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Friday, December 7, 2012

Flash Fiction Friday - 12/07/2012

Hey Hiyadoin?
It's time for Flash Fiction Friday, and this snippet is more playful than my last few posts; mostly from Tantalizing Tuesday. What I've learned is that Flasher Fiction Friday is more of what your mind puts into the picture provided by #FFF, not what you post, but thankfully, I've found it really fun.
So here's one of my works; just from the top of my head.

“I can’t believe you wrote this Hector,” Mari laughed as she turned to side to read more of Hector’s work.

“It gets even funnier,” Hector moved himself on top of Mari’s body, resting his chin on her shoulder, before giving her a kiss.

Mari continued reading, while she felt Hector nuzzle at her neck. It was hard for her concentrate on Hector’s manuscript. He was tickling her neck with his tongue, and she couldn’t help squirm with laughter.

“Hold still…” he joked. “won’t you?”

“How can I?” She laughed her ass off, squirming uncontrollably.


  1. I like this light hearted flash Ray! It really suits the picture!

  2. Great fun flash. Typical, making her laugh while she's trying to read. Got the t shirt on that one LOL

  3. Nice fun flash, Ray!

  4. Very playful and fun. I liked where this is going. I'm curious as to what happens next. :)

  5. I love his impatience, he just can't keep his hands of her. You really brought this picture to life. So much fun, but what happens once she drops that book? Fab Flash.

  6. Love the humour Ray I wonder what he wrote though Great flash

  7. This is really a nice take on the picture. Instead of going with the obvious, that Hector wrote something naughty for Mari to read, it's about humor and laughter. That's so cool, I like it - because the couple who can laugh together will stay together. Muwah!!@