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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

An AfterDark Moment... in 500 words.

Hey, guys... I thought of doing something I've been wanting to do - post more snippets and erotic sex shorts on my blog. This picture below had been on my mind to write something. So I decided to call it:  An AfterDark Moment. I might later expand this story, but undecided at the moment.

But please enjoy this 500 word snippet.

All what James needed was an invitation from Sara for a simple night dip in her backyard swimming pool, and the two were in each other arms, which later led to the bedroom.

James knew this was no ordinary get-together with Sara at eleven p.m.; something was going to happen sooner or later, it was just what will spark the moment. And it all led from a simple kiss in the swimming pool, to a little bit of groping and moaning. Sara led James out of the swimming pool, their bodies drenched wet, but they couldn’t get to the towels fast enough when Sara pressed her lips against James’, slipping her tongue inside his mouth with a forceful maneuver, causing James to grow hard under his shorts.

He pressed his body against hers, and pulled her kisses in more, sucking the very life of that kiss. Right now, the timing was right and he could do it with her right here… right now! But the problem was the lighting in her backyard was bright – too bright for the neighbors to see. So Sara led him inside her home, and up the steps, while kissing and groping along the way.

Once they were in front of her bedroom, in her hallway, Sara did a little tease, taking off her bikini bottom. James gave his most wicked grin as he watched her unravel her most delicious treasure – her clean shaven pussy. He didn’t want to appear in a rush, but he slowly took off his shorts and sandals and followed her inside her bedroom.

Her bedroom was roomy, but dark. Luckily from the hallway light, they were able to find their way to her bed. Sara didn’t bother to take off her bikini top, she was up and arms with James, locking her lips with his. James ran his fingers all over her body, from her ass up along her back. He felt his lips being sucked in by Sara’s passion. His hardness was in her hand. James groaned under his breath when he felt Sara’s tug on his length. Her fingers were all over the head of his shaft, slowly caressing her thumb on top of his slit, feeling the slick juices that seeped out of his cock.

He bended her backwards on her bed and laid on top of her. He kissed her and then nuzzled into her neck. James could feel the cold hit his backside, but Sara’s hands on his back help keep his comfort warm. Once she parted her legs, James held his cock and slipped inside her without any resistance, causing her to gasp out of pleasure. He felt her fingers tips dig into his ass cheeks. He moved back and forth on top of her. He felt Sara moved her hips along with his thrusts. Her moans grew erotic, but it was equally met with his moan. This was their first time having sex together – things got intense.


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