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Friday, November 30, 2012

Flash Fiction Friday - 11/30/2012

Hey hiyadoin'? It's been some time since I've been around. I had to skip last week, due to family concerns from New York, and I was working on the release of my latest eBook.
But I'm happy to do this today -- Flash Fiction Friday where we post a snippet in 100 words based of a provided pic from the event.
This segment is all about my favorite couple -- Darla & Tyler. Darla spends a girls' night in watching a B-Movie, where she wasn't at all amused. Why don't you check it out and comment on it.
BTW, this happened to be the toughest peice ever, because I had to find a way to put in 100 words, and I had to rewrite it a dozen of times. LOL.
Thank you for your support <3

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Stacy and Lisa spent the girls’ night-in with Darla, while her boyfriend Tyler spent a guys’ night out playing pool with Jiro and Sully. So instead of spending a night out causing trouble, they all agreed to rent videos.

Darla tried to keep herself amuse at this one actor in the movie, but it was hard. His acting really sucked; he was too predictable in the scenes and the only thing he had going on was his looks. Meanwhile, Stacy and Lisa drooled at his skinny, sculpted body and his long dark hair.

Oh god, I really wish Tyler was home.
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  1. I think Stacy and Lisa will be watching him a while yet and getting worked up. Pity Darla doesn't too, she'd be ready for Tyler when he returned. Great flash

  2. I know how Darla feels, it's the worst when an actor pulls you out of the story. However, an actor with those looks certainly can fill your head with lovely dirty thoughts. Girls nights in are some of my favorite times, Ray. Fun flash. I had trouble getting mine to 100 today too, it was a bugger.

  3. Great flash Ray. I think we have all sat through a movie of such calibre at some point in our lives and hoped someone would save us

  4. Ray, that's quite an interesting take on the picture. I can see how it was hard for you to get it all in just 100 words. I guess Tyler should be happy that the Ladies weren't watching porn. Great Flash. Muwah!!@

  5. Good take on the picture, l could stare at him for hours and drool along with Stacy and Lisa!

  6. Ray, you did awesome on this flash. I can only imagine what will happen once Tyler gets home to see Darla. I'm sure she would want to make her own little movie. ;-) I can see her mind is spinning with ideas. I can agree too as well this picture was a challenge but you did it and bought a great little story into 100 words. Keep going!! I am def curious as to what happens next.