ran his fingers all over her body, from her ass up along her back. He felt his lips being sucked in by Sara’s passion. His hardness was in her hand. James groaned under his breath when he felt Sara’s tug on his length. Her fingers were all over the head of his shaft, slowly caressing her thumb on top of his slit, feeling the slick juices that seeped out of his cock.

He bended her backwards on her bed and laid on top of her. He kissed her and then nuzzled into her neck. James could feel the cold hit his backside, but Sara’s hands on his back help keep his comfort warm. Once she parted her legs, James held his cock and slipped inside her without any resistance, causing her to gasp out of pleasure. He felt her fingers tips dig into his ass cheeks. He moved back and forth on top of her. He felt Sara moved her hips along with his thrusts. Her moans grew erotic, but it was equally met with his moan. This was their first time having sex together – things got intense.


Book Review: Six Degrees of Sexperation by Rico Lamoureaux

When I first purchased the book of “Six Degrees of Sexperation,” written by Rico Lamoureux, I was first intrigued of the title and the cover. So I purchased it.


Upon reading the book from it’s time of the release, I was very fascinated by the first story which began with an older woman and her sudden attraction to a young man she had known for a long time – The Unleashing of Gerard Hayes. The sex scene was quite mild, but intimate, but the story is about Gerard Hayes how he comes of age of his sexual exploration. The story had quite a build up – the right kind of build up which will keep the reader interested throughout the story – not one ounce of boredom was ever installed.


But you’ll have to read it from the beginning where you you’ll understand the second chapter, where the second story – Supernova. This second story is about Gerard going to an exotic island in the Pacific, unknown to man, along with his college friend Jenna, where they discover the art of deep-throating. The sex scene was a little bit spicier, and the story became more interesting. And the story left me very anticipated for the third chapter.


In the third story – The Pink French, the story goes to Jenna, now Jen, where she has a new college roommate Tiffany, and they spend a night out practicing on the art of blowjob against a strap-on, where it later leads to a sexual encounter. In the third chapter of the story, the scenes become non-stop erotic, and this f/f sex scene would leave you tantalized for the next chapter.


Moving on to Chapter four – Business Class. Tiffany, now years from her college years, joins a sex club, where she has her first encounter named Rich at a hotel near an airport. If you want nothing but vivid and descriptive erotic scenes, this would be the one. And I love how Tiffany explained her sexual needs, and also how it leads to the final chapter of the story – Big Apple/Little Cherry.


Big Apple/Little Cherry, the final chapter of the story is about Rich flying to New York, where he meets an eighteen year old Chinese-American woman, who wanted to lose her virginity before taking on an arranged marriage from a man from China. I want to express this scene had been the most romantic, and I liked the way how this story completely ended. It was filled with the right sensuality.


The positive of the story: I was taken by surprised on how the story was written. Rico Lamouraux was able to write a tale where one person’s story, in first narrative, lead to another person’s story. The story absolutely had a connection, and I would recommend this book.


The negative of the story: I wish the heat content would only be stronger, but it I won’t knock how it was written. It was after all intimate, and I was never bored with the story. I would read over and over.


Great job Rico!


I will rate this book – 4.5 stars. I was left tantalized and satisfied of the story.



It is, at this time, only available on No Boundaries Press for $2.99; worth your buy.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tantalizing Tuesday Blog Hop: Dec 18 - 21, 2012

Hey what's up? This one took me some time to figure out what to put on the blog hop, because I'm learning how it works. But I'm getting a good hang of it.

Well Anyways... Happy Holidays to everyone. In case you haven't download my holiday short erotic story - Forgetting About What Happened, I recommend that you go on ARe ( and download your free copy. It is free for the entire month of December. Because after January first, it won't be free. So take on the opportunity
click on cover for your free download
Anyways, here is a snippet of a short Xmas sex scene.
Also the lucky commenter will receive a FREE copy of my upcoming release of my erotic comedy - "Service With A Smile, Book One - Friday the 13th."
Which will release by March 2013.
Thank you and enjoy!
Happy Holidays!

Christmas was supposed to be a time of peace, quiet, and joy for both Griselda and her new roommate from Seattle – Joey. She had no family to visit, she was an orphan. Joey was more than two thousand miles away from his hometown. So they decided to spend Christmas sharing a couch, watching marathon reruns of NCIS, which there were some good episodes, along eating leftover pizza for breakfast. But it pretty soon got boring, they needed to do something entertaining.

Then a sudden idea happened when Griselda asked Joey to rub her back, and then one thing led to another. Griselda was now straddled on top of him, moving her hips rhythmically along with his thrust. It was a good way to spend Christmas – fucking on the two seated sofa. The only problem she was out of her birth control and the stores were closed on Christmas!

But that’s okay. Joey had a huge stash of condoms in his bedroom, and she didn’t have to worry much about him pulling out of at the moment he climaxed. In fact, she could go on all Christmas entertaining Joey with her body, while he entertained her with his thrusts.
To enter for this prize: the lucky commenter will have to leave their email address, along with their comment. Good luck! :-)

Friday, December 14, 2012

Flash Fiction Friday - 12/14/2012

Happy Friday, once again.
Which of these people will be having sex tonight?
Well, in this case, it's all about comedy, and once again about my favorite people - Darla & Tyler, except Darla is still spending a girls' night-in, and her neighbor Peaches join the party.
Come check it out!


“Look!” Lisa pointed “It’s the new model from the Calvin Klein commercial.” She turned to Darla,

“Oh you are so lucky to meet him.”
“Yeah, Darla,” Stacy stared into the set, her expression in wanton. “Wow look at his body.”
“He’s alright,” Darla sipped her cup of hot cocoa, responding to her text message from Tyler.
Peaches commented as he leaned over fanning himself. “Mmmm…. my what a wonderful pair of Speedos. I wonder how large could he be?”
Darla turned to Peaches, waving her hand away. “Oh trust me; he’s really small; the whole package deal.”

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

12-12-12 Once in a Lifetime.

Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser - 12/11/2012

What's up? Hiyadoin'? Get ready for a something steamy and hot. I want to first thank Nichelle Gregory for this particular picture I found, even though it was assumed public domain and off her site, my mind was creative all this time to post my Tx3.
I hope a little bit of bathroom sex would steam things up. Here it goes.

“Oh god, Trevon,” Dana spoke, hoping like hell she didn’t hear such noises outside of the bathroom. “You know what we are doing is so wrong.”
“If it’s so wrong, why aren’t you saying no?” Trevon nuzzled into her neck, helping her hold her legs apart.
“Mmmm…” she moaned, looking at the door. “I can’t help it. I really want you boo.”
“All you have to do is say stop,” he whispered into her ear, with such a dark, sexy voice in such hopes of getting her turned on.
Dana never uttered another word. She allowed Terrell to press his body closer, while he felt his belt being unbuckled, and his pants pulled down by her lustful grip. His lips pressed against hers’, with such ravenous force. He felt his ass cheeks suddenly gripped by her slim fingers, and now the only thing in his mind was how was he going to pull her panties aside.

Trevon held his cock in his hand pushed only the head inside Dana's pussy. He watched her roll her eyes up in ecstasy. She felt... so... good! He wanted to pull out of her, but it was too late he'd sealed that fate.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Flash Fiction Friday - 12/07/2012

Hey Hiyadoin?
It's time for Flash Fiction Friday, and this snippet is more playful than my last few posts; mostly from Tantalizing Tuesday. What I've learned is that Flasher Fiction Friday is more of what your mind puts into the picture provided by #FFF, not what you post, but thankfully, I've found it really fun.
So here's one of my works; just from the top of my head.

“I can’t believe you wrote this Hector,” Mari laughed as she turned to side to read more of Hector’s work.

“It gets even funnier,” Hector moved himself on top of Mari’s body, resting his chin on her shoulder, before giving her a kiss.

Mari continued reading, while she felt Hector nuzzle at her neck. It was hard for her concentrate on Hector’s manuscript. He was tickling her neck with his tongue, and she couldn’t help squirm with laughter.

“Hold still…” he joked. “won’t you?”

“How can I?” She laughed her ass off, squirming uncontrollably.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers - 12/04/2012

Hey, what's up? I've been busy for the last two weeks and I'm glad to be back. Here we go with the Tantalizing Tuesday Tesers of 200 words, no more, no less.

This one is based on a story I worked on, but put it aside to decide where I should go with it.

However, I hope you enjoy; it's in a rough-form.

Sheila felt herself being lifted and pinned against the wall by her neighbor Luke. He pumped inside her hard and strong, causing her to gasp in pleasure. Her eyes were closed, but she felt nose nuzzling at her cheek and neck, and his tongue sucking on her earlobe.

She held on to him, with trust that he wasn’t going to let her go. Her moans grew loud from every stroke she received from him. She liked Luke a lot – a lot! He was smart, funny, generous, and understanding… but why did she have to work hard to seduce him?

“Oh Luke…” she moaned out his name, “don’t stop… fuck me harder!”

Luke didn’t utter a word. She felt his strokes become stronger, and when she suddenly closed her eyes and let herself go in ecstasy – pure ecstasy.

Sheila was so lost in her passion, she didn’t expect someone to be at her apartment door, ringing the doorbell. Who could it be?”

“Don’t stop,” she warned. “Keep going, and maybe they’ll go away.”

The doorbell continued to ring, while they continued fucking on her bedroom wall.

Oh, I wish they would go away! Couldn’t this fucking wait?

Thanks for reading it. Be sure you check out my peoples down below.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Erotic Holiday Countdown Calendar


The Erotic Holiday Countdown starts December 1!
For those of you that don't know. The Erotic Holiday Countdown is 31 days of free drool-worthy erotica for your enjoyment. As if that wasn't good enough, there will also be 1 prize given away of an original story written specifically for the winner. For more details - see the Erotic Holiday Countdown page.

I estimate that each story will be available at 1am PT on the date given. If it isn't, please try an hour later. But please don't masturbate while you wait. You'll wanna save it for the stories. Unless you have an ultra-high libido at which point, my phone number is... oh, wait. *cough*. Never mind. Where was I? Oh yes, on with the calendar.

Calendar of Erotica
Story descriptions are underneath the calender by author

Date Author Title Content
Dec 1 Thianna D: Coming In m/m
Dec 2 Ray: Forgetting About What Happened m/f
Dec 3 Thianna D: Please, Santa, I Want More m/m
Dec 4 Thianna D: White Wolf m/f
Dec 5 Max: Winter's Lioness Part 1 m/f
Dec 6 Max: Winter's Lioness Part 2 m/f
Dec 7 Max: Winter's Lioness Part 3 m/f
Dec 8 Max: Winter's Lioness Part 4 m/f
Dec 9 Max: Winter's Lioness Part 5 m/f
Dec 10 Max: Winter's Lioness Part 6 m/f
Dec 11 Max: Winter's Lioness Part 7 m/f
Dec 12 Macy: Stuffing the Holiday Virgin f/f, m/f
Dec 13 Travis: A Cup of Cheer m/f
Dec 14 Thianna: The Auction m/f,m/m
Dec 15 Dane: When She Least Expected It Part 1 m/f
Dec 16 Dane: When She Least Expected It Part 2 m/f
Dec 17 Dane: When She Least Expected It Part 3 m/f
Dec 18 Dane: When She Least Expected It Part 4 m/f
Dec 19 Dane: When She Least Expected It Part 5 m/f
Dec 20 Dane: When She Least Expected It Part 6 m/f
Dec 21 Dane: When She Least Expected It Part 7 m/f
Dec 22 Dane: When She Least Expected It Part 8 m/f
Dec 23 Thianna: Bah-HUM-Bug m/m
Dec 24 Thianna: Was It Good For You Too? m/f
Dec 25 Kiki: Christmas Wood m/f
Dec 26 Penelope: Diary of a Broken Me: The Christmas Contract m/f
Dec 27 Thianna: Gift of Giving Club f/f
Dec 28 Thianna: There is Still Life in the Old Boy Yet m/f
Dec 29 Max: Unintended Gifts m/f
Dec 30 Penelope: Untitled orgy
Dec 31 Thianna: Only on New Year's Eve m/f

List of Authors

Story Descriptions

Some of the authors provided a brief bio. Mouse over their names to view it.

Dane Hargreaves Twitter

When She Least Expected It: Candice has a busy life. She runs her own publishing company and it keeps her on the go and in charge. Until she meets Damon, she had no idea how fun giving up control could be.

Kiki Wellington: Website | Twitter

Christmas Wood: Francis loves Christmas in New York—especially her annual holiday hook ups. And when she has an encounter with a mysterious stranger in a department store, he jingles her bells and takes her desires to another world.

Macy Alexander: Website | Twitter

Stuffing the Holiday Virgin: When a young woman goes to spend the holidays with her roommate, the experience turns out more exciting than she planned.

Max/Cherish Desire: Website | Twitter

Winter's Lioness: Erik has a choice - answer the bestial call of his heritage or fight to preserve his humanity. His unlikely decision is to go on the run, and to boost his courage he stops off in London to enjoy the siren call of a lonely lioness. No surprise that Heather likes to sink her teeth into his flesh, but Erik has brought along needles to temper her passionate urges one thrust after another.

Uninteded Gifts: Angel thinks Tom should treat her differently now that they're engaged, but all she manages to do is infuriate him when her buddies Greg and Alan try to call him out at their regular club. While she is sleeping off her sorrows and the alcohol at her friend's apartment, Tom gets an unexpected visitor on his doorstep. And Tara seems to believe that since Angel is in her bed then there must be a spot available in Tom's bed for her. But first Tara wants to do it everywhere Tom has sexed Angel - a bit of revenge on her friend and an unwitting holiday gift for Tom.

Penelope Jones: Website | Twitter

Diary of a Broken Me: The Christmas Contract: Maci is overcome. None of her past M/s relationships have worked, so why should she believe this one will? In a series of letters between her and her master, we gain an understanding of the depth of a D/s relationship gone right.

2nd Story info coming

Ray Sostre: Website | Twitter (Editor Annabelle Crawford: Website)

Forgetting About What Happened: Forgiveness during the holidays can be painful, especially if Jeremy wasn't Monica's first choice. After Monica realizes that Jeremy was the one, she tries to win him back in her by confessing her true feelings for him. But it is up to Jeremy to decide if he should forgive and move on in being with her.

Thianna D: Website | Twitter

Bah-HUM-Bug: To Brandon, Trent was the most perfect man on earth, so going to his Christmas Party was both joyful and painful. Until things took a turn for the better. Maybe the party wasn't a bust after all.

Coming In: At the age of 18, Corin was banished to a camp that his parents hoped would help him overcome his homosexuality. Instead, he was introduced to pleasure he never could have imagined.

Gift of Giving Club: She went in to get the goods on an all-women society. Instead, she found a whole new world awaited her. Now she wonders. Is it better to give or receive?

Only on New Year's Eve: Constance lives a lonely life until her lover comes to visit her every New Year's Eve. Will this year be the time he will finally stay?

Please, Santa, I Want More: When Xander went to his newest client, he wasn't expecting that client to be male. Or to call him Santa. Before the end of the night, Santa might just show him that jolly old elves still have some sting in their slap.

The Auction: Every year the single subs of Club Erotique go up for private auction. This is Justine's first year. She hopes to be bought by Lord Dane, but that was before she saw what she would need to do.

There is Still Life in the Old Boy Yet: Grady was past his prime and yet was still muddling through each day. The worst part of his existence was his impotence. Until a new neighbor moved in and he found a reason to leave his recliner.

Was It Good For You Too?: Isadora's family eschewed the use of garlic - ever, but never told her why. On this Christmas Eve, when she invites her neighbor to break bread with her, she finds out the truth in the most orgasmic of ways.

White Wolf: Out for a run, she-wolf Karya is followed by Devir, a wolf without a clan. When he suggests they mate, she has no idea what she is in for.

Travis Naught: Website | Twitter

A Cup of Cheer: Amber is a go getter. The man at the coffee shop has pointed looks her way, but it is up to her to take charge of the situation. Warming up on a winter's day has never been so much fun!