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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Erotic Holiday Countdown Calendar


The Erotic Holiday Countdown starts December 1!
For those of you that don't know. The Erotic Holiday Countdown is 31 days of free drool-worthy erotica for your enjoyment. As if that wasn't good enough, there will also be 1 prize given away of an original story written specifically for the winner. For more details - see the Erotic Holiday Countdown page.

I estimate that each story will be available at 1am PT on the date given. If it isn't, please try an hour later. But please don't masturbate while you wait. You'll wanna save it for the stories. Unless you have an ultra-high libido at which point, my phone number is... oh, wait. *cough*. Never mind. Where was I? Oh yes, on with the calendar.

Calendar of Erotica
Story descriptions are underneath the calender by author

Date Author Title Content
Dec 1 Thianna D: Coming In m/m
Dec 2 Ray: Forgetting About What Happened m/f
Dec 3 Thianna D: Please, Santa, I Want More m/m
Dec 4 Thianna D: White Wolf m/f
Dec 5 Max: Winter's Lioness Part 1 m/f
Dec 6 Max: Winter's Lioness Part 2 m/f
Dec 7 Max: Winter's Lioness Part 3 m/f
Dec 8 Max: Winter's Lioness Part 4 m/f
Dec 9 Max: Winter's Lioness Part 5 m/f
Dec 10 Max: Winter's Lioness Part 6 m/f
Dec 11 Max: Winter's Lioness Part 7 m/f
Dec 12 Macy: Stuffing the Holiday Virgin f/f, m/f
Dec 13 Travis: A Cup of Cheer m/f
Dec 14 Thianna: The Auction m/f,m/m
Dec 15 Dane: When She Least Expected It Part 1 m/f
Dec 16 Dane: When She Least Expected It Part 2 m/f
Dec 17 Dane: When She Least Expected It Part 3 m/f
Dec 18 Dane: When She Least Expected It Part 4 m/f
Dec 19 Dane: When She Least Expected It Part 5 m/f
Dec 20 Dane: When She Least Expected It Part 6 m/f
Dec 21 Dane: When She Least Expected It Part 7 m/f
Dec 22 Dane: When She Least Expected It Part 8 m/f
Dec 23 Thianna: Bah-HUM-Bug m/m
Dec 24 Thianna: Was It Good For You Too? m/f
Dec 25 Kiki: Christmas Wood m/f
Dec 26 Penelope: Diary of a Broken Me: The Christmas Contract m/f
Dec 27 Thianna: Gift of Giving Club f/f
Dec 28 Thianna: There is Still Life in the Old Boy Yet m/f
Dec 29 Max: Unintended Gifts m/f
Dec 30 Penelope: Untitled orgy
Dec 31 Thianna: Only on New Year's Eve m/f

List of Authors

Story Descriptions

Some of the authors provided a brief bio. Mouse over their names to view it.

Dane Hargreaves Twitter

When She Least Expected It: Candice has a busy life. She runs her own publishing company and it keeps her on the go and in charge. Until she meets Damon, she had no idea how fun giving up control could be.

Kiki Wellington: Website | Twitter

Christmas Wood: Francis loves Christmas in New York—especially her annual holiday hook ups. And when she has an encounter with a mysterious stranger in a department store, he jingles her bells and takes her desires to another world.

Macy Alexander: Website | Twitter

Stuffing the Holiday Virgin: When a young woman goes to spend the holidays with her roommate, the experience turns out more exciting than she planned.

Max/Cherish Desire: Website | Twitter

Winter's Lioness: Erik has a choice - answer the bestial call of his heritage or fight to preserve his humanity. His unlikely decision is to go on the run, and to boost his courage he stops off in London to enjoy the siren call of a lonely lioness. No surprise that Heather likes to sink her teeth into his flesh, but Erik has brought along needles to temper her passionate urges one thrust after another.

Uninteded Gifts: Angel thinks Tom should treat her differently now that they're engaged, but all she manages to do is infuriate him when her buddies Greg and Alan try to call him out at their regular club. While she is sleeping off her sorrows and the alcohol at her friend's apartment, Tom gets an unexpected visitor on his doorstep. And Tara seems to believe that since Angel is in her bed then there must be a spot available in Tom's bed for her. But first Tara wants to do it everywhere Tom has sexed Angel - a bit of revenge on her friend and an unwitting holiday gift for Tom.

Penelope Jones: Website | Twitter

Diary of a Broken Me: The Christmas Contract: Maci is overcome. None of her past M/s relationships have worked, so why should she believe this one will? In a series of letters between her and her master, we gain an understanding of the depth of a D/s relationship gone right.

2nd Story info coming

Ray Sostre: Website | Twitter (Editor Annabelle Crawford: Website)

Forgetting About What Happened: Forgiveness during the holidays can be painful, especially if Jeremy wasn't Monica's first choice. After Monica realizes that Jeremy was the one, she tries to win him back in her by confessing her true feelings for him. But it is up to Jeremy to decide if he should forgive and move on in being with her.

Thianna D: Website | Twitter

Bah-HUM-Bug: To Brandon, Trent was the most perfect man on earth, so going to his Christmas Party was both joyful and painful. Until things took a turn for the better. Maybe the party wasn't a bust after all.

Coming In: At the age of 18, Corin was banished to a camp that his parents hoped would help him overcome his homosexuality. Instead, he was introduced to pleasure he never could have imagined.

Gift of Giving Club: She went in to get the goods on an all-women society. Instead, she found a whole new world awaited her. Now she wonders. Is it better to give or receive?

Only on New Year's Eve: Constance lives a lonely life until her lover comes to visit her every New Year's Eve. Will this year be the time he will finally stay?

Please, Santa, I Want More: When Xander went to his newest client, he wasn't expecting that client to be male. Or to call him Santa. Before the end of the night, Santa might just show him that jolly old elves still have some sting in their slap.

The Auction: Every year the single subs of Club Erotique go up for private auction. This is Justine's first year. She hopes to be bought by Lord Dane, but that was before she saw what she would need to do.

There is Still Life in the Old Boy Yet: Grady was past his prime and yet was still muddling through each day. The worst part of his existence was his impotence. Until a new neighbor moved in and he found a reason to leave his recliner.

Was It Good For You Too?: Isadora's family eschewed the use of garlic - ever, but never told her why. On this Christmas Eve, when she invites her neighbor to break bread with her, she finds out the truth in the most orgasmic of ways.

White Wolf: Out for a run, she-wolf Karya is followed by Devir, a wolf without a clan. When he suggests they mate, she has no idea what she is in for.

Travis Naught: Website | Twitter

A Cup of Cheer: Amber is a go getter. The man at the coffee shop has pointed looks her way, but it is up to her to take charge of the situation. Warming up on a winter's day has never been so much fun!

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