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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Flash Fiction Friday - 11/09/2012

Hey, Hiyadoin? It's Friday, and this is my first post for Flash Fiction Friday. It's a weekly event that I've been watching for quite some time and decided to participate, sharing a scene in 100 words; no more, no less, based on a scene the selected picture from the event.
Here is my first post for #FFF

Troy’s mind was zoned into Carina’s moves. Even though he was in a hole-in-a-wall strip club, he imagined himself in a world of fantasy, watching Carina bend over to an ancient column as the light shone past her body, wiggling her curves in front of him.

She was there, for him – swaying her body.

Troy wasn’t interested in touching her or anything; just bending over to the front and touch the pole. He was so into her, he didn’t pay attention to sexy, voluptuous blonde that offered him a lap dance; he was so into her.

I hope you enjoy! - Ray Sostre


  1. I'm not surprised he's so into her! Welcome to FFF Ray, great post.

  2. Great first flash Ray brilliantly written

  3. Loved your début flasher Ray. Excellent imagery. I could sense Troy's yearning.

  4. I love that you took us to his imagination, it gave the picture life and I totally felt his desire for her. Welcome, Ray. Fabulous first flash.

  5. Ah, Troy has an eye for quality. Carina is a wet dream cum to life and I am also transfixed by her moves. I'd sit there all night slurping watered down drinks to watch her ass bend and sway. Ray, I think you've been reading my mind. Excellent virgin FFF post, you done good. You're not a cherry anymore, welcome. Muwah!!@

  6. Welcome to FFF! I love how you bought Troy's thoughts to life as he let the world around him vanish, and it was only him and Carina. Nicely done for your first FFF! I can't wait to read more of your creative juicy writings. ;-)