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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Book Review: Six Degrees of Sexperation by Rico Lamoureaux

When I first purchased the book of “Six Degrees of Sexperation,” written by Rico Lamoureux, I was first intrigued of the title and the cover. So I purchased it.


Upon reading the book from it’s time of the release, I was very fascinated by the first story which began with an older woman and her sudden attraction to a young man she had known for a long time – The Unleashing of Gerard Hayes. The sex scene was quite mild, but intimate, but the story is about Gerard Hayes how he comes of age of his sexual exploration. The story had quite a build up – the right kind of build up which will keep the reader interested throughout the story – not one ounce of boredom was ever installed.


But you’ll have to read it from the beginning where you you’ll understand the second chapter, where the second story – Supernova. This second story is about Gerard going to an exotic island in the Pacific, unknown to man, along with his college friend Jenna, where they discover the art of deep-throating. The sex scene was a little bit spicier, and the story became more interesting. And the story left me very anticipated for the third chapter.


In the third story – The Pink French, the story goes to Jenna, now Jen, where she has a new college roommate Tiffany, and they spend a night out practicing on the art of blowjob against a strap-on, where it later leads to a sexual encounter. In the third chapter of the story, the scenes become non-stop erotic, and this f/f sex scene would leave you tantalized for the next chapter.


Moving on to Chapter four – Business Class. Tiffany, now years from her college years, joins a sex club, where she has her first encounter named Rich at a hotel near an airport. If you want nothing but vivid and descriptive erotic scenes, this would be the one. And I love how Tiffany explained her sexual needs, and also how it leads to the final chapter of the story – Big Apple/Little Cherry.


Big Apple/Little Cherry, the final chapter of the story is about Rich flying to New York, where he meets an eighteen year old Chinese-American woman, who wanted to lose her virginity before taking on an arranged marriage from a man from China. I want to express this scene had been the most romantic, and I liked the way how this story completely ended. It was filled with the right sensuality.


The positive of the story: I was taken by surprised on how the story was written. Rico Lamouraux was able to write a tale where one person’s story, in first narrative, lead to another person’s story. The story absolutely had a connection, and I would recommend this book.


The negative of the story: I wish the heat content would only be stronger, but it I won’t knock how it was written. It was after all intimate, and I was never bored with the story. I would read over and over.


Great job Rico!


I will rate this book – 4.5 stars. I was left tantalized and satisfied of the story.



It is, at this time, only available on No Boundaries Press for $2.99; worth your buy.

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