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Friday, November 30, 2012

Flash Fiction Friday - 11/30/2012

Hey hiyadoin'? It's been some time since I've been around. I had to skip last week, due to family concerns from New York, and I was working on the release of my latest eBook.
But I'm happy to do this today -- Flash Fiction Friday where we post a snippet in 100 words based of a provided pic from the event.
This segment is all about my favorite couple -- Darla & Tyler. Darla spends a girls' night in watching a B-Movie, where she wasn't at all amused. Why don't you check it out and comment on it.
BTW, this happened to be the toughest peice ever, because I had to find a way to put in 100 words, and I had to rewrite it a dozen of times. LOL.
Thank you for your support <3

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Stacy and Lisa spent the girls’ night-in with Darla, while her boyfriend Tyler spent a guys’ night out playing pool with Jiro and Sully. So instead of spending a night out causing trouble, they all agreed to rent videos.

Darla tried to keep herself amuse at this one actor in the movie, but it was hard. His acting really sucked; he was too predictable in the scenes and the only thing he had going on was his looks. Meanwhile, Stacy and Lisa drooled at his skinny, sculpted body and his long dark hair.

Oh god, I really wish Tyler was home.
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FREE READ : Release Date of "Forgetting What Happened" by Ray Sostre

Hey, what's up? It's finally here -- the release of my holiday erotic romance -- Forgetting About What Happened.

This story is all about forgiveness, espeicially during the holidays.


Forgiveness during the holidays can be painful, especially if Jeremy wasn't Monica's first choice. After Monica realizes that Jeremy was the one, she tries to win him back in her life by confessing her true feelings for him. But it is up to Jeremy to decide if he should forgive and move on in being with her.

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Trivial Piece to "Forgetting About What Happened"

Forgiveness is a word that learned through your experiences of not forgiving someone. I guess you have to be childish about it first, before you can be an adult about it. Whether you’re religious or not, forgiveness is a long, healing process to get over.
When I wrote the story “Forgetting About What Happened”, I wrote from experience about learning how to forgive. The story was somewhat an actual event, except that I wasn’t at all forgiving – Why?
I was interested in this woman long time ago, and the woman knew, except she was interested in a man who was much better-looking and more established than me. The guy ended up sleeping with her and then never stayed in contact with her afterwards. Yes, her heart was broken and she cried to me in hopes to hear her. I didn’t want to hear her story, didn’t care because I wasn’t her first choice and I wasn’t willing to play her nice guy; so I was cold and shut her out of my life; I’ve lost contact with her since.
I could’ve showed compassion then, but when you’re young you have a different mind-set. Especially if you’re a teenager and just someone in their early 20’s; you do the harshest things possible; everyone does.
They say if you really gotten over it, you wouldn’t be so mean, cruel, harsh, or bitter about it. You’ll know that when the ball is suddenly in your court, and you have the power to hurt or heal. As you get older, you learn how to forgive yourself and forgive others. I’m not religious, and there’s no need to get religious here. Forgiveness is a learning process; it’s also a tough pill to swallow, because your pride matters first and you never want to sacrifice your dignity – no one should. But there is a time to get over it and a time to remind them what they’ve done to you.
In this story, I write the exact opposite of what forgiveness would bring. How it affects another person. Especially, when the person begged for your forgiveness. No one wants to be hurt by anyone else, but the test here is… if the person broke your heart and begs for you back in your life would you forgive them, even if you weren’t their first choice?
On November 30th, 2012. I will be releasing the story as a free read on Smashwords and it will be available on Kindle for only three days, since I intend to keep it as a free read.
Please enjoy the story, “Forgetting About What Happened,” and enjoy this lovely excerpt.
"I know. And I was so wrong doing that to you," she confessed sorrowfully. "I don’t want to be alone for the holidays. All I want is you… just you." Her eyes pleaded with him to hear her.

"You never went on the date with Mr. Parker?"

"No," she shook her head. "It never happened."
I can’t believe it. Parker rejected her? What could he have possibly told her? Parker could’ve swept her off her feet so easily, but the man was a gentleman? He’d rejected her. What had he said to her?

His face scrunched under the tangle of pain and fury. "Are you saying Parker rejected you, and now you’re coming to me?"

Monica sniffed and nodded. "I’m so sorry. I miss you. Two weeks. Too long. And now I’m going to lose you."

Jeremy struggled to keep his voice steady, "Why didn’t you call me then?"

"I was confused. I was in denial. But I realized that I missed talking to you. I had no one to share my problems with. You were always there to help me solve everything. And you were always so comforting. I didn’t understand why you stopped talking to me; I thought you were just being childish. But I get it now. Your friend Ray told me flat out that you had feelings for me… and now you’re leaving."

His friend Ray was a blabber-mouth. "Oh Ray," he shook his head.

"I know you still have those feelings for me… don’t you?"

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Tis Season To Be Giving - New Release of the eBook

On December 2nd, my story "Forgetting About What Happened" will be featured on Erotic Holiday Countdown on Thianna D's Kinky Blog.

In addition, I will be giving away free copies of my story on Smashwords, Kindle, Kobo, ARe, and Barnes & Noble as a promo of my new label - AfterDark Press.

Here is the cover, and a blurb...

Forgiveness during the holidays can be painful, especially if Jeremy wasn’t Monica’s first choice. After Monica realizes that Jeremy was the one, she tries to win him back in her by confessing her true feelings for him. But it is up to Jeremy to decide if he should forgive and move on in being with her.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Flash Fiction Friday - 11/16/2012

Hey what's up?
It's time for the Flash Fiction Friday, and since I work nights and have a few obligations, please forgive my lateness.
This Flash Fiction Friday is based on, once again, my two favorite characters -- Darla & Tyler.
Here it is in 100 words... enjoy!
Darla’s nerves were tense. She had been with Tyler for two and a half years, and she wondered why it felt like her first date with her man? She sat in front of the vanity mirror, impressively dressed, applying the red lipstick over her thin lips.
Darla wasn't much of a lipstick person, but since Tyler was taking her to one of the best steakhouses in Las Vegas, she was willing to look top-notch for him. Then again, good thing she had her strawberry lip-gloss. He enjoyed the taste of her kiss, just as much as his kisses too.
Thank you everyone. I hope you enjoyed. :-)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers - 11/13/2012

Hi, Sorry that I'm late, but since I was celebrating my g/f's b'day I had to post this late.
This is what happenes when I party too much.
But here we go, posting a Tantilizing Tuesday Teaser of 200 words.
And this one picture intrigued me so much. I was able to get super-creative. I'm so inspired to expand this story.
Enjoy and brace yourself. You may have to get some lube also.

Ina’s first anal experience was intense, painful. But once the initial pain passed, the feeling suddenly turned to pleasure. She could feel Aaron’s girth sliding in and out of her asshole. The penetration of his cock was making her center soaking wet. Her nipples peak unlike any before.
She felt her arms being captured by Aaron’s strong arms, twisted behind her back. His thrusts grew strong and her pleasure was developing; she wished she could masturbate herself to orgasm. She wouldn’t think her first anal experience would have her center wanting.
“How are you feeling?” he whispered behind her ear.
“Oh… so good!” She moaned. “I just wish I could rub myself. I so much want to. Just let me free my hand, so I can rub.”
Aaron freed one of her arms, and she placed her fingers under herself, rubbing furiously, her body bucked in passion, while at the same time she felt herself being held as Aaron pumped her ass with his furious thrust.
Her fingers stroked against her clit furiously, until she was suddenly lost in her moment. The feeling of Aaron’s cock in her ass and her most explosive feeling spoke more volumes of passion than ever.
“We should do anal more often.” She purred, smiling.
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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Flash Fiction Friday - 11/09/2012

Hey, Hiyadoin? It's Friday, and this is my first post for Flash Fiction Friday. It's a weekly event that I've been watching for quite some time and decided to participate, sharing a scene in 100 words; no more, no less, based on a scene the selected picture from the event.
Here is my first post for #FFF

Troy’s mind was zoned into Carina’s moves. Even though he was in a hole-in-a-wall strip club, he imagined himself in a world of fantasy, watching Carina bend over to an ancient column as the light shone past her body, wiggling her curves in front of him.

She was there, for him – swaying her body.

Troy wasn’t interested in touching her or anything; just bending over to the front and touch the pole. He was so into her, he didn’t pay attention to sexy, voluptuous blonde that offered him a lap dance; he was so into her.

I hope you enjoy! - Ray Sostre

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tantilizing Tuesday Teasers - 11/06/2012

Hi, what's up? Hiyadoin'?
And yes, it's time for another segment of Tantilizing Tuesday Teaser
Based off my Darla <3's Tyler Series.
This one is now based on their vacation in the Catalina Islands.
I figured why not show a romance in 200 words.
It was a getaway of a lifetime for Darla and Tyler. They were finally alone in paradise, in the shores of the Catalina Islands; off the coast of the California. Their daily lives in Portland was on hold.
There was no need to for them to hustle and bustle, not at least for a few days. Tyler had always admire Darla with her most adventurous ways, get naked early in the morning for nice nook in the Pacific Ocean. They’ve been together for five years, and what a perfect place to spend their anniversary.
“Happy Anniversary Darla, I’m glad you convinced me to come here on vacation,” Tyler smiled as he kissed her.
“I’m surprised you want to go skinny-dipping in the ocean,” Darla grinned, wrapping her arms around him. “Very brazen of you.”
She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. The kiss spoke more romantically than ever, leaving a delicious ache in her center when the kiss turned ravenous.
Then without realizing, she felt herself being lifted up, when she asked, “Tyler, what are you doing?”
“Do you I have to tell you?” Tyler grinned wickedly.
Darla felt his hardness glide inside her. She didn’t need to question anymore. She grinned, letting out a soft gasp. “No,” she purred, “I just love a morning exercise.”

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