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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tantilizing Tuesday Teasers - 10/30/2012

Hey guys, hiyadoin? It's time for the Tantilizing Tuesday Teaser
and yes this one gets hotter!
Why, well... if you read this snippet in 200 words, you'll need to cool of after this.
By the way, sorry I was late. I had a very busy day.
Paulina’s ear was glued to the earpiece when she heard Lorenzo soft, breathy voice over the phone. Her center ached; her eyes remained closed when she imagined how much she wanted Lorenzo laying next to her, speaking to her with his sultry-sounding Spanish accent. She could go all day and night having him over the phone, while she soaked her fingers in and out of her slit, silently tasting herself.
Every word he spoke made her rub herself faster. She needed to release, but more she needed to have Lorenzo inside of her. She was in so much lust, she nearly moaned over the phone, but restrained from losing her moment. Lorenzo wasn’t supposed to know that she was masturbating over the phone; he was all business, and all he ever talked about was business.
Paulina wanted to change the subject so bad, but the worst part was she was developing a rising feeling; that feeling she couldn’t control – her climax. Paulina tried to control her breathing, but she suddenly bucked her hips, her teeth chattering, without making it obvious.
She quickly interrupted Lorenzo when she asked in a broken voice, bucking, “Lor… Lorenzo, please hold on!”
I hope you enjoyed it!
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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tantilizing Tuesday Teaser - 10/23/2012

Hey guys... hiyadoin? It's time for that weekly event -- Tantilizing Tuesday Teaser, where you write a scene based of the pic you selected in 200 words.

Well, here we go, and for some reason this particular scene was so... WOW! I have to expand it into a little novella. I don't know what to call it, but you have to read it to enjoy!

Jeremy watched the look on Monica’s face. She was hypnotized by the size of his shaft. Her expression spoke more than a thousand words. The warmth of her breath, and the way she held his cock in her hand made his heart beat faster. Jeremy was intoxicated from her desire.

The feeling from her touch brought a new sense of curiosity; all question moved in his mind – what does she taste like – where else does she liked to be touch – what’s under her sweater? He needed to know and had to find out. It was obvious to him what she smelled like; her perfume was a sweet, yet gentle smell of fragrance that heated up his desire. He was inhaling a pheromone that made him crave more of her.

Without realizing it, he felt her left hand touch his thigh, and then his hand was suddenly led by hers’ to where felt a something smooth, clean shaven, warm, and wet – her pussy. His fingers found its way under her slit, instantly feeling the juices that passed on to his fingertips.  She was anxious for him; she probably needed him now.  Jeremy watched her eyes flutter away, while he felt his cock getting stroke with a semi-stronger grip. Monica’s body felt so good, his mouth watered to taste her.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tantilizing Tuesday Teaser: 10/16/2012

Hey what's up? Hiyadoin'? And it's time!

I bring you once again a Tantilizing Tuesday Teaser for all my wonderful readers out there. It's based off the selected picture in a lenght of 200 words; no more, no less.


Tony knew what he was doing was wrong. He knew Veronica was Ben’s girl, but he couldn’t help his attraction to her every time she’d stopped by. Veronica was hard to push away; her frail emotions, her sudden comfort to sooth his loneliness, and her lustrious body – Dear God!

Ben really screwed it up this time. He was serving out his eight-year bid for attempted manslaughter, and assault with a deadly weapon. He was aware of the consequences, but yet could he blame Veronica if she didn’t wait for him that long. Anything could happen in eight years; that’s a lot of waiting.

But Tony couldn’t resist the moment when she stepped out of the shower with him, pinning down to the ground, while she grinded her body on top him. She was more than lonely – she was horny for him. 

Veronica fiend for his touch, her body writhed from his thrusts. Tony watched her lustful expression when she placed her arm over the foot-ledge of the tub, moaning out in pleasure. Somehow, he found her nipples and Veronica’s breathing grew stong.

“Harder... suck them harder” She moaned, “Oh I love the way you suck on my nipples!”

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Monday, October 8, 2012

Tantilizing Tuesday Teasers- 10/09/2012

Hey guys, it's been a long time since I have been on here. I want to get started by posting a Tantilizing Tuesday Teaser with a simple 200 word snippet.


It had been two long days since Larissa seen her husband Andres – two long days. He was away on a business trip in New York, and now was back in the Bay Area to be home with her – finally!

She felt the strong dominance of Andres’ calloused hands all over her body. Her center ached for him, she needed more of his affection. Should could feel the dominance of his touch, which caused her grow weak in her knees, but she wasn’t – she had wanted this for a long time.

As she looked down, she noticed his fingers caressing his curves. At the same time, she felt his warm breath on the side of her neck. She was so lost in her passions, she didn’t realize her thong being pulled down to her knees.

Larissa left an inviting expression to Andres. He grinned back at her, leaving him in wanton.

“I missed you so much.” Andres kissed her lips.

“I can see how much you’ve missed me,” giving her most wicked grin, reaching for his cock under his pants. I missed you so much, I had to get myself off earlier, just before you got here.”

Thanks a lot, and tune in for next Tuesday's snippet.

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