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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers - 11/13/2012

Hi, Sorry that I'm late, but since I was celebrating my g/f's b'day I had to post this late.
This is what happenes when I party too much.
But here we go, posting a Tantilizing Tuesday Teaser of 200 words.
And this one picture intrigued me so much. I was able to get super-creative. I'm so inspired to expand this story.
Enjoy and brace yourself. You may have to get some lube also.

Ina’s first anal experience was intense, painful. But once the initial pain passed, the feeling suddenly turned to pleasure. She could feel Aaron’s girth sliding in and out of her asshole. The penetration of his cock was making her center soaking wet. Her nipples peak unlike any before.
She felt her arms being captured by Aaron’s strong arms, twisted behind her back. His thrusts grew strong and her pleasure was developing; she wished she could masturbate herself to orgasm. She wouldn’t think her first anal experience would have her center wanting.
“How are you feeling?” he whispered behind her ear.
“Oh… so good!” She moaned. “I just wish I could rub myself. I so much want to. Just let me free my hand, so I can rub.”
Aaron freed one of her arms, and she placed her fingers under herself, rubbing furiously, her body bucked in passion, while at the same time she felt herself being held as Aaron pumped her ass with his furious thrust.
Her fingers stroked against her clit furiously, until she was suddenly lost in her moment. The feeling of Aaron’s cock in her ass and her most explosive feeling spoke more volumes of passion than ever.
“We should do anal more often.” She purred, smiling.
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  1. Excellent Ray, so hot!! Your visuals were great - I felt like I was in the room watching

  2. I can always rely on your teases for seriously hot smut, Ray. Great use of the pic and wonderful exploration of a delicious explicit scenario. Stay with your filthy muse!