Love Out Of Lust Series

Friday, December 14, 2012

Flash Fiction Friday - 12/14/2012

Happy Friday, once again.
Which of these people will be having sex tonight?
Well, in this case, it's all about comedy, and once again about my favorite people - Darla & Tyler, except Darla is still spending a girls' night-in, and her neighbor Peaches join the party.
Come check it out!


“Look!” Lisa pointed “It’s the new model from the Calvin Klein commercial.” She turned to Darla,

“Oh you are so lucky to meet him.”
“Yeah, Darla,” Stacy stared into the set, her expression in wanton. “Wow look at his body.”
“He’s alright,” Darla sipped her cup of hot cocoa, responding to her text message from Tyler.
Peaches commented as he leaned over fanning himself. “Mmmm…. my what a wonderful pair of Speedos. I wonder how large could he be?”
Darla turned to Peaches, waving her hand away. “Oh trust me; he’s really small; the whole package deal.”


  1. And a very nice package too. Love your flasher

  2. Excellent and very cheeky flash Ray. Congrats

  3. Hmmm, Ms. Darla is certainly being catty. I supposes it's no secret how she knows about the size of the package. *Chuckles* She didn't have to bust him out like that, she could have 'faked' it. Ray, well done.