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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Kharisma Rhayne Guest Blogs for the AfterDark World.

Author, blogger, and co-founder of No Boundaries Press Kharisma Rhayne guest blogs on The AfterDark World about the idea of censorship. Sit down and pay attention as one company makes a game-changing moment. This is something every owner of a publishing company learn and do in response to PayPal's action.

You can’t say that!

So, everyone’s been talking about censorship and the new waves it’s brought to the publishing front over the last couple of weeks. There are hundreds, likely thousands, of books that have lost their homes among the shelves and shelves of virtual books we like to browse through daily (well, alright, maybe weekly).
Is this the end of it? Not by a long shot. Can I explain it all? No. But here’s what I can tell you.
Our choices are being made for us. And that plain stinks (I could grumble profanities here, but…you still get my point without them). Yes, everyone has a right to be “up in arms” about this and rant and rave about it.
Bottom line is though – what good is it really doing other than adding a few hits to your blog from others that are fuming about the news?
I decided to save my grumbling and do something to move forward. I’m moving away from PayPal (both personally and in No Boundaries Press) and installing new payment methods. Yes, it’s a hassle and it’s something new to learn. Sometimes that new hurdle is what makes us most angry about changes. We’re comfortable with old things. We know them. We know how to use them. We know what to expect from them.
But eventually, even that comfortable pair or old jeans that you’ve had for years will eventually have to be tossed in the trash can. Sometimes they rip, other times we simply out grow them.
I look at this as outgrowing PayPal. Sometimes change can be a good thing. Take it, make the most of it and run with it.
For those with homeless books (or those just looking for another location for their books) please feel free to check out our information at No Boundaries Press. We are a little behind right now, but are working hard to catch up.
My biggest thing isn’t the decisions PayPal has made. It’s that options are being chosen for us. I hate that. I dislike censorship in ALL forms. While I may not read what’s being removed, it’s still taking away freedoms. If we let this one be taken away just because we don’t read or write in that area—what is next to be taken from us?
This is why I made the decision to vendor through No Boundaries Press. It’s not about me. It’s about allowing a choice for readers and authors. THEY decide what they write. THEY decide what they chose to buy.
Now, before I get to the excerpt, here’s where you can find me:
Here’s a little peak at my most recent release from Rebel Ink Press. It’s book 2 in the Living Deadly Series: Holding on to the Pain.
“I was blessed by the gods Hera and Ares. This was their gift to me. I am dead, but not dead. You see, when I became transformed into a Vampire, my heart stopped beating and it still does not beat. But I can do everything and so much more than any human with a heartbeat can. Wonderful. Is it not?”  ~Xander

As the product of an oddly unusual experiment by the gods – they wanted to create the first vampire, Xander exists.  It wasn’t something he had asked for but none the less he reaped the rewards just the same.  As the first of his kind, he’s no longer plagued by human limitations, especially pain. Hera and Ares may have created him to be the ultimate killing machine, but there is a learning curve for even him.   While enjoying his newfound power, he kills without mercy, often simply for his own pleasure. His desire for pain at time even surpasses his sexual needs. He was gifted with invincibility as well as impatience. As the years added up, he grew bored of his dominance over those in the society of war and the civilized. Humans are merely toys for him to play with and toss aside after he’s had his fill. He cares nothing for them other than the blood-thirst they sate.  It can be a truly boring existence as he finds out.

Whether out of boredom or desperation, none know for sure, Xander decides he must have a companion, but who is worthy of his immortal bite?  Kings, warriors, or merchants?  This is part of Xander’s tale…come along for the ride as we journey with one of the greatest warriors of our time as he searches for more than mere existence.   He may be a warrior like no other, one who felt no pain. In a single word: Indestructible.
What seemed like forever finally ended when Devonia knocked on his door. Xander could hear the multiple heartbeats outside his door. How many willing females has she brought to him?
“Enter.” Xander was casual about their entry even though he was still on his back in the center of the bed naked, his cock raised straight up and waiting on the next pussy that was to be wrapped around it.
He heard the gasps and giggles as they entered the room. Smiling, he motioned them toward the bed with a hand.
“Let me ask now, is anyone here a virgin?” Xander was not going to be making that mistake again tonight. When everyone shook their head no, he felt himself let out a breath of relief. Devonia had definitely brought him some beautiful pussy. And such a variety of it. She had brought another blonde, two brunettes, a red head and another very pale skinned girl with jet-black hair.
Xander said a silent thank you to Ares. What a gift.
“Alright, so why everyone is still dressed? Remove your clothes.” He watched as some blushed and others were bolder as they removed their gowns. Some kept eye contact with him while he looked them over; others stared at their feet.
“I don’t mean to be daft, but do you plan to have us all at once?” Devonia looked none too pleased with him.
“Indeed I do. However, if it bothers you, since I’ve already had you tonight, you may leave.” Xander could tell his lack of caring bothered her, but he never catered to the over emotional feelings of women. That could make you lose yourself in wine.
“No, I’ll stay. I was merely curious.” Devonia kept her eyes lowered as she removed her clothing for the second time that night in front of Xander. Evidently the little virgin liked his cock well enough a ration of it was better than doing without another chance to ride him.
“Then, are we all in agreement?” Xander waited and watched some of the women nod yes while others spoke the word quietly. “Good.”
Xander pointed to the blonde. “You I shall call One.”
Pointing at the two brunettes and the red head, “I shall call you Two, you Three and you Four.”
Finally looking at the black haired girl and the first blonde he’d had that night he said, “You will be Five and you, of course, are Devonia. Now tell me, has everyone had someone take their ass?” Xander loved the shocked look on their faces. He didn’t know why he’d become so aggressive with sex and until he had become a Vampire, a woman’s anus was taboo to him. But tonight, it was a strong urge. Since having Devonia and learned she was a virgin, the desire to be first was undeniable.
One and Three nodded that they were not virgins on either location, while Two, Four, and Five claimed they’d only had “normal” sex. Before becoming a Vampire he had never taken a woman’s anus before. Now it seemed to be the ultimate gift.
“Two, I want you to bend over the side table. Be sure to brace yourself firmly.” Moving over to one side of the bed, he continued, “Four, I want you on your hands and knees on that side of my bed. And Five,” Xander sat down and tossed his legs over the side of the bed, “I want you to place yourself over my lap.”
Xander couldn’t quite tell if they were in shock or not, but all moved slowly to do his bidding.
“I’ll tell you now that I am demanding and you will do as I say. Does anyone wish to leave?” Xander again watched as he heard the replies and head shakes of no one wishing to leave.
“One, go to Two and ready her for me. You may finger her pussy and feel her breasts. Most importantly you must lick her anus so that I can take her soon. Three you will do the same on the bed for Four and Devonia you will assist Five on my lap.” Xander couldn’t help but lick his lips with the anticipation of watching the women on each other.

Monday, February 27, 2012

AfterDark's 2nd Interview with Jodi Olson

Back for the second time, since her release “For The Love Of Bobbie” Jodi Olson, shares a cocktail moment with the AfterDark World about her latest releases, “Ours Until Morning”, and “Road To Desire”.

So show some luv for one of the best sellers of erotic romance. Jodi Olson.

1. Jodi, welcome back! It’s an honor once again to have you here. To get started, please tell us what have you been up to lately?

Thanks for having me Ray, it’s great to be here again. I have several projects I’ve been working on. First a sequel to Home for Christmas. My publisher asked me to write one and so I’m working on Mallory’s brother Matt’s story. Then I’ll be working on Flames of Desire Book Two in the Desire series.  Then either Caught By Desire book three or Dirty Cowboys for Lisa. The list is a mile long. lol

2. Congratulations on your releases, “Ours Until Morning” & “Road To Desire”. Please tell us a little bit about your books?

Thank you. Ours Until Morning a F/F/M ménage. Andi and Kaitlin were friends in college. Andi has a boyfriend and Kaitlin is trying to get over a divorce. Andi invites Kaitlin on a much needed vacation and things get heated up.

In Road to Desire, Sam is married to Matt a road construction worker. Sam has always wanted to be a Dominatrix. One weekend while the kids are gone Matt gives into being a submissive, which has always been a fantasy for him.  Sam may have pushed the limits a little too far for Matt or has she?

3. What inspired you to write these two stories?

 In Ours Until Morning I got the idea from my Jodi Olson Erotic Ranch group. I have several male readers ask me to write a F/F story but also include a male in it so I did.

For Road to Desire I saw a book cover that I wanted for a future book that had a male submissive on it. That is all it took. Now I have ideas written up for 6 more male subs and three female subs. The series takes place in Dalton MN.

4. Are there any other projects you are working on right now?

Yes, Home for Christmas2: Baby Makes Three about a navy man who meets a lady more than once before they really hook up. He first bumps into her at a hospital while she is 9 months pregnant. Then 6 weeks later and 4 days before Christmas he sees her again at same hospital. Every time they have met the tension was sky high. Wait until they get snowed in, the sparks really fly.

5. What was one of your toughest projects you ever worked on, but was proud about your accomplishments?

Ours Until Morning. I’ve never written a F/F sex scene before. When the book was finished I was scared to death it would fail but it hasn’t from what I’ve been hearing from readers.

6. Cocktail Moment: Understandably, you don’t drink. But there’s nothing wrong with a non-alcoholic drink. Is there on you enjoy most, and please don’t say water. (LOL)?

Okay I won’t say water. I’m addicted to diet coke and need to stop drinking it but so far it hasn’t worked more than a few days. lol

7. Is there something trivial you want to share to others about yourself professionally?

Not sure what to say here.

8. Is there a genre you haven’t touch, but would be interested in touching some time down the line?

Not really I don’t write paranormal or sci-fi and have no interest in doing so.

9. We all learn new things, so the Jodi Olson of today vs. Jodi Olson I first interviewed in July, what have you learned over the last 7 months since you were interviewed from The AfterDark World?

That if I set my mind to it, I can write F/F and M/M sex scene that are off the charts.

10. Where can your books be purchased?

Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Kobo,, My books are out in 9 different distributors all together.

Ms. Olson, Thank you so much for the opportunity to interview. I wish you much success for your books. They are great books, and I recommend the people to buy and read.
Thanks for having me ,Ray. It was fun as always.

EXCERPT TO Road To Desire

Title: Road to Desire
Publication Date:  10 February 2012
ISBN: 978-1-935757-56-6     
Author: Jodi Olson  Format: E-Book Length:  6,272 words    
PDF = 42 pp
Genre: Erotic Romance Category: BDSM, Female Domination, Male Submission, Romance, Erotica, Contemporary
Price: $3.99

Thank God her mother-in-law was going to take the kids for the weekend so they could have some alone time. With Mathew working days and her working nights they’d go to bed literally exhausted. She really didn’t have any complaints, except for the lack of sex and time alone. He was great to the kids and he always pitched in around the house with laundry and other household chores as much as he could.
She studied his face unhurriedly, feature by feature. His thick black hair needed a good trim, Maybe tomorrow, because tonight I’ll bring him to his knees.
Her eyes lingered on Mathew’s hands, his skin tan from working construction and being outdoors on a daily basis. She loved his hands; those strong long fingers could do amazing things to her body. Her nipples ached for his touch and her panties were soaked just thinking about those fingers inside her. Her gaze traveled up his arm. He had perfect, sculpted muscles, not too much, but enough for her.
“Come into the kitchen, Mathew.” Her smile was eager and alive with affection and delight. “I need your services for a moment.” Usually she wasn’t so bossy, but wanted to see his reaction because tonight he’d be kneeling, begging for release.
“Be right there, Sam. Need to clean off Mason’s messy face first.”
“Hurry up.” Oh this is fun. I could get used to this, hope it works in the bedroom this weekend too. She watched him walk toward her. She whimpered as her gaze landed on the fly of his jeans. He was aroused, extremely aroused. She wondered if he knew what she was thinking right now. Her cheeks blushed at the thought.
“Tonight couldn’t get here fast enough, babe,” Mathew groaned.
“I know; I’m going to give you an anniversary night you’ll never forget.” Her hand traveled down his chest, stopped at his belt buckle, and she heard him make that sexy growl she loved. Her hand rested over his long, thick erection; ever so gently she gave it a little squeeze. “I aim to have this inside me tonight, now get to work or you’ll be late again.”
“Yes, my Mistress.”
“What is it, honey?”
“Tonight make sure and knock; don’t use your key.”
Sam still couldn’t believe Matt finally agreed to do some role playing. Two nights ago he came out of the bedroom with a big box that had her leather outfit in it plus a riding crop and some other toys. He finally agreed to give into her fantasy of being her slave.

EXCERPT TO Ours Until Morning

 Title: Ours Until Morning
Publication Date:  10 February 2012
ISBN: 978-1-935757-55-9     
Author: Jodi Olson  Format: E-Book Length:  8,335 words  
   PDF = 51 pp
Genre: Erotic Romance Category: Romance, Erotica, Multiple Partner, Threesome, Ménage, Contemporary, Lesbian
Price: $3.99

Within minutes they were in the elevator that would take them to their room on the tenth floor. They were alone and he couldn’t take his eyes off her, he wanted to taste her. Gage glanced up and noticed the security camera in the right corner. Maybe the security guard would thank him later for making his shift a whole lot more enjoyable.
Gage grabbed her around the waist from behind, pulling her back against him. He squeezed her affectionately, leaning into her until his chest was against her back. Lifting one hand slowly, he swept her strawberry-blonde hair aside to expose the skin of her neck and pressed his lips against the creamy flesh.
She moaned as he kissed her neck again, stroking her with his tongue. When her head fell back, he put his arms around her. His lips left her neck to nibble at her earlobe; as he roused her passion, his grew stronger.
As his hand seared a path down her abdomen and onto her thigh he paused to kiss her, whispering his love for each part of her body that aroused him the most. Her dress crept up onto her thighs as her hips ground into his hard cock. His hand moved under her dress to skim her hips. He splayed his fingers and ripped off her thong, letting it slip from his fingers, not  caring where it landed. Gage’s fingers slid over her slick folds, while Andi wrapped her arm behind his neck; he heard her moans of pleasure leaving him wanting her even more. He nuzzled her neck as his fingers moved deeper inside her fiery slit, causing her breaths to become more rapid, stroking her clit faster as she moaned. Then in a sudden burst of pleasure, she cried out his name just as the doors of the elevator ope ned to a waiting crowd. Embarrassed, Gage and Andi slowly let go of each other
There must have been a dozen guests waiting to enter. The noise from the crowd suddenly grew into silence as Gage watched their expressions. It was like they’d never seen two people make out in an elevator before. “This is where we get off, baby.”
Gage fumbled with the electronic card key. He had no idea why he was so nervous. He just gave Andi one hell of an orgasm. It wasn’t like they never had sex in public before, that was one of the things he liked about her. She was a wild one for sure.
He used to be worried about being older then her, but that quickly passed. Nowadays he thought of making things more long-term with her, and this trip could help with that decision.
He let Andi go inside first and once inside closed the door. The king-size bed in the master bedroom was covered with a white bedspread with green ruffles at the bottom. Four large pillows rested by the modern wooden headboard, and the dressers were a dark brown with palm tree leaves carved around the drawers. The fall-off balcony overlooked the beaches, ocean and harbor. They were only steps away from the Mandra Spa, a pristine private beach, the casino, and nightclub. Yes, this was exactly what they needed.

Beth Carter Guest Blogs For The AfterDark World.

The AfterDark World is proud to introduce an author that isn't afraid to step out of her own boundaries of work. Introducing Beth Carter, let her bring her introduction and also check out her latest release Kismet

Out of the Comfort Zone

It is very easy to stay within the confines of what is comfortable and normal in your set boundaries.  But erotica romance writers have the double edge sword of writing not only quality stories, but writing sex scenes that sizzle.      

One thing I love about the explosion of ebook publishing is the emergence of fantasies in print.  Readers are now able to explore different passions and a side of sexuality that hadn’t been there before.  So many different love stories are visited now, from male on male love to multiple partners.  Once thought taboos, ebooks are breaking down all types of zones to fulfill the reader’s demands.

Many of us erotica writers continually battle the preconceived notion that we write porn,   that we write subpar work.  We’ve had our intelligence insulted, our feelings bruised and our talent questioned.  Some people think we even live what we write, that our moral ethics are nonexistent.  But for me, writing sex is hard.  It’s perhaps the hardest aspect of my job and I do a lot of internet research and interviews to bring each character to life. 

I’ve recently stepped outside my comfort zone by writing my first male/male romance novella title “Bother Me’, due out May 8th through Loose Id.  I didn’t know the first thing about writing gay romance so I turned to watching movies, the internet and reading other authors like Jet Mykles to get the dynamics of male/male love. 

Stepping outside whatever box makes you feel safe is a way of exploring a part of yourself you may have been afraid to face, whether as a reader or writer.  I constantly push my own boundaries because I never want to stagnate my stories; to fall into the trap where I substitute character names but have the same plot and the same expectations.  And I never rest of my laurels.  I think I still have a lot more to learn on writing my full potential. 

-Beth D. Carter


I am a full time  writer and  stay at home mom which means I watch a lot of Pixar films.  Over and over and over again.   I hate washing dishes but I love cooking. I hate washing clothes but I love wearing them. I try to write characters who aren't cookie cutters, ones who are full of angst but where love redeems them. I push myself to write complicated situations that I have no idea how to resolve, forcing me to think outside the box. Music inspires me as do the boats and arguing seals in the  marina where I live. I hate people who don't pick up their dog's crap in public places and I really hate people who are rude and condescending. I especially hate discrimination in all and every form.  The perfect birthday presents are gift certificates to bookstores. And I love to hear from readers.  I’m really easy to find on Facebook or Twitter.


From Kismet ( ) by Beth D. Carter

I kiss him in a way that tingles down to my toes. It’s more than just a simple meeting of lips, it’s sin and raw power rolled into one punch. His tongue sweeps into my mouth and takes over, tasting me, savoring me. I can feel his hunger. I encourage it. I crave it.

I break the kiss long enough to bring my soaked shirt up and over my head. As soon as it’s gone, Kris resumes his kissing. Every nerve ending comes alive. Kris unsnaps my shorts and slides them down my hips and legs as he kisses his way from my mouth to my breasts. He latches on to one nipple, sucking hard.

He kneels in the damp grass, lifting one leg and then the other to help me take off my panties. His hands trace my muscles, sliding smoothly up my calves to my thighs. Gently he turns me around so that his face is to my ass, and he kneads my cheeks as his thumb sweeps between my crack to explore that territory. I can’t help but clench a little. But he’s careful, patient, and when he sweeps in with his tongue, the embarrassment fades away.

He licks from inside the top of my crack, down one cheek, to just where it meets my pussy. My juices have been running freely, mingling with rain, and I can feel his lips nibbling right at that spot. So sensitive, so heavenly. I can’t help but squirm, wanting more. But he simply denies me, retracing his route, all the way up. And then like a whirlpool, he starts circling my rosebud, around and around, until he hits the target area. He doesn’t slip his tongue inside, but instead runs the velvety roughness over it again and again, sensitizing it awake.

And then his fingers start pressing in, using my own juices to lube me up to prepare. In and out, maddeningly slow. One finger, then two. I try to escape, but there is nowhere to go. After he has three fingers in, he slides them somewhat in and out. At first it’s rough, but gradually the pain starts to fade to a burn. The burn then fades to… Oh my fucking God.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Weekend Dirty Dozen: Finding Possibilities 02/24 - 02/26/2012

Hey people. I'm sorry I've been posting a little late, but better late than never.
I wanted to drop by my Weekened Dirty Dozen for the weekend of 2/24 - 2/26

I'm writing Chapter Three to my WIP Finding Possibilities, about an evening text after work.

*This is a rough copy, it is subjected to change.

Darius stepped out of the Manhattan DMV office and made his way to the City Hall train station on Broadway. He stopped at a news stand to get a candy bar, and heard his smart phone go off with a notification. As he pulled his smart phone out of his pocket, he saw it was a text message from Faith.

Can you make it to the boardawalk on Cappadonna before sunset?

He checked the time, it was 5:15PM. He knew she lived in Staten Island and getting there before sunset wouldn't be a problem, but getting home would be a mission without his car. Staten Island was awfully quiet at night, and he wasn't sure if he would catch the bus back to Brooklyn, but as for Faith, she was well worth missing the bus.

He texted, I could be there before sunset. Why?

I'm wearing leather boots and no underwear under my dress. Hurry quick, I want you really bad!

I'll be on the ferry over.

I'm getting off the ferry. Come quick!

Darius grew hard under his pants; talk about motivation. He had a thing for women wearing leather boots, but for her to not wear an underwear under her dress made his member poke through his pants and he worried riding the ferry with a raging hard-on.

He tried to shake it off and replied. Leather boots and no underwear. I'll be right over!

As he placed his phone back in his pocket, he suddenly wondered what bus he needed to take to get to Father Cappadonna Boulevard? He was able to get around by car, but by bus was a different story.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy Guest Blogs for The AfterDark World

I am happy to bring in the midweek with one hell of an author, blogger, and one BIG congratulations to her release on Evernight Publishing, Love Shadows, which was released yesterday.

So please leave a comment and a congratulations to her release, and enjoy this spicy excerpt.

           Blame it on Barnabas Collins.  That’s what I tell people if they ask why I chose to write about vampires in my Love Covenant series from Evernight Publishing.  The fourth volume, Love Shadows, in the six book series appeared this month and Love Shadows joins the first three books (Love Tattoo, Love Knots, Love Knots in the hand of the vampire reading public.
            I blame in on Barnabas because I spent many afternoon hours in my childhood watching the gothic soap opera, Dark Shadows.  Yes, my mother allowed me to watch it and I guess my fascination with fanged creatures of the nights dates back to the program.  Of course I grew up in a big rambling brick house with its’ glory days in the past not the present where odd things happened and I later would joke the paranormal was our normal.
            So I got hooked on vampires.  One of my first published short stories back in the day was a sexy one I called Flame.  The story didn’t offer much originality about vampires but an editor liked it and published it in several small press magazines down New Orleans way.  Once in a very great while, someone tells me they read it and the fact they even remember it pleases me.
            Love Tattoo began as what I thought was a stand alone paranormal romance.  I got the idea driving down a lonely two-lane highway one dark winter night.  I noticed most of the other traffic out at an ungodly hour were big trucks, eighteen wheelers and I thought trucking would be a great cover occupation for a vampire. The idea cooked in my brain for a few weeks before I sat down and wrote about a Texas gal singer’s unexpected morning encounter with a sexy stranger at a rest stop off I-40.  Will Brennan just happened to be a vampire as well as a truck driver but Cara didn’t know it – not yet.   During the final edits, my Evernight editor suggested there might be room for a sequel and after I pondered it (my first thought being ‘no way’) I decided to give it a shot.  The books are written first person from Cara’s view point and she kept talking until her story – and Will’s – became a series.  She’s still yapping away and I hope she won’t shut up until the two final books are finished.
            Here’s the blurb and a short excerpt from the newest, book four of the Love Covenant series, Love Shadows:

Love Shadows blurb

Love Shadows, book four in my popular Love Covenant paranormal romance series from Evernight Publishing will be out later this week, following Love Tattoo, Love Scars, and Love Knots.
Cara couldn’t be happier now that her sexy vampire husband Will Brennan located his long lost brother Seamus.  Her new found brother-in-law even has a theater where she can sing - until a vampire named Henri shows up in the audience.  He covets Cara but not for a happy ending. The old vampire, far more powerful than Will or Seamus has a bad reputation among the undead.
Back in Memphis Henri demonstrates he can make them suffer at will.  A cat and mouse game begins and takes them back to Missouri, then onto Texas for what they hope will be a happy family holiday.
A last minute grocery store run puts Cara in Henri’s hands and leaves Seamus near dead.  When Henri takes Cara deep into the mysterious back waters of Caddo Lake, it’ll take more than just Will Brennan and his brother to save her – if they can.


With the infinite patience of the stars, Will Brennan put his mouth over mine, as rich and sweet as the somnolent scent of honeysuckle on a summer night.  His lips stroked mine with such slow heat that I burned, not the savage flame that hurt so much on Halloween but a gentle fever that moved through my blood like intoxication.  That mouth cherished me as if my lips held the riches of all ages, a king’s treasure.  Will’s kisses teased over me like a whisper, reminding me of a light wind that might fondle a cheek or toss a lock of hair.   He handled me as if I might be as fragile as an exquisite antique of extreme value.  He touched me with care as if I might break if he didn’t.  

As his hands moved over my body like heat lightning on a humid night, elusive, my skin became so sensitive that each stroke sent a thousand nerve cells tingling. When his mouth left my lips, they mourned his leaving but I had no time to think because his lips tickled down my throat, nipping and licking where my veins ran. He followed the largest, using his tongue to trace its course until he reached my breasts. Will used his thumb to rub against each nipple, one at a time, in a circular fashion that brought the buds to bloom. He cupped my tits in his hands as if he held eggs, delicate and easy to break, and the weight of his hands against my flesh tortured me but in such an exquisite way that I wanted more. Then he ran his hands down my sides, palms against my body, in a slow rhythm that filled me with a music that rang in my head. When I raised my hand to touch him, he stayed it.
"Let me,” he said, his voice just a faint rustle audible in the roaring I heard in my ears. “Let me do it all, mo anam cara.

I yielded, slave to his master, and allowed to do what he wanted. My body became his to command, his to take and he did with such deliberate measure that I thought I might languish there, imprisoned forever.When he entered me, his rod stiff and hard, he burrowed into my warmth, my wet cave that waited for him without force or hammering. Instead of conquering with might, Will poured into me like a tide sweeping over a beach, natural and powerful. I felt the impact of his arrival and knew the sweet, sweet release as he covered me. He filled me to capacity and then he bucked, no longer able to control his own need, yet even then with a gentle consideration.

I rose to meet him halfway, drawing him deeper into myself so that when the moment we sought came, we rode it like a Fourth of July rocket into the stratosphere of our souls and let it explode over us with brilliant joy. The release brought me to such a brink of physical pleasure that I cried out, unable to contain it and Will stopped my noise with his mouth, with a kiss that gave me the remaining roughness I craved. He kissed me hard, his mouth all but raping mine as I gloried in the sensation, coming again in a breaking tide that consumed us both.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Gemma Parkes Guest Blogs for The AfterDark World

Author Gemma Parkes has something unique that keeps people wondering more about her. She has a style that has caught my attention over the last two weeks, mainly because of her excerpt to her book, Master Me, Master You. Whenever I read her work, I feel the air of sensuality.

The AfterDark World is pleased to have her on here, she will forever make Tuesdays so Tasty, I have to have her on here again! Enjoy and show this woman some love.

Hi Ray, Thank you for having me over on your blog today. It’s always great to visit new blogs and have a good mooch around. Love what you’re doing with the place.
I’ve been working really hard lately writing as much as possible whilst I’m at home recuperating from a small heart scare.
For those of your visitors who haven’t heard of me before, l am an author who currently specializes in Erotic fiction. I have several short stories for sale in eBook format available to purchase on Amazon Kindle, All Romance Fiction, Xcite, Smashwords and Yellow Silk Dreams. These include my latest work entitled ‘Master Me, Master You’. I also have a printed anthology of my earlier work called ‘Short ‘N Sexy’ and inclusions in three anthologies with Naughty Nights Press, (‘A Wicked and Wanton all Hallows Eve’) Ravenous Romance (‘Back Door Lover’) and Cleis Press (‘Girl Fever’).
I have just finished a novella called ‘Pleasing Mia’ which has been accepted by Rebel Ink Press. So l suppose l am putting myself about a bit!
I started writing in this genre last May (2011) and l am very pleased with the way things have snowballed for me. I certainly still have a lot to learn but l am enjoying the journey! I particularly enjoy meeting other authors on social networking sites such as Face book and Twitter.
Is this sounding a bit too much like a CV?
I live in the North of England, deep in the countryside and l often find inspiration from looking out at the green fields, not that there are couples having sex out there, at least l don’t think so!
I don’t think l specialise in a particular sub genre, though it is often M/F with a touch of sexual control. I also write many of my stories in the first person, l just find it easier to put myself in that position and write about how l might react if l was that person. I like stories with enigmatic characters, l do like to write with emotion, but find that easier to achieve in longer pieces. I also love to write poetry.
I would love to give you an excerpt from ‘Pleasing Mia’ but it won’t be available until the summer. So instead here is ‘Master Me, Master You’:

A quiet afternoon in a café leads to a chance meeting with Tom, an enigmatic man with a dark compelling nature. His arrogant sexual demands grow in their intensity until a visit to his neglected apartment reveals an even darker side of him that Jenna is powerless to resist. This book is attended for Adults only and contains strong language and explicit sex.

The following afternoon at 2pm l was sitting nervously on the park bench, looking across the small pond towards the direction that Tom usually arrived from.
 When it reached 2.15pm l thought that perhaps he wasn’t coming, that he had changed his mind because l had let him down, l was sad, then angry, then hugely disappointed. Just as l was about to leave he showed up, moving towards me with a confident swagger and a smug expression. I waited for his response to my skirt. He stood directly in front of me and lowered his gaze.
“Stand up.” he said.
I stood and brushed down my skirt. It was short and frilly, pretty and lacy stopping about four inches above my knees.
“Turn around.” he said.
I took a step forward and then turned slowly around, the soft material swayed outwards before falling perfectly back into place.
“Very nice.” he said finally, and l inwardly breathed a huge sigh of relief.
Our walk around the park was much better that day; he wrapped a protective arm around me and held me close. We smiled, we chatted, and we laughed.
He told me a little bit about himself and asked me many questions, things like where did l like to go, what movies did I like, and all the usual normal things that new acquaintances might ask. Looking back now l realise that he didn’t actually give too much away about himself, no personal details at all. In retrospect l suppose he was probing me, his tone was quite clinical. Did l live alone? How recent was my previous boyfriend? This one excited me; did it mean that he wanted to be my current boyfriend? He wasn’t exactly boyfriend material, but maybe he was just a little shy? All his questions were directed at me with one of his curious stares, intensity was his middle name.
When, once again he checked his watch and informed me that he had to leave, he swept me up into his arms, kissed me fervently and slipped one hand swiftly up my skirt then back down. This movement was so quick l wasn’t sure if l had imagined it at first. Then he leaned back looked hard into my eyes and said,
“Next time leave the panties at home.”
As l watched him walk away l felt my cheeks colour. How dare he treat me like this? What was wrong with me? I would not be here to meet this arrogant man tomorrow or any other time.
 But, of course, l was.

Thank you so much for having me along today, it’s great to get away from the laptop for awhile! Come on over to my place, bring wine!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Cynthia Arsuaga Guest Blogs for The AfterDark World

Happy Monday everyone! I have one exciting author to begin the week with a great excerpt. Guarantee to get your interest. Meet Cynthia Arsuaga, erotic romance author that can bring spice and flava to the scene. If you haven't checked out her upcoming release on her blog, I think you better. Because I smell love at first site on her upcoming release "A Vampire In Paris

Thanks for having me in your crib, The AfterDark World, Ray. I’ll get right to it. I’m a no-nonsense kind of lady and have no reason to bore your readers with the mundane information about me. The link to my blog and website are below and if are so inclined, can take a hop over to them to learn more about me. Let’s get to the juicy stuff, why don’t we?
I had three releases this month—a short story erotic paranormal (Nightfall: Cassidy’s Fantasy) with various women and the fantasies to indulge in their darkest desires (part of a series, the other installments come out a couple weeks apart), a novella which is part of a Valentine’s anthology called Five Hearts (mine is titled Lost in the Sea of You), and the last that released on Valentine’s Day, A Vampire in Paris. It’s the last one I’m featuring today.
So here goes and I hope everyone enjoys! Oh, and just because Valentine’s is over, you can still give me a little love at the end and leave me a comment telling me if you liked or not. Thanks.

The attraction is instant, but their new found love is tested on the journey to love eternal.
For over two hundred years, London-based security and private investigator, Ramsey Weiss has existed as the quintessential confirmed bachelor. New Years’ Day he is dispatched to Paris, France, to rescue an abducted cosmetics company heiress. In the melee, he butts heads with an unexpected woman.
Camille du Bassin is the head chemist at Institut de Beauté Biologique and her niece has been kidnapped. She teams up with a private security investigator with special skills hired by her brother. The two unlikely pair work together playing a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse not only with each other, but battle an evil ancient vampire determined to take Camille as his consort. Somewhere along the journey, Camille and Ramsey are surprised by the physical attraction that develops between them, denying the attraction.
Just when the two lovers' think their love can be forever...Fate steps in to challenge the power of their love.

Bien sur. Je t’adore, mon bébé. Of course, my baby. I adore you.”
“Why are you continuing to speak in French? Trying to impress me, or what?”
“I don’t know. The language of love, I guess. Or maybe because you might know I mean this is real. After a few days with you, I realized there could be such a thing as love at first sight. I adore you, want you and don’t give a bloody damn how old you are. You are sexy, feisty, and the woman I want to spend a lot of years with, if not forever. Enough talking.” He lowered his head poised to capture her lips again.
Merde! This is crazy. You know this is impossible.” She flattened her palms against his chest and pushed away, turning her back to him. “You’re like an old soul trapped in a young man’s body, Ramsey. A romantic? I’m not sure, or maybe you love the chase. One thing I do know is you’re a vampire and will be eternally young, living off blood. I’m not young and you’ll grow tired of me.” She turned to face him again.
His heart beat faster, almost painfully so watching her strain for words to say. She doesn’t want me and is letting me down gently? This must be how C.J. felt when Payton denied him.
She continued to speak, “You should have a gorgeous woman on your arm and in your bed. I can’t ever be that for you.”
Letting her go was not an option. With outstretched arms, he pulled her close against his chest. “Shut up woman and stop over-thinking how you feel. Kiss me.” Then he stifled any more words before they could be spoken, pressing her full and throbbing lips to his own.
Camille moaned into his mouth and then he felt the towel fall from around her, dropping into a pile at his feet. He scooped her into his arms and carried her to the bed, placing her gently on the rumpled down comforter.
Their gazes maintained contact as he situated himself next to her. “Baby, I only want to do this if you desire,” his voice now a rich, velvety tone filled with longing.
“Yes, I want you too, Ramsey, but I’m afraid. Promise you won’t break my heart. I’m getting too old for that kind of pain.”

DON’T CALL ME ‘BABY’ by Elizabeth Black is on SALE!

From now until February 23rd 2012, you can purchase your very own copy for the low price of $4.99 at All Romance E-Books. Don’t miss out on your chance to be enthralled by this wonderful contemporary romance, full of everything you would expect when a woman is exploring her sexuality during the 1980’s.

Don’t Call Me Baby by Elizabeth Black
DON'T CALL ME 'BABY' is a fast-paced, quick-witted, sexy, novel about a young woman exploring her sexuality and the cultural morés she collides with on a daily basis.
It's 1983 in Maryland and Catherine Stone is sex on wheels. She plays the field the way men have done for aeons. Not content to strive for her MRS degree like so many young women her age, she seduces men of all stripes – married college professors, theatre students, virgins, complete strangers who intrigue her. She has already cost one man his job.
She asks herself lots of questions on her search to enjoy her sexuality. Why don't other women enjoy their sex as much as she does? Why do so many women and men look down on sexually free women, calling them sluts while sexually free men are called studs and Lotharios? She bucks at the double standards!  Catherine has made no commitment to any man. She's free to explore and she gladly does so. No man can tie her down and no woman's judgment will stop her from playing the field to her heart's content.
Does she meet her match in a new man who introduces her to sexual bliss she had never before experienced? When she tries multiple partners and bondage for the first time as a submissive, she believes she's found the sexual bliss she is looking for – and with a man who not only introduces her to the fineries in life but also cares about her like no man ever has before.

Catherine Stone looked around the amusement park and rides but saw nothing unusual. It was the end of another hot and humid day in Maryland during the summer of 1983. The sun had set behind the trees, casting shadows across the park hiding the car she sat in to some extent. Catherine wished it were a bit darker outside, because she was in constant fear of getting caught, but it was a hot June evening, so that was too much to ask for. Besides, the possibility of getting caught thrilled her, made the encounter all the more exciting for her. Every horn blowing and car pulling in made her hair stand on end. Will this be the cop who pulls us over? Can we get away with me sucking him off here yet again?
She unzipped Brian's trousers, and slipped her hand inside. Reaching into his briefs, her fingers wrapped around his growing cock and it jumped at her touch. Brian is so predictable. All he ever wants is for me to suck his cock. Good thing I demand a good, expensive meal after these trysts, or I'd get nothing out of them. She pulled his cock out of his trousers, feeling the organ spread out in her palm.
“Oh, that feels good. I love it when you stroke me off.”
She stroked his shaft, gripping him harder as her hand reached the base. Every time she squeezed, his cock jumped in her hand. She liked the way it looked and felt in her hand. Purple with arousal and thick with veins, the well-formed head glistened with pre-cum. In her years since starting college she had enjoyed many different types of cocks and Brian's was especially hot because it was so big and he was uncircumcised. She liked the look of hard cocks. When they were hard they were so sensitive. A twist a little too far this way or that way could hurt, yet she knew from what past lovers had told her, the pain felt so good. She liked pulling Brian's cock too far; just to get a painful, yet aroused reaction out of him. Although she felt impatient, she relished the fact that she was a good lay. Her blowjob skills had improved greatly over the months, and she could also make Brian come very quickly with her hand jobs.
As she gently rolled back his foreskin and stroked his growing shaft, she cradled his balls in her other hand. She liked the way his cock grew to nearly twice its size, when all she did was brush her fingers against it. It felt hard yet sinewy, like a garden hose full of water. She enjoyed the effect she had on him, and she relished her power. Sex was a heady power surge, and Catherine could not get enough of it.
Brian's cock was big; longer and thicker than other cocks she had the pleasure of sucking and fucking. Plus, at his age of fifty-eight, he stayed harder for a longer time, and it took him much longer to come than men her own age of twenty-two. Catherine never faked orgasms. She liked sex so much that she had no trouble coming every time she fucked. When she didn't feel like coming, she simply said so. Faking an orgasm was something she never even considered doing.
Tonight was one night, however, that she wished Brian would hurry up, come, and get it over with. She hated their trysts at the park because she got little if anything out of them. She would much rather stay in a nice hotel and spend the evening fucking without feeling any pressure, but that was not to be this evening. She needed to be at Silver Spring College in the morning for her new summer job. So here she sat, sexually unsatisfied and feeling a bit used wondering when she was going to meet a man who could satisfy her insatiable sexual needs.
Little did she know that several men, including a father and son, would please her over the upcoming summer weeks, including one man who was her match.
“Yes, stroke it, Baby. Go slowly.”
“Don't call me 'Baby'.” She hated it when he called her 'baby'. It made her feel like she was his property. “Baby” was also what her father called her mother when he was trying to excuse his extramarital affairs. He'd say, “I'm sorry, Baby,” when all he was sorry for was getting caught, not the actual affairs themselves. Catherine wondered if she saw married men because of the way her father treated her mother. At least with a married man, he couldn't force her to be exclusive. She didn't have to make a commitment to a married man or get too emotionally invested. She was interested in the sex more than the relationship. Whenever Brian called her “Baby”, he reminded her of why she saw married men and that made her feel uncomfortable. She preferred to be called “Honey” which sounded more affectionate. She'd even accept “Hon”, which was a popular term of endearment in her native Baltimore but Brian was from New York. She hated “Baby” because it sounded so crude to her. Her roommate's obnoxious boyfriend called her “Baby” when he was lying to her, so the word left a bad taste in Catherine's mouth.
About Elizabeth Black
I live in Massachusetts next to the ocean with my husband, son, and four cats. My articles and erotic books and short stories have been published by Romance Divine, Circlet Press, Whiskey Creek Press Torrid, Xcite Books, Ravenous Romance, eXcessica Publishers, Scarlet Magazine, Sexis Magazine, Alternet, the Ms. Magazine Blog, Good Vibrations Magazine, and nuts4chic.

Here's where to find me elsewhere on the web: